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Religion is not Normal, it is Elite and Otherworldly.

The World is not just ‘Maya’ or Illusion

X-Ray Visual Empathic Telesmatic Projection?

Veins of Reality

By Being ‘Distant but Present’

From school years to work years society forces people to be around each other too much. Too much of the self and the freedom is sacrificed to the developed methods of society. Society is not just forcing us to be around many other people, it is forcing us to be around people we don’t get along with, it is forcing us into a subservient state, it is not understanding that many people are not nice people, and many bosses are not nice bosses, and are trained to be that way, and our lives needlessly enslaved to them. The ‘functional society members’ should not have been left in control of the group, they do not represent the whole. They represent their kind, and we come to resent their kind.

‘so we could just make these ‘Garden of Eden’ places, with Cornucopia Utopia, and people would just walk out there like all them ages ago, and live off the land clad in fig leafs?’

A hot place like Mexico could produce hoards of food in greenhouses if it had water (desalinated purified ocean water) and perhaps heat distribution (made shade, big water dump oasis, solar/wind/water powered cooling systems)

Brahma Balance, an un-derailed by ‘Me’ and ‘ME’ and He attempt. {More Creation Stories Ensued}

‘Lovin’ Every Minute Of It!’ The Worth of Earth “And as well there is the Legality of Landowner that needs to be debunked, when you ‘try to do it to all the land, and succeed’, Not Yours To Buy And Sell. We Were Born Here, We Will Live Here!” Limiting Landowners

Architects of a New Era: “They have a very good gimmick with a very bad outcome, when you talk them into trying something Utopian that they don’t agree with, from their secret doctrines of control and orchestration, they not only bring their big business friends along for the joy ride to make a profit, they as well don’t build it intelligently enough, or ‘inventively’ enough is a better term, for it is often quite intelligently built, but this can deceive.

Instead of Steady Improvement they use it as a Means to Denounce, and this gets used in Doctrine and Circus Puditicus to ‘debunk the argument’, same angry people with the same stymie government, and basically Legally Elected but Wrongfully in Control.

Improve things from the challenges confronted and invent your way out of it, and continually be aware of things on a subconscious level, open and absorbing until epiphany hits, and develop understandings of how they work and how to possibly improve them. Don’t let modern market values dictate terms in Designing Utopia for Here and Now.

The Garden of Eden got jumped by The Big Businessmen, looking to make an honest buck, but not willing to make an honest change. I design civilizations and systems better than you, and you adapted what was before you and I adapted you as well as what was before you, in historical order, and hysterical odor“.

Gravity Cutters {This is some of the better stuff from Sacred Geometry and ‘Other Dimensions’ that may not work in Linear Space, but is a fascinating study.

The Building Blocks that People Are Made Of: OB, SB, OP, PP, BP, P, O, Gs, H, S, Sk, AB, Deo, Big Mike, Giant Kid, Gray Yang, White Ptah, Usurper, Unsurper, Great Goddess, Etc

“some sugary whip cream for down their and some lingerie to spice things up, it’ll make everything nice” back by popular demand, ‘what big girls are made of’

“… fiercely held back but demanding attention and initiating exchange, and a need for self-containment, emotional self-containment, sexual self-containment, owned, and the exertion release of long overcoming and reaching fruition and fulfillment.”

“It’s Mine!”

You are actually ‘The Bad Advertising’, for you are the Moralist Complainers. You control or influence huge swaths of society, with the power to make or break careers.

“and Purple Rain with it’s all important crescendo ending, that the radio always cuts off”

‘Taking Control of The Situation Seductively and/or Sexually Demanding’ beats ‘Eew, Gross’ as a Productive Method for Female Power (eew gross might get the males to come running to beat someone up, but it does not control the males enough to be a more equal power… it is also overdone, partly an act, I mean like duh)

By Using Dispassionate Objectivity, Doctrines, Categorization Classification, Us And Them Mentality, Elite Exclusivity…

It Is Important For Male Nature To Change So We Can Have A Bunch Of Beautiful Flirtatious Young Ladies Budding Before Our Eyes Scantily Clad.

Dream Academy Class Roster

Robotic Farmers and Automated Drip System Irrigation from Gravity Fed Rain Collection Water Power Towers

‘Eden’. Utopia is that other thing that you were waiting for, that you didn’t fully get you were waiting for, Heaven on Earth being the former.

The Hydra. Energy-Water Smartgrid System that stabilizes Ecosystem and helps Air, fights global warming. The Silver Bullet.

