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Instead of giving it away to charity, where it needs to be refilled after the coffers are depleted, invest in ‘the gift that keeps on giving’ by building Cornucopia Utopia with ‘Buying Up Lands for Non-Owned Dwelling Lands’ for We The People.

As well as Basic Tech Stuff for Growing Food and Water Gathering. There is as well ‘back-ups’ that will be needed for maintenance. Think over the long haul, and being so self-sufficient you could be cut off from aid and survive.

Future News: “7 out of 10 space colonists were chosen from Utopia due it being a nearly identical form of survival on the food growing front”

You don’t need to save everybody, there isn’t enough money, you just need to get the ball rolling and things honed down and save a bunch of people, even though it is a pittance.

Once the ball is rolling people will point to your big success and emulate it, tax dollars and the wealthy will chip in. As well make sure to start in areas that have very cheap land for sale and look for places with an income problem to be bypassed.

Don’t invest in building homes but instead in building safe inexpensive dwellings in ingenious ways. such as old cargo shipping containers.

you invest a few billion into building a real Utopia community, and keep a few billion for yourself and family, and everything works out better than giving it all away to charity, which will just deplete everything you gave it in 20 years

“the disparity of wealth argument gets deflated when the people are no longer hogtied to money and a landowner system, their needs are met and it becomes none of their business (as long as you aren’t polluting, destroying nature, or exploiting people)”

Charity is great, needed, welfare is needed as well and it ain’t all the fault of the wealthy, but it does become the fault of the status quo as they lock themselves and us all into the tried and true that is just not good enough, and is always going to deplete in the end instead of Self-Sustaining, like Cornucopia Utopia.

You can live without money, the vast majority of species of life live that. You can not live without food and water.

This is part of the whole Utopia genius here, and the whole basic beneath the complexity. You are building something that allows an unhooking from the system and it’s core value is food production not money gathering, and food and water and air are the basics of survival for life.

As well many people can get by on far less than advanced civilization has to offer and still be happy.

Eventually things will settle into the workers and landowners and non-workers and non-owned lands for dwelling and food production. The workers will not be discontent but instead the core people whose chose that style of life and are professional.

Centrist Democrat is among the Status Quo people

Republicans are among the Status Quo People.

See! Same Thing!

You start using Status Quo around here and you will have so many extra-dimensional weapons pulled on you before you can…

Spooks Speak does not like Status Quo.

Many of Them like The Practical, The Slow Moving, The Stodgy Even.

But The Status Quo is Locked In An Illegality, and therefor They do not like the Status Quo.

The Status Quo is right about almost everything, but cannot fix the final problems, and this is once again a reason to not like the Status Quo.

Fix The Problems, Give The Lands Back To The American Indian, Build Utopia… and then we can get back to Status Quo and how much We love it!

That will never happen with the current crop of status quo. But as the information spreads with tried and true methods a grassroots movements can and very may will slowly sweep the country and world.

It will be a lot more status quo slowly building than revolutionary, unless you keep stymieing the legality from government jobs by supporting the illogical landowner paradigm for the whole and do not recognize the illegality of owning lands in the new world.

These must become sacrosanct legal facts, and they are legally facts, ones illegally stymied by the status qou.

This is in regards to Socialism and Communism as well as Religion; and Any Civilization That Takes This Path.

There is actually a Goldilocks Zone.

There are certain logical laws that must be followed.

There are things such as The Environment that must be protected “from an individual’s right to ruin it for land or resources”.

Sacrifices That Must Be Made gets used for a Hard Nosed Method of Utilitarianism.

There is quite a few things we need that can be produced in Abundance.

Things as well must be totally recycled, there should not be one piece of metal left rusting away in some landfill. We need to recycle the whole thing.

“The present Modern Civilization is not good enough to achieve these things. By having the middle-man of jobs and economy as well as landowner paradigm as something that stands between the basic person and survival it is not a logical or ultimately legal form of civilization. The basic needs of the average person can be met in a far easier fashion, and you can even keep a functioning core economy alongside this”

As people ‘unhook from the system’ and are given a way to meet their needs in a more self-sufficient way made easy for them this whole ‘individuality’ things starts coming back into ascendancy. There is a person there the whole time, an individual, they have things they enjoy doing. They will evolve themselves according to their nature.

