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Things like Rent/Housing and Utilities should not be viewed as the same things as other business enterprises, and even more so Food and Water and Air. These are too fundamentally important to the basic person’s life. Too important in fact to be left to any government body, though they are the logical implementer. Too much gets filtered out in that institution, too many people are frowned upon by it’s elite authority figures, and too much of the game is played along the way, complete with average factionized citizen circus and the media.

Prices need to be driven down and set so there is no incentive to fluctuate the market and drive prices up, or make as much as one can at the expense of the consumers and workers and planet.

Ownership of resources evolved from a different era, back when there wasn’t too much. The paradigm is now flawed in a world of many people and need for resources. You should not be able to own the resources just by buying the property, and for the record the ‘government’s safekeeping for the public’ has not been good enough, and has ‘contractor friends with plans’ attached.

We The People need Direct Involvement and Direct Ownership as a Collective (Vote).

We The People need to determine the future course of humanity. We The People need to build the next civilization, now, not later. Now.

Me The Brahma was Born Here as Destiny for These Things. This is also The Big Path that is Speaking.

Part of We The People is I The Person or Me The Person.

The Elite Paradigm keeps misunderstanding and co-opting that. It becomes Me The Authority or I The Authority or I The Clever Behind The Scenes People.> Me The Brahma does not concur with you. Me The Brahma is Original Being that Predates Authority and is Usually Better At It with Self-Autonomy and Self-Sustaining Systems and Understanding Others and Weakness (Brahma is also one of those very talented elite types, who is too beset upon to succeed anymore and understands the non-achiever and their rights and agrees with them in a need for free time freedom as opposed to competitive edge; Brahma is also non-competitive original normal, predating everything, but still normal) and Brahma is also part of Making Civilizations that head back the right direction and as well new directions.

Even with a Cornucopia Utopia there will be The Cities, with a real work forces with better hours and better odds and less competition and no homeless slums or hapless slackers to get in the way. Cornucopia Utopia is the America within America welcoming them to Th Promised Land. Our new statue of liberty is dressed far more sexy and younger looking as well, and holding a strawberry milkshake in her upraised hand and an encyclopedia utopia in the other, held right below her ample cleavage. “Lingerie Production is quite popular in Cornucopia Utopia, did you know? Must be all the free time those people have to do the things they enjoy instead of being forced to do something that they don’t…”

Me The Person “I The Individual”

We The People “Collective of Individuals”

Me The Brahma did not Create this Normal Reality stuff.

It always has existed. It too is Eternal. It is as well closer to original than spirituality is, which is a magical effect evolved within original reality in ancient times by Deity.

Normal predates Law and Chaos.

Original Reality as well predates evil, and is not on the side of evil due to the harmful effects. Invaded Brahma regions and stuff are not the good that Brahma or God would have wished and are in a dangerous state; not safe anymore than glorious predators are safe {Titans in Predatory Animal or Demon or Devil states, and this is The Stock of some of Mankind and Government and Military}.

Now, when we get back to ‘corporate news’ it is important to note: there is a lot of real news on the big news, it just isn’t always fully factually portrayed and too much opinion chimes in.


There is something called The Status Quo

This is Average Joe that doesn’t think things out enough but runs around with their views and votes.

And sometimes thinking things out means understanding things from another perspective, or point of view, or walk a mile in their shoes. Thinking things out with a limited or one sided view point does not take one the rest of the way and leads to erroneous conclusions backed up by preemptive bluster, and a base of similar people who don’t need facts and rely on the same angry method. As well it is important to note any propaganda style rhetoric and to not ignore this as you vacillate back and forth to factions, which is what many people are stuck in, factions and their established ideology with their ‘strong authority-silent loyal citizen’ or ‘group support’ or ‘mob rule’.

This is in reference to Video Game Addiction.

This is something that practically doesn’t exist, though there are no doubt real cases of VGA.

People are doing something that is engaging and enjoy, is very interactive and not at all catatonic.

Very similar to chess in a way.

You are taking the stance of this getting in the way of ‘the things you need to do’ which is concocted by you and your kind.

School, Jobs, Etc.

This Is Not The Bottom Line Of Life.

There Is An Easier Way, A Better Way, A MORE LEGAL WAY.

It allows you to eat as much as you want of enough of certain types of food, take as many hikes as you want, play as many video games as you want, or party and have sex whenever you want.

Air, Water, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Toilet, Etc

And ‘Renewable Energy with Long Lasting Products’ that are done with ‘Community Work Drives and Community Machines off of basic resources in Automated Production Line Systems’.

“Landowner is NOT legal enough for Actual Reality and Humanity, and neither is Intellectual Property, both of which have been forced on a majority that it is non-beneficial for and actually getting in the way of civilization advancing”

777 Fat Years, and counting


It’s The Economy Stupid.

Due to the way things fell, with Landowners and Rent and Jobs there is always ‘It’s The Economy, Stupid!’.

The only way for We The People to survive as a normal group playing by the rules is to get jobs. There is not land and food to escape into, no place to ‘Exodus’ to.

A group of hard working people reinforce the whole Landowner and Jobs Market method. They are not properly challenged on deeper grounds, the grounds of We The People declaring it illegal for you to own all the land. We were born here, on this earth. This is simply The System that evolved here, and part of it is hawkish elite and not good for the whole.

