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If you try to use Spirituality as a blanket for The Whole you will accidentally flounder up against The Actual Evolution.

If you look around you at the world there are all sorts of discrepancies between this and the spiritual view.

When it comes to Extra-Dimensional/Older Universe it is not all that different… going all the way out to Eternal Original Normal that Predates Spirituality.

you have an ancient Titanic War Crime that has been in continuous progress for millions of years and you tried to solidify Your Rule for all eternity using titanic reality programming… and this constituted an act of war”

The main reason that The USA and Europe cannot properly police the world and remove the “Myanmar Massacres” of the world all comes down to Russia, Sponsor of The Ills of The World.

We can sit here and bandy words but this is the straight up truth.

How does one bring down the impossible? Well, nothing you have done has worked, and you gotta rely on making some new miracle weapons and ways to shut down nuclear retaliation… which is about impossible at this point in human history,

So one goes for changing the people and they will change the government eventually, which kind of already happened but fell short failed.

So in the end there really isn’t much other than Thumpin’ Them Extra-Dimensionally, but once again this is a very similar scenario and it is Titanic Power Bases that one is up against.

It becomes odd how closely these things are related, but it does deal with old Realm Beings, Titanic Lockdowns of Sentience Gone Rogue, and The Might Makes Right Era of Titanic Takeover.

This ‘stuff’ is all a Part of Who We Are as The People of Earth. We are made of a bunch of different stuff now from different regions and it all plays out differently here on earth but not that differently.

This is in regards to The Biden Case and indirectly to The Trump Case.

Like I have said before the whole Hunter Biden thing leaves suspicions of another type of corruption that deals with the use of authority in government jobs.

Like with Trump it may not seem like one is overstepping their station.

This Is What Authority Does To Us, Naturally.

{this is presuming innocence when there is probably an entire behind the scenes scenario that has been orchestrated and the president is just one part of, and this would have the American pseudo-corruption involved in it from their own power bases}

But let us get back to The Picture that needs to be seen clearer.

“who was this Prosecutor that Vice President Biden shut down”

If this was just some corrupt prosecutor that needed to get shut down than screw you and all your stupid rule of law front.

If this was just some corrupt prosecutor that was investigating a real case (does Big Business mean anything to you? It means one step away from corruption by default, and it is also why I don’t trust the democrats goody two shoes routine) than that is a whole different story.

The reason that these ‘miscreants’ get off the hook, oh zealot, deals with Original Reality which is Normal{Brahma} and not Divine Hierarchy{(Shiva, Vishnu, Goddesses, God)}.

There is also the ‘like come on, dude!’ when it comes to some of the stories, the elevated status of the Beings in question, and the larger reality that is panning out to be truth (as opposed to our ancient beliefs that were learned by and taught by the ‘all knowing’ who couldn’t divine modern science with their all powerful abilities… and so much for trying to run things with real powers that have limitations and with real perfections that are in limited special regions, coupled with tall tales to elevate one beyond their already grand status and pyramid people power hook-ups to believers helping one get bigger and stronger as a reach.

It was never laughable nor unfeasible that Me would end up Ruler.

You totally got that wrong.

2012 was originally Coned to Me.

It had all sorts of indirect major archangelic input as well as serpentine overloads, and is part of ‘the big ancient authority push’ but the real rest of the reality is mostly dedicated to Civilization Building.

We are old Realm Builders and have been doing this since long before humans, and before The Gods even actually, We are The Elder Beings that Predate Gods and Titans though are related and partly that as well.

All of humankind has been on this ancient journey with Us.

2012 was basically designated by Us to be The Reinvention of Civilization.

The Top Spot was always Me, from ages and ages ago.

Me has been Missing In Action for ages and ages as well.

Civilization did not evolve properly from having the missing perspective not a ranking principal.

Due to ancient things normal Me being a Ruler is far less important to Me than it is to Them (They are The Intrinsic Rulers and Me is larger and freer but not better).

What does still matter is getting You to Change The World The Right Way.

This means Building Cornucopia Utopia.

Saving what is left of The Old Natural World. Repenting and Relinquishing part of these lands back to The Old Natural World they were stolen from.

