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I’m All Ears! And You Get To Be Legally Held Accountable For That Advice And Follow Through.


Your top republican lawmakers advice on that is totally illegal.

Totally keeping of theft of property.

Totally illegally dictating terms from authority positions they don’t belong in while they give totally illegal advice from lawmaker spots.

Illegally dictating terms from lawmaker positions you have no legal right to, for one because these are not your lands in the first place you are a crime in progress here, and totally illegal because you have made a premeditated choice to keep the stolen property.

There is no Realism in American Government claims to The Lands.

When The Government as a Conspiracy declares The Lands Issue to be Fringe Argument they Break The Law.

The American Business Owner is Breaking The Law in the same fashion.

Get Legal Or Eat It!

The Rule of Law has a Lot of Lies that it sells itself on.

The Rule of Lies is what The Government really is in regards to the very land that America is built on.

You want to run around being Presidents and The Law and all you do is break the law in this very important thing.

You enable the rest of the country to break the law with you.

America is Founded On A Crime and can never be The Rule of Law.

It keeps being a crime by trying to keep what it stole.

This is not a fringe argument and those that call it that are literally part of a conspiracy to keep stolen property.

The Government fulfills The Law in most respects but that final issue of Stolen Lands is not being dealt with legally.

There is no selective rule of law you get to live, where you get to keep stolen property while you police every one else.

Armageddon is slowing coming down on you heads.

The American System is an Illegal Economic System forced on the whole of the population.

The Rule of Law is populated by people who perpetuate both of these crimes.


It is heartening in it’s own way, kind of like a solidarity or it’s own, can’t just point at the black people this time, because apparently the working class white people wanted a piece of the cheesecake… for free.

And he had a rock in his hand but it wasn’t aimed at a store window it was aimed at your clay feet.

Restoring law and order is a good thing, and restoring the economy is a good thing… but in the end you are not building the civilization we wish to live in so it is only a temporary thing, and you are a status quo that needs to be defeated instead of left running the show with your economics and landowner and patent holder paradigms.

The World is a lot more sick of you and your rule of law than you realize. The world is sick of your rule as well, it just doesn’t make any logical sense in the end, and a lot of corruption comes out of the same forced rule of law not being properly policed by the people.

Everybody else gets really sick of hearing about business owners. You and your people have basically populated too many airwaves with your people, and too many other people were socialized to not figure things out on their own and follow your lead, and it turns out you are running a bit of a mass conspiracy against the rest of us as you insist we fit in your square box, and we do not, and we do not concur with your landowner logic, your patent holder logic, the importance of business logic, and all of the other things you have forced down our throats including your ruler and lawmaker logic.

You Are Still Just A Crime In Progress On Too Many Other Levels.

It interviewed the people effected by it, the store owner, store workers, regular shoppers.

It didn’t need to show there was a huge disruption in their lives it just needed to show that these people are not actually the enemy and looting and rioting are not serving justice they are serving themselves and serving injustice.

The rage behind this riot is real and the problem never fully solved but the methods being used as a backlash bring about another injustice.

I found that Old Buildings have a personality, and this helps enrich our lives.

I discovered this smoking weed and living in San Francisco.

Some of the buildings in question are old high-rises.

As things got crowded in the personality of the place changed.

For me this was a longer process though. I had been going to San Francisco for many years growing up to see my grandma and relatives that had moved there from Michigan, as we had, though we were living in Mendocino County a hundred miles north of SF.

I love to take walks and things by natural repetition stick in my mind. This is some of the foundation for the personality of the buildings.

Like a cartoon in some ways the buildings developed, through their look and era they were built, a form of personality.

Smoking weed finalized this. I use to go to the roof of where my grandma lived and smoke weed late at night. Gazing off at the buildings I eventually realized they had developed a slight personality for me, though it was nearly all anthropomorphous.

Yet somewhere within the matter of a building was a structure that aged over time, and the psychic energy of the different people that had lived there over the many years the building stood.

(I was never into just preserving the old natural world environment, there are some things inanimate I am out to preserve as well and not just the untouched ground that evolved for millions of years without human disturbance)

What you don’t know is that I know fuller statistics about this whole thing, Who you are in contact with at a spirit level, what They tried to achieve using ancient evolution, what the Original Reality is that Predates Them, and as well what happens when a Being called God tries to become The Biggest but it is already Someone Else’s Being that God is Expanding Out Into.

So like I said, You know a different part of God than Me does, having started out newer and smaller than Me.

And keep up the good works and stay out of My way!