So the actual answer is getting huge swaths of land back and making a Cornucopia Utopia.

Exodus to Eden


Those same hard working people that reinforce the system tend to be bad at something very important, dealing with their emotions.

As long as We The People fall into the fictitious fact that they keep winning the argument with it will always be ‘It’s The Economy, Stupid!’.

Some fascist bitch defeated your whole base, because you didn’t know what you were talking about, and are no longer on the right course, the real course, the self-sustaining self-autonomous free time freedom course.

“it’s the Freedom, smartass!”

We The People

Humanity mapping out it’s own course, not a bunch of elite throttle-hold power-players mapping out humanities course, and ways to exploit it and as well maintain control or secret control.

Until things are set right, ‘re-inforcers of the system’, you get to foot the bill.

You are trying to force people to work, and some can’t work, while some people won’t work, and many to most are unhappy about having to work. Some people like work, but this should not be the defining thing for a civilization. Hard work has too often risen to the forefront as the end all moral high-ground, but it needs to be debunked a bit. It is not only an unpleasant semi-slavery it as well ages you quicker, and it is partly responsible for partially destroying the planet. Automated Systems (could have been done ages ago with bamboo pipe drip lines in decreasing size thus getting down to a steady 24hr drip) are a huge answer, food mostly grows itself.

As realization dawns and things are investigated and dialed into to engineering marvel of science fact you will begin to lose many arguments to people who don’t want to be forced to work, or the normal standards and bosses; Who don’t want to shell out all that money for rent and utilie$.

There are certain reasons behind laws.

Due to injustice the whole law is thrown out with the bath water; but all along there were certain reasons behind the law, logical and needed.

The way to handle this is not imprisonment or even detention.

These are not enemy combatants, they are people who ran out of hope and came to America with hope.

It is vital to not dash the hope of the world, vital to not be the evil empire we are fighting out there, nor to behave as or come across as such.

“making humane compound where the people are among others of similar heritage and language and they are not separated from there family; they can take a firm but friendly ‘no vacancy’ message back to their people.”

These are not the same thing as other types of lawbreakers, nor are they invaders.


The solution beyond this is to help change the nations that the people are fleeing from, and Cornucopia Utopia(The Garden of Eden or The Promised Land) is the Best Solution

“jobs, money, power, resources, exploitation… mobs, speakeasys, subversion, rebellions”

Theoe things go out the window with the true freedom of free time and easy living and abundance of good food and pure water


“Supreme Brahma Helios Lugh-Vishnu Cobain”

You have done hoards of damage to The Big Path and 2012/Prophecy.

They don’t care anymore about who did what first.

They want The Experience to Flow, and if that means I get false credit while being the actual work(and one of the Beings) awakening the people while people wake back up into their divine heritage/older experiences… that does not mean a thing to The Gods more than The Truth (which in the first place is NOT being Fully Disclosed!)

{They are trying to say that The Flow means more than The Truth and The Truth is jot being fully used nor able to be used; and a lot got stolen from Me, and as well this was originally suppose to be for Me {Brahma} and 2012, but Ya’ll weaseled in over the years to Unlock and get The Elder Secrets back; and Titanic Crimes ensued the whole way up to the modern day)

As you angrily demand that The Facts are established you no longer are detected as an old group of usurper tyrant criminals, who “had once tried to steal it all” and 2012 is where you tried it at again.

Crime Still In Progress

Orchestrated Large Portions Of Creation

Uses Invasive Usurper Tricks To ‘Become” The Other Or Process.

This Is What You Pushed, While ‘Fact Checking’ And Angry Demands Of The Truth, Installed Instead Of The Actual Truth


By the time we are having these cConversations and investigations and bringing justice Things Are Already Off Course, Misaimed and Facts Realigned.

Cases are mashed together into one, but they are different all along. A major hostage situation flows through here many times a day and trying to dictate terms

Which Is More Important: The Absolute Truth or People’s Lives

{those of you who thought the absolute truth was more important need to be shut down; ‘if it were a bunch of evildoers and murders it would be the truth is more important, so it can’t be one set truth’. But The Truth is that it is aimed wrong, and as you pushily philosophize it engages a crime against those not at fault, allowing for the same group or type of thing you are trying to get rid of to enact the same crime on the innocent instead of Getting Shut Down!!! YOU ARE HELPING PUSH THIS WITH YOUR BIG Endeavor Of Defining And Truth Finding, IGNORANT of what is going down because of your actions and misactions}

Not ‘Utopian Dreams’

“When the kids grow up to go off to that job they didn’t want to do they will also start seeing who you are.

You never thought it out enough, and don’t belong in control of our lives with ‘society’.

Don’t listen very well, and don’t have the actual Facts! Think you know it all but don’t actually have all the fact, you just have an entrenched group of finger-pointing elders with some BS story that goes off of their own experiences and successes and failures”

You Can’t Fix A Broken System! Landowners!!!!

{because women know!? Women don’t know, they run around minding other people’s business but they don’t actually know after a certain point, and they keep on going past that point}

How can I take those facts or concepts and explain it in a way that those other people will understand

Linking up their own firm footed understanding with other things once thought too lofty but now seen through different angle and in different light