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Your Way is just Your Way

My Way is Your Way and My Way

“therefore, just you’re way doesn’t work and just my way does work”

If you keep pushing your way on Me then it will eventually be My Way or The Highway!!!

“no, really man, Your Way burdens you with a lot of problems and responsibilities that My Way helps alleviate”

“your way coned powers and responsibility and orchestration to The Few and my way is heading back to Normal self-sufficiency”

“did I ever mention, oh yeah, far too often… sooo “did I ever mention that on a Macro Scale I am One of The Few. “Well, I like a lot of what The Few were able to achieve, and therefor My Way is Your Way plus My Way, but as well some of My Way went missing from Your Way and therefore My Way must come First”

My Way Your Way Our Way


The One The Few The Many on a Macro Scale, but this is actually an OB Template and OB is most related to Titanic Government and is The Alpha and both the loudy and duty part of Loudy Duty Time, and OB is ME.

“I could easily be distracted away from things until after 2020 with enough money”

Get the CIA on it, or some of your corporate fat cat buddies.

“this angle is Legal by Armageddon Standards when it is Me and not He”

When the leaders are not leading the right direction the followers get sick of following them.

In fact the followers are sick of leaders.

Leaders rob us of our own ‘self-leadership’ and things are railroaded into the old paths of past leaders and from Jesus being too spiritual for the majority of people to be an accurate definitive and George Washington still being too much of a landowner to be credible with We The People.

Me, Myself, and I is beating Leadership.

When We The People can no longer go out there and homestead our own land and landowner is left as the definitive as well as corporate need for resources to make things to sell to us so they can make money and all along the people need those resource to make their own things as well as needing the schismatics for devices that some greedy patent holder stymies the rest of the world with… well, then something must give out and the leaders do not have the solutions.

Not Everyone Can Work, Likes To Work, or Is Good At Working.

What is Work? (Jobs)

Almost something you made up as a middle man method.

“it leaves the average person too busy to pay attention to other things such as policing a corrupt government or rethinking the system, or even time to study what they are voting on and will be forced to live under after it gets voted on… the secret doctrine of those who studied and knew this exploited and the situation and keep pushing jobs and long hours as the definitive, and what this is part slavery and what it is as well is an exploited situation being pushed by a corrupted system of people with too much control and too much time on their hands in positions of power they do not belong working off of doctrines that do not belong there.”

The Production of Food and The Production of Items and the Where Are We Going To Live is all locked into ways of old from an older era that had things we no longer have under Landowner, Resource Owner, Leader Orchestration Of The People, and Jobs Creation.


Welfare State and Rebellious People are the Natural Effect and Logical Backlash instead of actual appreciation for The Leader and All That Others Do For Us.

“when people designed a scientifically factual Utopia that doesn’t require all of this extra work than ‘pull your own weight’ comes to mean NOTHING!!!”

That is YOUR weight, not Mine!!!

I have a huge disrespect for the propaganda and the right-wing asshole demanding this or that while they push their agenda.

Conservative Militaristic Is Slowly Chipping Away At That Freedom, From Their Entrenched Power, While They Demand That We Acknowledge That Freedom Comes With A Cost.

“Wars for Oil also come with a cost”

They Have Military Expansionism As Their Secret Doctrine

“I lived through 911, saw what happened this country. {oh America, my beloved, how I have come to hate thee, let Me count the ways!!!}, I knew some of the history that lead up to that, got tired of the one-sided American rhetoric”

{This is some of The History of ‘died for our freedom’ and demands of our respect}

Your demands for my respect when the rest is murky works against my respect because the rest IS murky.

In truth The Military is what Protects this Country. The rest of the world is not evolved enough to not invade in the ways set forth for ages.

But my admiration goes deeper than this for even if they didn’t protect our country and were just an organization this is one of the ones I would have a lot of admiration for.

“here is The Renaissance Fair, I love this place, fit right in, never could do the music or tricks well enough to be a star though”

“here is The Military, I have a lot of respect for these guys, wish I could pull it off.”

My Emphatic Blueprint and Core Being naturally resonate to things that produce effects like this.

“here is Classical Music…”

… now where were we



Arm Assist Day

Arm Assist? A Sling

You’re Asses Are In A Sling.