Singularity in Continuum. Dot in Infinity. Singularity and Self. Tetrahedronic Dimesnisonal Mechanics. Sphere, Cube. Geometry

Psalm of Heimdallr (song of the home dollar)

Adult Relationships… a bit over-sold, more than a bit over-told, and no reason to give up flirtations or ‘superficial relationships’ with young Lolita

Flirtatious, Felt-Up, and Fancy Free

Dangerous Daring, Stupidly Showing Off

Spooks are not considerate of reputation or credibility, They take all sorts of liberties, but as well have many tricks.

Deity are Really Big Beings and Really Old Beings and Really Evolved Beings and Specially Evolved Beings

The Brahma Heirloom ‘Early Bloomers’

Chef hat. Vector black silhouette.

“They say in The End accuracy is not the full measure of things, and Reality is also Driven off of The Poetic, and this is Elevated Reality, the Overstatement… but the point of this all was that it doesn’t matter if ‘in heaven love comes first’, for ‘You are The Religion/Philosophy’ for You are The Faithful and are Driving he Religion, and Things Must Be Driven In A Positive Direction’

“for The Record: ‘The Reality Record Ran Out’. They ain’t putting a new one on… as well as multiple reasons and reasons of Them unknown by Me; working on A don’t need to know basis.

“Unique ways of curing the problems in the predatory era were undertaken by A Authority, The Titanic Two, and The Third Titan… ‘properly contained out of control beings and forces’ in an era of war and wanton and vows and vengeance, elite and pretty people who don’t know it all but act like they do, with control.”

The Scriptures are like unto magical children’s books, and tetrahedronics is in part like an un-magical technical manual and ticker-tape of effect the same arena… They have all the Special Effects, but Brahma was the Original Being, and They don’t have this down anymore, but They do have more Elite Stuff better than Brahma, like grade A to B, and write good new reality for things, like ABC and BAC, and evolved good things like Average has A to elevate it, or alleviate it.

“We are in The Mundane Miracle and Equality and ‘Shards of A compared to a B Me’ done as an equalizer though not everything equalizes (and I have Shards of A as well though not all the pistons are firing… by (Mal)Intent it really isn’t ‘equality’ anymore, no really!), but there are still Shards of A Pillar Powers, and They are being Piped through me{Me} with a bit of Ye Old Me Sigh Ah Duty but things are In Shutdown from High Magics as Defensive Posture, Titanic Authority, and some of the beings in C are more important than Shards of A or Big B, and these are The Cutes, contained in The Cherubs, the ‘O’s and ‘o’s, which are Little Motes and Void Beings and Related to God and Inside Clear Goddess Womb, who is part Original Goddess Vacuum that evolved like a Void, ‘The Clear Goddess’.

It’s all toned down mind you and you were waiting for Moses, you got something closer to Aaron with a Prophecy Pending Future and a Mad Prophet; you were waiting for Avalokiteshvara, you got something closer to Milapera (Milarepa/MilaReaper) “It’s My Turn, no apologies, This Time’s Left for Me, because It’s… My Turn”; ‘and

Jesus?’ well, you got something closer to Augustus Caesar that time, but those other Beings do hang out around Here as well to ‘lend light and whisper wisdom’, so best watch your tongue on all that backbiting…

but this ‘lesser stuff’ is part of the direction things are also heading, not just elite divine but a freer more magical normal and equality, ‘Back Home’, (with Equality not being what They said it was with too many highs and lows and diverse evolutions and differing sizes and scales to start out with, as well as theft and destruction of elite and large beings and things by jealous lessers with a strength power edge in a usurper predatory era, railroaded), but Right Of The Person will do the same job as Elusive Equality”.

Tetrahedronics is or was among the most straight up magic works(or what is left of them) with metaphysics, unlike the the more magical scriptures (scriptures embody magic), and it is a Ptah and Shiva and Brahma heritage thing, dating back to The Dawn of Time, literally. At some region it is still Ptah that is the 2nd Biggest being, with only part of BP that is still Brahma that is bigger. Home of Shiva, and I am often Baby Ptah and Ganesha in these Stories and Regions, and it needs to stay that way, in spite of being Brahma and BP and part of Ptah, as well as part Titanic Two and The Three Titans. OP, OB, and SB”

The latest is about OP, and how the Daydream went on far longer and far bigger than first stated, and OP is part of Ptah and Brahma that had Merged in The Earliest Days, and Ptah in the earliest days was merely Brahma down inside of Self and Mind, but this is not the Ptah of Egypt, that is descended from this, made of it, part of Ptah still there. OP is The Ancient Emperor Infinity. Black Dragon

They ‘Rewrote Reality’, and part of Brahma that had been overtaken by Ptah Daydream or had slipped into it as Nature Changed in the Era of OP is OB, ‘Who Alinged With Part Of Brahma That Resisted Change. The Titanic Two Are Born, OB and OP, and OP is also already Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Ptah, and is the first Everything Being. While OB is ‘Original Being’, part of Original Brahma that Evolved with God and Goddess and has been at war with The Change that OP represents. The Titanic Two, OB and OP.