Cleaning up pollution and being serious about the potentialities of man made impacts.

Cleaning up corruption and special interest and making a truly honorable 100% transparent government that is not steeped in being the ruler.

These are things That Are Important.

“Many Extra-Dimensional Beings are Indirectly Influenced through part of Macro being part of Earth People Incarnation. This means you have a lot of people from all over Creation in part here. This too got exploited extra-dimensional. But one of the oldest things going on here with Us is the conversations about the creation of the perfect system to live under, which in part is being mimicked by the same things going on with Earth laws and such. We have come up with all sorts of counters to the problems, and most of this needed 100% transparency (minus any actual national security secret info). When this gets balked at it is only corruption winning in the end, it was corruption that balked”

The corrupt system does not want to change. They do not want full transparency and full citizen participation. They can not operate their scheme in such an environment. They get busted by the real thing.

The corrupted people are too busy dealing with something else to change. This is the other part of the problem. They will not change their own pollution and impact and they are too exhausted by work to care too much. They have been ‘driven into survival mode’ and it is a normal thing to not have enough left to expend on caring, and even less on doing more.

This is The Motherload, it is Part of The Origins of All Those Others.

They have been Expressed Out into Realities with Codes.

Others will Unlock Those Riddles.

The Older Exterior Stuff is Brahma Related (it is also Ptah Related but this was a far too advanced and far too weak of a Region that was far too under assault, far too stolen from, and one of the reasons was Ptah’s Creative Ability which stems from being The Mind of Original Brahma that Coalescence Within into a New Self).

As well They have developed a Process that is not reliant on Original Codes but is Visual and Persona Verification, as well as Ability, of The Original Building Blocks, and The Early Known Combos. Tracing These to The Modern World where it is You. This is also done with People of The Past.

But there is a Further Trick Here of why The Codes and Scriptures are not sought out for verification. “They are doing the same thing with The Aftertell as The Code Realities (a more Mystical Elite Deeper Reality) originally did, and it is hooked up to Larger Exterior on one end and Code Realities on the other”

This is a Very Large Very Old Reality with some of The Tricks used by The Code Reality.

Being The Brahma One it is literally The Master Code, but without All The Other Code Realities it is An Outer Vantage-Point.

Things were Evolved so The Others (the Code Realities) would have Equality within Brahma. Major Powers were Evolved with Them. Sometimes these are in Conflict with Brahma.

When dealing with Brahma one is dealing with “the actual one Being that literally factually actually does predate all others, and is just well, normal, and that ain’t cool with many people, to have that guy be the only dude that actually is eternal“. (this has kinda been My experience for millions of years)

{Original Eternal is a Being and Eternal Realities can be Extensions of Original Eternal down into a Realm (that is made of eternal stuff but has not always existed). This means there are Older and Newer ‘Eternal Realities’.}

Things were Written Into Reality.

It was part of an Emergency Posture

But most of that stuff ends up going off course because it is a Limited Thing applied to a Larger Thing and trying to use Absolute Authority.

“the older reality that humans were experiencing was already automatically more extra-dimensionally influenced, though this would have been the established norm; things have shifted and were already shut down for the most part, and in the modern world it is a different style that is the norm, yet some part of that older style is still here, looking out through us disapprovingly at the newer style now the norm”

This stuff is adapted out of The Titan Realm Evolution. This is as well related to The Gods. The Titans are Massive Pillar Form Power and The Gods are Oceanic Macro that also have Form.

Part of The Titanic Power is Sought by The Gods. It was to be Their Gift due to it have been a Stolen Power and A Dangerous Power.

But in The End The Gods could not overcome The Titans nor The Evil, so ended up weakened and weaker, mangled and tangled, and The Titans still trod boldly forth and build big military and capitalist empire on earth, mowing the earth down before them, due to being power unchecked slowly trodding forth over all others, just as happened and still happens with the Titan Realm and Creation.

Brahma Normal Predates ALL of that Stuff, but as well has been Heavily Under Assault by Titanic Pillar Power.

