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It was what we had inherited from centuries of Christianity and ‘attempts at higher conduct’.

When looking at ‘what went wrong, what changed’ it is impossible not to note drugs and alcohol, loud and angry music, violent and crazy movies.

Though there were and still are problems with The System and The Government these are not avenues that needed to be taken as a reaction to that.

We are socializing wrong. We need to start socializing again, and having a real full discussion about this and something close to censorship that aims at ‘higher conduct standards’

Some of the backlash was from too much of our rights being taken away by mortality as well as injustice locked in place by a status quo.


{It’s actually pleasant to write this kind of stuff for it is the truth not republican propaganda.}

I don’t get to choose the method or style of rhetoric.

This is very much ‘something that is happening to me’.

But with what is actually happening there are larger forces at play, and where it happened to was not quite the same as every one else, a bit of a dimensional vortex colliding with a macro pillar.

{The Story of Original Eternal Being Brahma and The Ptah Daydream, and Birth of The Titanic Realm and later the onslaught of the Usurper Era and The Predatory Era}

“There are many old Railroaded Conflicts and Proxy Methods and a few Titanic Beings who step up to the plate, and tend to have more Facts than Me, or ones that have less facts and more Rebel, or ones that have more of the right facts and are more Messiah… there is one very large Being that all of this fits into, and another even larger one that that fits into, and this is part of the Tale of Me (‘Me’ ‘ME’ He).”

It’s actually the day after Saint Patricks Day, or Saint Patty’s Day

It is like Boxing Day after Christmas, but with less clutter and a larger hangover.

It is celebrated by not celebrating, and sleeping in late, falling asleep on the couch after breakfast, puttering about the house, and watching relaxing shows on tv.

Bob Ross is the Patron Saint of Paint Satty’s Day.

“for he hath brought sanctuary and healing of the emotions unto his beleaguered brethren in their hour of need… and taught the brutes of the earth how to quickly and easily paint beautiful landscapes, thus bringing them further into civilization and the light”

Though it feels like it at times and it is no doubt heading that way it is closer to a Valve that They shut Off or On.

It has a Macro Effect…

You become a pointless one-sided discussion that thinks it is winning an argument, and buys the media to do it with, relying on politically correct and propaganda.

“You people took this nation on the course it is on, and are sitting there as a locking mechanism for the course it is on, and this is one of lots of work for 40 years in a fluctuating market system, using up the planet’s resources for jobs and profits, and forcing people to get a job and pay high rent and high utilities just for living here, a country who’s land they were born on. This is illogical.

There needs to be another place, where people don’t own the land, a Haven, one that produces food and textiles and stuff in a maximized automated way and the people live basically freely, and no welfare and no homeless for they live here now, in Cornucopia Utopia, living a more simple life and with renewable energy.

Now lets get back to that ‘using up the land we need to live on for some other past economic gain or power play’.

You are going to be sued enough to fund the Building of Cornucopia Utopia, as a last defense. And it will be done at New Inexpensive Rates With Quality Long Lasting Work, under Our Supervision, with Our Help… Many Hands Make Light Work in a new mosaic of 2 hour period allotments, 4 hours standard, (hey look you worked 6 and got ahead). “Good thing we live here for free and work for cheap but still take pride in our work and never get too tired to be unproductive, and hey, we like the money“. And what we are building this time when it is food and water security and free time on freed land, when it is done We Built Our Freedom, and we can step right into it.

‘for give unto me your ghettos, your run down towns, your middle of nowheres, your homeless, your slackers, your losers, and I shall bring unto them not only Cornucopia Utopia, but an older style of life brought back… as a bit of a psychologically stabilizing hobby, optional of course’.”

– Turk 182

“and they shall say unto thee ‘jobs? we don’t need no stinkin’ jobs!’.”

‘Eden’. Utopia is that other thing that you were waiting for, that you didn’t fully get you were waiting for, Heaven on Earth being the former.

“Happy Saint Pete Tricks Day.”

“well, We’re now closer to Scotch-Irish actually, way out here in America… ya know, lose a little here, gain a little there”

“You take the high road, and I’ll, uh… head to the pub.”


Though God and Christianity does not have the rest of The Truth, it has a Big Stable Reality, a Link to The Dawn of Time, and a Titanic Assisted Mission. This is through The Alpha. The OB Gray God.

When you take the rest of the Era’s over-reaction policy and use it during Armageddon: ‘you are fighting the pagan gods as well as the devil and satan, and it is too much for this to take on’.

You are stuck in a Catch 22 Conundrum of Actual Proportions and Real Entities as opposed to blanket statement ‘Out There!’.

“God is a Dwarf in comparison to Brahma”

The Truth

“Brahma is a Wreck in comparison to God”

The Truth

“it’s like Shamrock, and Cowbell, but a bit more nubile and a bit more pure, it’s called Fig Leaf”

to make that much tropical beach coastline, and that many android bartenders serving that many drinks in that many high class resorts that are free to stay at… with that many android butlers and maids and ‘good looking specialists’ as attendants.

{building lots of swimming pools is good enough to get the girls into their bikinis, but it doesn’t take care of the winter cold weather problem even with global warming… nope, we just gonna have to find another planet.}

Look at the products that you use, from shampoo to the vehicle you drive.

Now look into how those products were made.

This is one of the keys to “owning the concepts of civilization, and civilization builders”, it is ‘the inventors eye’

Think of ways to reproduce or improve the products

{this is stupid, for I am giving you some of my secrets to future success; a society based on economics doesn’t have a good enough safety net for the disabled or unemployed, only cornucopia utopia could do that, and this was suppose to be the ‘bargaining chip’ for a whole lot of stuff, it takes part of the problem of losing the competitive edge out of it, having a basic living standard to fall back on that is not job oriented and is freedom/free time oriented, yet is still ‘self-sustaining instead of funded’}

Look into ‘Starting Crops in Special Greenhouse Environment in 1-2 Week Intervals’, and thus reaching “crops coming to fruition in abundance every 1-2 weeks”, and once you have this you are there, Utopia Guarantius (there is also something called ‘canning vegetables and fruit’ as well as dehydration and freezing)

This is Foundation for Civilization, if you have this down you have the whole problem unlocked.

Heaven on Earth is an Actual State, it has a Special Platform of Extra-Dimensional Origins that can Drape Over This One from a Dimension away, lending a Spiritual Buoyancy to Life on Earth. There are different ‘flavors’ or ‘persona types’ to spirituality and this one is God and Alpha, ‘a real Mission with Extra-Dimensional Groundwork and Hook-Ups for Functionality and caring for All Life On Earth, meaning it is Big Path, not just human path. (Sacred)

Eden is a State of Rescued for Here On Earth, Linear. Utopia takes care of the basic needs of living without all that other hard work nor slavery for others and bestows time for yourself without being selfish to society (in not doing your part to get food and water and make clothing or public roads projects, etc), a place of less work and more time to cope with yourself. (Secular-Sacred)