Another Being comes about made of Everything, Supreme Brahma, The All Combo Being. ‘New Brahma’, The High King Infinity. OP+SB is Root of Messiah, also made of 1st Creation BP, PP, P and a bit of 4-Headed Brahma.

When Shiva is actually Born is still unclear, there are a few Rewritten Realities from Titanic Form Collision Era, and these Overpower Original Reality and are Piped In For That Effect. “We Are Absolutely Certain at the time that they are the original, but it is a mind trick that comes along at the same time, with ages of clever evolution using our own investigative ability and deductive reasoning and adamant surety stemming from self not accuracy of truth.“They Like To Do A Lot Of New Reality Programming Around Here”

“and cheddar cheese with/without a little sliced onion on a toasted whole wheat bagel with safflower mayo and just a touch of mustard, let the cheddar cheese soften from the heat of the bagel for a little… just thought you should know, giving out truths and wisdom and all.”

TetRaHyDronics? I copied it off the back of a Smiths album… or was that a cereal box?

“The Natural Cycle as seen on Earth is not all that natural or normal, and descends from a ‘Collapse of Original Reality in Titanic Era’. The Food Chain. This descends from The Predatory Era, which was not confined to Earth and life on earth, but as well exists in other Dimensions. We did not start out warring or eating each-other. One of the Truths is that Predatory and War did not use to exist, and The Mission is a push to get us back to that Era.

Your ‘eternal soul’ is not eternal until things are safe, it is subject to destruction. The rest was an advanced lie and attempt to make things impervious and eternal, neither of which are guaranteed, and through these efforts to do this They subjected The Original Being to ‘No Longer Being Sure of Eternity or Free of Death’, through Stronger Than Original, and Invading and Overloading, Usurping and Expanding, and Mutation Usurpation. And this is definitely My f**king Story!!! Original Victim of Original Sin, and that ain’t just poetry! Goddess is another Original Victim of Original Sin, and so is of course God.”

Mundane Miracle? It is Provided by Them for Us but also allows Me with intermittent Contact with Deity and Marginal Temporary Contemporary Status to Verify Things of Creation Level, or Biblical Level, or Scriptural Level, without needing to go through The Religious or Spiritual, thus avoiding a need for being ‘The Avatar’ or a Religious Leadership Trap(Sustain The Moment; Circus Punditicus) and False Prophet First Trap(Worship The Usurper “My Children”) at the same time avoiding Their Special Perfect Future, ‘The Prophecy’.

Well, I’ll still be friends. CommieCopiea rUtopia

Keeping your Tyrant Control and Suspiciously High Wealth in the face of an Evolving World

Duality of Other Dimension Phase Vision Locked, and Linear Space Life.

Organic Experience and Otherworldly Experience.

Still Lucid. Can come back from Other Reality for the most part to cope with reality for a short time, but not fully grounded in it, ‘BoB is Here’. Is not voluntary, I can’t stay in Linear Space Grounded ‘Organic Experience’ Reality, (floating free, wedged between dimensions), still much distraction from Other Dimension, and inability to focus for extended time in Linear Space Reality alone. Many mitigating circumstances of Extra-Dimensional Origin both Old Methods of The Collective(Ya’ll included) and Assault(The Really Bad Stuff that They are Shutting Down… Ya’ll included!)

{‘a Taurus is telling you this’, the Taurus(organic experience) has a Pisces moon(otherworldly experience), practically an automatic expert on the subject, astrologically speaking… the organic experience has been interrupted by an extra-dimensional reality, stronger than the otherworldly experience, another otherworldly Experience founded in basic, and the titanic realm, a ‘psychological rescue in progress’, and some of the issues of the mind are issues of the spirit body, invaded and overloaded, mutated and usurped, easily exhausted or distracted. This shows up in The Sentient Experience}

It is Set On Automatic.. gives me a bit of a headache to read, but not the way you are thinking, it is like causal reality assault on sentience, and deals with the same type of reason that The Writing Is Done In Capital Letters, as a Reality Platform Code and Control Function dealing with Things Biblical and Armageddon.

