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You need to sit him down and say:

“you want my daughter’s pussy? Let’s bargain, let’s talk Cornucopia Utopia, hun. We need to get this on the ballot, and fully laid out plain english and science facts, and an uprising behind it with a legal cause. That is some of the most intelligent choice for tax dollars I ever seen. Closest we are ever gonna get to Garden of Eden and Freedom that I’ve ever seen, and it can’t be ignored”.

And all of that ‘being the last generations that remember the old world’, well that ain’t just conspiracy theory. Our heritage of memories is disappearing just by modernization, progress and expansion alone. Ask grandma.

When you change the old thing that was there, be it farmlands or an old city building, a lifeline of memory goes missing. Part of the past gets paved over. The old orchard becomes orchard plaza.

Nature has a different psychological effect on us, the countryside and country folk are different from the man made city and the city folk. There is a different vibration or feeling to these polar opposites. The city and suburbs can be cool as well but they keep on expanding out and encroaching on the older countryside and ruining it.

There is an actual dual-reality extra-dimensional ‘awakening’ that can happen, some older and more macro part of ourselves on ancient journeys into the modern world. Phase Vision. Perhaps some of the voices in your head the whole time were this. For sake of saving our identity and sanity and allowing our own space and self-evolution we are allowed a normal ‘alone’ space.

It is a familiarity you come into but the initial effect is awe. You will also be speaking in telepathy sometimes, able to speak to each other without vocalizing it.

As a Nexus I am related to this and perhaps have even helped awaken Doorkeepers but They did not give Me the Doorkeeper ability or this would have been a breeze. Just go onto talk shows, do the doorkeeper on them, many will awaken and be acting differently, and it will all be recorded.

The Doorkeeper thing doesn’t work all the time and may not work on big group due to some extra-dimensional reason and preset date or loss of faith and connectivity of the person with the power. It is an Us thing more than an I thing though Me is involved indirectly.

I have met one Doorkeeper at least and have a few times been around Open Door People, and this may be a big Cleaning Up Time related to 2012. A Present Date for The Great Awakening.

But due to this I have more hope of a larger event happening instead of just me{Me} out here going away it, not that I would or even could stop writing Tetrahedronics and all the stuff that seems like wacky mumbo jumbo and detracts from the good mind going at the thing, it is all part of what is actually going on in my life and is not separable. It was not a hoax to get in the limelight but an actual experience I am going through solid as a rock, though otherworldly of course.

Go look at the job market and find where farming, ranching, and fishing rate as money and desirability.

“if farming, ranching, and fishing quit working the whole of civilization would collapse and die”

Those are among the only jobs actually needed. Far more important than computer programmers and politicians.

Have a hydro-electric water pipeline coming off of the Himalayan mountains into dry regions of China and producing electricity (for Tibet as well) is a engineering marvel.

If you have offshoots into different locations and you can not only get water to more areas it will also help the stop-up of so long a pipeline. If the offshoots are done at an elevation you can install a hydroelectric wheel or turbine and a pump at the junction and have it tailored to the amount of electrical output of the hydroelectric generator from the offshoot making it self-powered.

Water trains are another and even more realistic idea. And massive water collection during rainy and snow seasons for use during dry seasons.

The Hydra (water fire aka hydro electric; many headed = offshoots) gonna take a lot of metal and as well will disturb the natural environment where it is built and a potential for abuse against the sacred mountains by draining them if you spigot it, but it generates electricity and is a more integral hook-up helping terraform desertification as a “New Natural Cycle” done by human intervention to help alleviate human caused problems as well as global warming.

“Putting Mother Nature on Life Support”

I designed it with solar power and wind towers all the way down it. rather space-age actually, and this was put into pumping the water and using that to generate hydroelectric, along with any excess coming from solar foil and wind towers.
Water divided out of the main pipeline into coned pressure power hitting bottom of light-weight water wheels for less drag, and the water captured back into the pipelines and then divided out again

“the last part is usually gotten wrong, the part about having reverence for nature instead of the exploitative attitude that gets more at an expense to those who don’t speak human but are alive, and the beauty of nature as well to the sacredness of things and the preservation of what is left of the original world that humans are digging up and ruining the sacred past”

Housing and utilities should basically be free other than in certain more vital or upscale neighborhoods where money is present and location is prime.

People can build and maintain these things themselves as a community. A very old landowner paradigm must be finally defeated while at the same time not creating an injustice of taking land away from land owners.

Massive investment of taxed dollars can be used to buy up major amounts of property with laws being declared to halt exploitation of this process.

The normal thing is to tax the people and make utility things for the community but in the end people get charged afterwards for things built with tax dollars. Double collection and the stuff you spend money on, and it isn’t always corruption, is not necessarily the best use of the money generated.

In the modern economic system you are not getting the basics down enough and want to charge people for everything and that isn’t communist or socialist enough, quite frankly, it’s capitalism going imperialist on ya.

“… and all along something both greater and older lurked in the shadows, and it was Chinese”

… well, we didn’t actually have a TV when I was growing up, being hippies in the woods and stuff, in fact sometimes we didn’t even have electricity, but when we went to my grandma’s for the holidays we would watch lots of TV, and this meant game shows as well.

(we didn’t eat meat either growing up but at granny’s for the holidays ate plenty of baloney sandwiches and hamburgers and of course ball park franks… and so I turned into a vegetarian who likes veggy burgers and veggy hot dogs, and veggy sausage and stuff)

Literally heading the wrong direction.

Females need their full powers and in many cases this overlaps their pleasure, by magical miracle coincidence.

Men in turn are very happy having these powers used on them and far more inspired to help. Mind you that we have to take away from our own time to help you so you need to be a bit more overpowering instead of demanding. The missing thing is the seduction that is deemed inappropriate but in reality is the actual appropriate thing.

Just because some women are not beautiful and some too old should not be used in equality to drag everyone down. The low points and mid points should not be dragging down the high points. This is not equality, nor leveling drift, but instead an old bad idea. The males are a whole other issue trying to use their method to combat her powers over them. Though professionalism is important and even restorative at time it is not the full truth and men hide behind this as well.

Men have been fighting women for ages and women have lived as lesser for the whole time. It isn’t the truth and her powers over us are being stymied out by the strong male and control of situation and society that stymies women and keeps her in need of the male.

The civilization that females would most likely have built is Utopia, because it is more self-autonomous (needing less help from men, males balked from control issues) and has more free time (men are stuck in a hard work cycle, titanic heritage working off overloads and overcoming through hard work) as well big beautiful environment (males are destroying exploiting for resources and jobs and money).

“Survey Says!”: Your society and philosophy are way off course and you are socializing people wrong.

as the Morality crowd tries to shut Me down and accidentally trips a Hostage Situation.

“now how many time have They told you folks you ain’t qualified for those roles or that jurisdiction!”

Well you should, because that is what is actually going on.

The Writing Originates in Different Regions, some secular and some sacred, but the outermost stuff is still Brahma, which is Original Normality. I am like a Nexus for these different Regions. Not all are here at once(individuality and separation) though all are here at once (merger and overlapping). Things are Coned In to the Nexus. The way things are done is as well Pillar Power and Evolved Into Different Directions and Made of Different Things, and like changing gears or changing locations or changing speakers there is a different effect going on. The nature of action changes and the persona changes and the vibrational tone changes.