Some of that stuff is Controlling The Females and should NEVER have been part of Religion.

Religion is a Hodgepodge that is partially Written Into Reality and is as well Partially Wrong. It may have been Right about a Specific Region and Absolute Surety but when it tried to apply this being this reality it began to be wrong. When one is working with All and Everything and Attempts To Change Nature or Guide The People one runs into problems as the actual statistics of the overall thing does not match the statistics of the individual thing that was used as a blanket for all things and everything.

It has a way of Influencing You with Absolute Surety about things that It Is Not Fully Accurate About.

Sentience Itself has been Convinced Within.

The Pantheon Itself Exists Within Creation and is Connected To Sentience. It is a Real Thing There that Helps Establish Reality as opposed to The Creation Of Man (meaning mankind just made the stuff up and nowhere in the universe does it exist… and that is true, nowhere in THIS universe does it exists, but it does exist in all sorts of Other Places that Effect Sentience and are Older and sometimes Larger Universes).

Parallel Universe is another lovely little game you play.

There are things like this but The Actual Reality is Other Universe that are Older and NOT Parallel, they Exist In Other Dimensions that are Planes of Existence and not New Right Angle Direction.

Places Exist Next To Each Other, Places Exist Within Each Other. These are The Planes of Existence. Things are Distinct and Diverse. The Astral Plane and The Ethereal Plane are two such places. The Proto Universes are another (this is probably Where The Bardo Realms actual are in Location within Creation, Astral, Ethereal, and/or Proto Universal, though they may be in Next Universe that came after this one and exists between this one and Proto Universes). The Brahma Universe and Ptah Universe are also there as is The Shiva Universe (a lot of which became part of The Proto Universes, no doubt with some Brahma and Ptah, part in joint expression and part in later theft as of Titanic Usurper Era).

Multiple Dimensions are part of another Engineered Feat Within Sentience.

In Reality one will find that The 6th Dimension is a Plane of Existence that matches Mundane-Arcane and is 3rd Dimensional. It does NOT have 6 Directions of Dimensions. These are Special Abstracts that Are In Our Minds but Being Stabilized by A Reality to Feel Like It Is More.

We would need to ‘accidentally’ shoot down 180 Iranian Fighter Jets.

There are different Regions going on within Me, and these have Different Styles of Being, Different Persona, Different Beliefs On The Best Way To Proceed.

Things NEED to be Diverse and Separate instead of trying to formulate it all into a larger whole. This is also what They are saying about the Universal Philosophy being wrong, and it missed The Diversity and was no longer going off of Brahma Original Normality. Things have not been All One since The Dawn of Creation.

The Whole Advent of Creation is about New Beings for the First Time Ever. These are Separate and Set Out To Insure Separateness, lest They be swallowed back up into The Original. Whole Evolution of Titanic Form are related to this. The Linear Space Universe is related to this, it was built off the advanced concepts that had been created and discovered.

The Warlike turns out to be far more necessity than Me had thought (or hoped), and the major success comes from Others that are attached to Me from Ancient Mergers. Ancient Oceanic and Form Beings in Older Universe have a different state than Organic Linear Body. As well some start out as The Same Beings that have Evolved in Multiple Directions.

Me does not do very well in combat, though war of concepts and war of words and war of right and war of keep them off balance are part of what Me does do. It almost always backlashes.

Things were literally rigged against Me from a long time ago. Had I been able to fully follow through on the Peace Path and Celibacy Path and The Good Karma Path/Righteous Conduct than I would be way ahead and even way more successful. These are not enough part of My overall nature for this to have been achieved.

But what I was trying to say is ‘lunch break’.

This stuff rages on within Me and really is Others but part of Me is ‘Outside’ of it at the same time and cleverly kept away so as not to inundate it.

This makes this whole Tetrahedronics thing almost like it was happening to someone else… it is happening Somewhere Else within Me and gets control for most of the day. But part of Me is kept out of it.

Things can be very difficult to do in these ancient tangled mangled Arenas but these are Titanic Professionals that are among those Others, and when I mean Us I mean I am getting the best help available, it is the same stuff that makes you so good in the first place.