“I guarantee it annoys the hell out of God, but it is done by Supreme Brahma, the Actual Lord of Archangels. related top both Jesus and Indra… oh yeah, and Brahma, the actual Original Eternal Finite Being, though technically Infinity is smaller than Brahma, but made of Brahma”

And They Wanted Some Really Important Info Up Here First, And To Take On Some Old Problems And Put Them Down For Good!

“This is what This Writing is kinda about. There is also Directional Changes due to The Nature of What Evolved, which means Paradigms Shifts and both Support and Challenging of The Boring Underwear Brigade Defensive Posture for Females; as Positive Directions and the Importance of In Her Undies, Tween Teen, and Lolita Domina sitting on Religious Moralists hard pickle lap and slapping him around until he figure out what is really important to him, all along. ‘Tastes Great, Less Filling, and naturally free of too much hair down there…’ .

Macro Healing
Better Understanding
Less Judgement

And If You Don’t Get It: Payback’s A Bitch!

Rock N Roll can as well Commit A Crime, and it from an Old Fighters Ring and Hooks-Up, and Defiance.

“It Is Aimed At Cute Little Innocent Beings, And Gets Them Killed. But You Didn’t Care. There Is A God, He Is Not As Powerful As You Had Hoped Or Feared, But This Is One Of His Real Complaints Against You”

{The First Place You Went, With God’s Compromised Investigation, Off Of ‘Old Fighter’s Ring’ Was An Old Fighters Ring, But Not The Right Old Fighters Ring. Then Supreme Brahma Showed You The Hook-Ups, Done Through Power Extensions, Related To The Same Group But Not Fully The Same. Related But Independant, Sometimes An Experimental Evolution Given Too Much Power. A Wrongful Interpretation Ensues, Not Understanding The Diverse Evolution Nor How Invaded Regions Work, Nor Other Jurisdiction}

They are Healing We of some ‘bad decisions’ left on our hands that deal with ‘invaders of divine justice’ aimed at invaded regions of those we are sworn to protect and rescue who get ‘possession puppeted’ into appearing the problem, and the justice gets puppeted into committing murder or mass murder as a removal solution; invaded and corrupted advanced methods of removal of problem areas, some of which psychotically targeted entire species who were created out of The Mashup, and are real people with real emotions who don’t look perfect and are looked down on and worse for it.

‘for ye must be as children to enter the kingdom of heaven’.

Children do not fall prey to this, they see and feel people for who they are just as and grandma and grandpa and fat ma and pa look just fine to them.


Government needs to be Normal, so that ‘humans are judged by normal standards, not elite and otherworldly’, let alone overly-defensive authoritarian repressed moralist standards; or celibacy or marriage standards.

“So while it is an Important Function to ‘clean the pervs out of religious leadership’ for a better functioning religious body, it is also an Important Function to ‘clean the religious out of governmental leadership’ for a better functioning body politic.”

“and get back to Normal.” a flourishing of panty powers

The Sacred
The Secular
… and the Sensual, and the downright Sexual.

“a discrepancy of the amount of judgement and getting in the way VS actual participational success and not causing failure.”

For many many ages You haves Used The Machine, and These Methods that have come Collapsing Down at The End.

This Hit Earth from Another Dimension. It is what 2012 Apocalypse was all about… complete with a rogue planet that I can goddam guarantee exists, unlike up here in Linear Space.

So all sorts of Methods used by The Collective ‘Effect Me In A Bad Way’, and it has been Shunted Aside On Them and Me for Ages.

We Are Now In A Dangerous Arena.
This Is Unavoidable.

There are Solutions And Rules Of Engagement
It Is Being Misplayed.

“after all of ‘the attitude’ from you people the normal response is ‘shut up and deal with it!’ but this is too large a problem to confront for that kind of attitude, and things and thinks are linked in ways unknown, and many bad methods or outdated solutions are chosen over and over again, in a rote motion disaster.

You Elevated Yourselves As The Solution Or It Doesn’t Matter. You Were Given A Secrecy Cheat To Compensate. Along With Falsification, Whim, Epiphany Guilt Determination. One-Sided View, and never had the full facts of things in the Arena things evolved in and We are stuck in.

This Is A Use It Or Lose It Arena

This Is A Titanic Power Struggle Arena, Not A God’s Spirituality Arena

If You Use It You Will Be Targeted, If You Lose It It Is Others’ Fate As Well As Your Own That Will Pay The Price. That Much Stress Can Get The Collective’s Panties In A Bind, … but She never gets that taking Her skirt off is The Answer. “In Them Undies, Woman!”

“point your finger of condemnation complete with the wisdom of the group and the judgement of their elders too many times at the wrong Being and you could end up on your asses”