They will not want all of this ‘group activity’ with someone else’s leadership, unless it is a really good cause.

They will not need to kowtow to politicians and people to insure that there is a job for them to survive with and an environment left untouched by greedy hands.

It will all be done “by thine own hand” as We The People, and it can finally get done right.

Now, this is among the most logical ways to fight crimes.

The problem is that you end up stopping and frisking too many people that are not guilty.

But if you wanted to ‘remove the gun problem’ you should realize that ‘stop and frisk’ as well as ‘home search from probable cause to remove firearms’ are among the logical tools available. But as well one should note that there are a whole lot of people who need guns to defend themselves from other guns, this being in the rough neighborhoods.

In the Quest for Freedom things can go missing from Logical and Utilitarian.

Defense and Law demand that we take other paths than Our Rights.

The Problem is a real problem and socializing it away has not worked, it didn’t get implemented enough and in order for it to do better we must first confront The Drug Problem, due to this being one of the factors effecting the psychology of the people in need of better socializing. This is not just drugs it is also The Alcohol Problem.

The Violent Culture Problem is something that needs to be tackled while we are growing up and being socialized into a workable civilization.

Hollywood and Film Makers needs to be further fully Regulated to take Violent Movies and Gangster Flicks out of the The Influences Upon Growing Minds.

That is a very big step, people are following the leader of films and home into being an unhappy angry group with guns.

I believe in Decriminalizing most drugs, reserving the right to Confiscate from people who seem to be a problem or cant handle it, and a more Voluntary Approach by Citizens to Participation in Policing of The Problems of Civilization”

By taking ‘The Punitive’ attitude and Costly Proceedings and Threat Authority Stern Warnings out of The Law it makes it more comply-able with.

We The People are showing up to help, unconcerned for ourselves by not fearing the Lawmen.

We The People need to set things up so We The People can Comply.

If it isn’t done that way than We The People will rightfully fight you, and you end up being another form of Crime In Progress trying to police the situation with wrongful methods.

While that’s good stuff, Maynard, the logic doesn’t pan out.

The gun control advocates are saying there is a problem with too many guns and too much violence.

What does one do in a civilization with this problem? Armed body guards if you are a very wealthy person, and if you are a very wealthy person you will be more prone to the unsavory types.

The old ‘liberal way’ of lead by example doesn’t work, one continues to disarm themselves in the face of armed problems, a lead that can not be followed rationally.

{the pros who are cons}

It isn’t cool to go on ignoring the problem.

It is a problem with that many people coming into this country illegally every day, week, month, year. It adds up to too much and too many.

It isn’t cool to ‘lose the racial advantage spot’ on the civilization that we created.

Your big family values make this even less likely to be feasible.

While many of us support your cause we at the same time question the sanity of the choice. It is one long influx, not you and your family.

“There doesn’t seem to be an end, it seems continuous, which means some countries that need to change but they don’t, and what happens is droves of the people born there end up foisted on us and we at ‘no vacancy’.”

Sanctuary City is illegal.

{the cons who are pros}

It isn’t cool to turn in your neighbor either. It’s closer to persecution.

Some of these people really don’t have a place to go back to, it is so bad you need to be termed a criminal for the cold-shoulder approach to using power without examining the full facts, nor even caring when you do.

You really don’t belong in that immigration job, and America is all stolen lands in the first place which makes you even more ridiculous and illegal, not the credible legal thing you portray yourselves as”.

It isn’t cool to blanket statement the whole group into one vilified thing. Many or most of them just want a new life and a job to earn it by.

The American Dream.

The Homeless issue is not easy, but at the same time the homeless issue answer is not ‘in our faces’ about it. This is about opposite any rational solution.

The people who work hard and pay taxes that fund food programs and welfare are tired of seeing the homeless or suspected illegal immigrants, they are tired of the trash laying about, they are tired of the drug and alcohol problems, they are tired of not feeling safe. they are tired of the impact on business.

They are tired of footing the bill from their hard work, all so some dude that is too addicted to be able to work can sprawl out in public and potentially get riled up if complained about.

