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The Evolution of Form starts out different than our like-unto tale has come to tell.

Nebula have a like unto that exists early on in Creation as well, and this is Ptah ‘Mind Being of Original Reality’ and The Vacuums (Shiva and Goddesses) and Voids (Part of God’s Origins).

Proto Form happened first with OB, but Brahma Form Journey was Combination Being and Form Brahma is also part of My Origins.

Form Brahma is related to Goddess Vacuum. Within Form Brahma is where Final Form Brahma is and this is He and between this and Form Brahma is where Om Void is and that is part of God’s Origins. God later Evolves outside of Form Brahma into Goddess Vacuum, a larger stronger similar evolution that is also older. This is another major part of God’s Evolution, with the final part being OB Merger (which later leads to Creation of Heaven as God’s Abode) and Brahma Extensions (both of which are part of where Zeus comes from).

Supreme Brahma had Merged with Form Brahma to become Final Form Brahma, and this is related to Arch Angels.

God comes from a Region of Very Big Importance.

Form Brahma being part of Original Brahma was heavily targeted early on during the onset of The Problem.

And here I am still a dangerous wreck to be around all these macro ages later, though things really are more timeless in many regions.

“but it is My Tale to share”

The Draugr are from The Astral Plane and are Specific Evolution done by the same Being that also evolved Lord Death. They are actually from a Lower Plane but are in The Astral Plane. Some of many part made of Lower Plane + Astral Plane, so it can be a bit of both,

This was a Dip Into The Strong Wrong but as well an Endeavor To Utilize Everything, including Decay propped up by super strong titanic form to maintain integrity instead of decaying away.

Human life as well is part of The Learning Ground.

The Spiritual Tale does not deal with the full scope of things of Who We Are.

The Spiritual Tale is from a far larger group than The Draugr but it is also weaker.

We were only getting the other side’s perspective.

The Strong Wrong won too many times and it is through Overcoming and Utilizing The Strong Wrong that a Containment can be achieved, as opposed to The War VS Evil and The Good In Charge Of All.

Natures are too different and The Strong will always have the survival advantage not just here on earth but in Other Dimensions.

Imperishable does not exist for the major of beings, this includes God and as well Original Brahma.

The Tales told of The Soul are Specially Engineered and it was a Blind Attempt With Assistance that lead to this.

The Feeling one gets as The Initiate in regards to ‘imperishable eternal soul’ are of a special absolute conviction that has been programmed into some regions (and this means of ourselves as well).

It is an absolute certainty that will sadly fall short at a war with The Strong Wrong.

“The Elevated Value is also Evolved Into Sentience but all along is an Original Normal, and The Elevated Value is Elite and New Reality but it no longer remembers Original Reality which is Normal and not Elite. (It is a normal you don’t understand as well due to Finite Evolution and being trapped in social power structures (related to the same type sentience evolution, as well as separate organic/human evolution doing the same type of thing) as well as a forced work routine (that is not nearly as forced as one would assume but instead part of a larger choice for survival process that science as well cannot properly detect)

The Science Instrument may not be able to detect but 2012 shows that the scientists themselves, as their own verifies, may eventually be able to detect.

This is part of the hidden normality of The Great Awakening, it isn’t just Rapture or The End Times, those come from different Regions and are not the full tale but are part of the Elite Tale.

But 2012 don’t like your Traditions of keeping stolen lands.

It don’t like the Tradition of New World Governor.

It don’t like the Tradition of a fake rule of law propped up to perpetuate a crime.

It don’t like the Tradition of exploiting the lands.

It don’t like the Tradition of a capitalist system.

It don’t like the Tradition of having rulers.

… and that is, uh, well, actually smaller (and stronger) and younger than Me *ahem*, though far more dazzling. It’s within Me somewhere as well, and They keep Healing and Changing part of Me with it. It is ‘what enlightenment is made of‘.

The Alchemical Gold of Spirituality is not just white light it is also golden.

Some of those scriptural tales are not going to be what we must absolutely believe they are, and there is a slight problem with overcoming evil as saints… but other than that it ain’t just disneyland, them archangels and stuff.

But that tale that comes along is a bit of a new reality… and ain’t got hot women in short skirts flirting about, so well, it can only ever be part of My Reality, though the celibacy of it still really is very appreciated by Me, benefited from it.

Did I mention I was older and larger..?

You have been a bunch of relentless unyielding lying assholes pushing your way through. It is real damage being done, and it is at times done to an ancient ecosystem that can’t just be replaced. And it is to a recovering ecosystem that keeps getting hammered as opposed to recovering.

“for destroying this planet the way you have there is a very big know fate that awaits you, but along the way it is necessary for We The People to remove you from power so the damage can finally stop”

You people are far from legal in the first place and it makes no sense living under your illegal rule while you loudly proclaim rule of law and break the law every single day, but have scammed the whole thing to look like you are in the right.

All the angry men in the world don’t constitute The Law when all they are is being threatening and abusive to keep what was originally stolen.

{Hint: You have been at this for far longer than America has existed in fact it has gone on for far longer than the human species has existed and it is still the same You!}

This is the big basic lie that needs to be confronted and your people must actully make the change or be removed from power.

You are just an illegal form of governance expecting us to obey your illegal occupation government and fall for your propaganda.

Even without corruption you are on the wrong course with economics and landowners and businessmen and military rule.

And I AM going be the one to Tell The Truth Like It Is instead of tolerating your illegal rule and illegal rules!

You are not even legally entitled to the lands that America is built on and you must be sunk by that cannon alone if necessary! You have no right to your big lawmaker authority jobs that you use to perpetuate that crime. You are legally entitled to go to prison for continuing on. It is a textbook example of a mass conspiracy crime in progress that was not being policed by anyone adequately enough, and can never be denied. Along the way you have been a bunch of weird authoritarian jerks to too many people to be ignored and not gone after with this Achilles Heel.

The longer you stay in those government jobs pulling this the more time you must spend in prison (or republican reservation lands).

It’s The Law!