Homelessness is not ‘all of our problem, as a civilization and legacy of our civilization’, that is just the liberal viewpoint. To some degree it is is true and it is the more lawful and christian way to approach this than the utilitarian cold shoulder and punishment.

Mental Disability, Drugs, Alcohol are often major factors here. There is a specific set of circumstances. It is not an easy fix.

A place needs to be found to move these people away to, away from being out in public and a nuisance, which can lead to no good in the end for either side.

Building them “a sanctuary city” for homeless to dwell in off of bought land, and supplying them with food, water, and help, is what needs to be done.

Moving them away from the city and town, and no more being visible out in public, must be done. This well help some them with their own dignity, as well as our own.

Though that ‘city livin’ is no doubt more enjoyable if you can make it, you are living a hard luck utopia in your own way. But you ain’t the guy gettin’ by, so it is better to be out of sight and out of mind and not too expensive a problem.

We can get you some old TVs though, and a daily trickle of cheap beer, for entertainment. It can all be budgeted in, made agreeable, declared a necessity.

The Homeless don’t need homes bought for them, that is way too expensive, they need land and some basic dwellings on.

They don’t need a bunch of expensive building codes fulfilled they just need it to be a safe structure that is dry, holds heat/cool, stops the wind, and has a safe bathing and toilet place that is private.

This could all be done makeshift instead and it would suffice for both personal and legal standards.

Kind of a “You Are Here” moment.

{We are stuck in a Realm Being and that Realm Being is Me}

{Thinking/Conceptualizing/Creating (and later being stolen from before I can even finish) is among the ancient Evolution}

This is why this is a You Are Here moment, both metaphorically and factually.

… uh, yeah, no doubt.

But, uh, see, metaphysics has failed Me so many times (and I was one of it’s original inventors many many millions of years ago, or even billions by earth time, it was a long time ago by Our standards) that I just kinda write this stuff off to rollers and people and leverage and such, and that the UFOs that are actually in this dimension should be thought of as UGT, meaning Unidentified Government Technology, by default, instead of assuming Alien Origins.

Aliens do exist, I have witnessed this, in these other Dimensions. There is no further doubt.

But have Aliens been able to come through to Linear Space Earth, that is the big question, and the difference between “right on, man” and “can I hitch a ride?”

“In Other Realms We can create stuff that works by cheating it in, unlike with Linear Space the Universes are made of something slightly different, some once more of a Being, and as well Realms that were Tailored for Our Smaller Selves/Peoples, and that means space ships and magic weapons, depending on the region.”

{I’ve always hoped that You would prove Me wrong on this someday, but I ain’t holding My breath for it anymore}

I guess what I am saying is that “Science has been very good to Me and for Me, and so I’ll stay with that instead”.

“sit down in that chair right there and lemme show you how it’s done!”

The Spirituality works, but the philosophy and religion have a few too many quirks to be the absolute they try to be. It is VIP, more I will not say.

“you got the teeth of the hydra upon you!”

Pipeline Hydroelectric Water Diversion Tracks Adapter Section; the actual one would be designed with more central flow left, maximized water tracks amount, and perfect angle for flow.

“hey man, you ever had to siphon gas out of a car? well, I was thinkin’ why not just siphon water out of the ocean and generate electric off of it… but it soon occurred that they would have already tried that so the suction must not last or it don’t work on a larger amount scale due to weight and consistency; but I didn’t give up I already had a solar-powered pump and a pipeline, and a mountain height of gravity to slide down”

Gravity is a weak force so that should not be too hard to accomplish.

What can overload/weaken this at a sub level? What can overpower it at a big level.

The problem is that gravity is one of these things not like the others. It doesn’t work the way we want it to. It isn’t a chemical or magnetic reaction but closer to a miracle property of the universe.

But one starts with looking at the forces of the universe and things that effect gravity or can escape gravity.

Kinetic energy is one such thing.

As well one thinks of ‘hooking up to gravity’, whatever actually makes it work, and using that to disrupt gravity from working on the same level to it.

these are all things that science knows already but in some of these extra-dimensional arenas it is the top stuff we love to think about, and her and her undies have no effect on this, and that is one of the other top things we like to think about in these extra-dimensional arenas… and if you can’t build a warp drive at least her and her undies exist in droves in the world we live in already”