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Supreme Brahma is part of Original Brahma, The Highest within Original Brahma.

Original Brahma is closer to an Ocean but it isn’t watery it’s more solid. Original Ptah is closer to watery.

Within Original Brahma are Where Things Exist. Where Things Play Out.

So if you met The King of Archangels it would match Christian Definitions but in reality that Being was once Brahma before Evolving Into Perfect Angelic Form.

Supreme Brahma is He and is Divine King.

Me {Brahma} is actually older and larger at the farthest reaches but does not have the same type of King Magic as Supreme Brahma.

Supreme Brahma is also part of Me, the Brahma-Ptah part of Me that is.

The other Parts of Original Brahma used up quite a bit of Brahma and Brahma-Ptah, but they also hooked it back in and merged in places, and that is part of Me.

Me being a more magical Original Normal is also related to the story of you, all you poor bastards that aren’t God, Jesus, Muhammad, Allah, Moses, Krishna, Etc.

We is another story related to Goddess. Goddesses were Oceanic Beings with stuff going on inside. During the invader usurper might makes right era Goddess Realms were invaded and many little beings died. Goddess was as well Overloaded and Overlorded.

Some of you come from these old evolutions and regions.

Me and We are two very important tales that deal with Us.

Original Reality is larger than Divine Reality, but Divine Reality has a Stronger Pillar. Divine Reality helps light up Original Reality.

Divine Reality actually went too far in trying to change Original Reality, this was done with both good intent (of saving the weak and the faithful) as well as bad intent (established fact of might makes right usurper era).


Unlike the big ‘We Are All One’ philosophy things are actually different, they are in different Regions and have different Persona and Build. There is Separation. Part of the whole Purpose of Creation is Individuality, Change from Original Being

Muhammad and Allah are also part Brahma and go into Their own Reality. This was part of the 5AT (ancient Combo Beings and Re-Combinations; a heavily titanic predatory region for a long time as well).

Buddha is made of and goes into OB and OP, Two other parts of Brahma.

Hinduism has it’s own Region as well. Shiva has worked with Brahma for a loooooooong time and is one of the major reasons Brahma still Remembers (it is Shiva reminding, Shiva awakening, etc). In Hinduism Brahma is more closer to a Deity, and is in part Shiva already. Brahma-Shiva Merger, but this is one of the finest Combinations ever to have existed

“These are VIP Big Beings on Advanced Missions and Establishing things”

2012 is also a Brahma time though, and it is Original Reality and How All The Pieces Fit In.

It takes Help from Them.

Attempts to Usurp The Whole Thing are a Major Danger still being faced.

“and therefore Armageddon Lite is superior to Armageddon”

Ag Gnostic “you are suppose to be out there doing agriculture instead of teaching philosophy, fence-rider.”

They through Me are trying to get you ‘the straight dope’ on Things Otherworldly.

Due to the fact that They come through Me there are Different Beings and Different Things and Different Personalities and Different Personality Disorders (or bad conditions of Beings in question)

Why Me?

We in part from being Original Being and in part from being an Oceanic Creation Being that ‘many things happen in and many things have evolved within’.

Due to the actual Size of who we start out as there actually isn’t quite the level of Equality that is stated.

Others got further than Me with this whole Kingship thing.

Brahma is a Big Being and Natural Authority and this stems from being The Original Being being ‘the dude that already had his shit together while the rest of Dawning Creation was growing and evolving. Later forces ganged up on Brahma to steal infinity and eternity so Brahma no longer has his shit together… I am all of that.

{note for Translation: ‘shit together’ is American slang for ‘stuff in order, stable personality, tackling and overcoming challenges with real preparedness and ability’…}

So getting back to Original Reality being Normal and the Existence of Pillar Power (which descends from Form, so just like with stars in our universe some Beings have high energy and big ego and are stronger than others… in Esoteric Reality it is no different).

Anything else I can debunk you on? Feel free to call… someone else. I don’t answer the phone, I’m too Spooked out!

Antidepressants and Alcohol is the dope for straight people.

But there are some important things:

God’s People were smaller and weaker.

Smaller and weaker needs consideration and sometimes help.

God’s Methods help the weak and small and underprivileged or extra-dimensionally challenged.

… and what’s wrong with that, I’d like to know, so here I go again

“I haaaate you, you stupid f**king atheist, I haaaate you, you big oaf titan! oh I can’t explain My Hatred for you, I hate you… for millions of year you have commit the same crime against Me, I hate you”

And that very someone knows that eventually a lot of people will be having a similar experience and that these are age old experiences dealing with what the actual ‘other realities/dimensions/universes are’…

Well, they don’t run this way on that in a guessing game or blatant rejection nor go into rapture.

“for God is like unto a rabbit up against a wolf, but has help from a dog”

God is actually one of the Beings that needs Help.

Good are some of the beings that actually need help.

Original Reality is the same as Earth Normality.

Spirituality will continue to flounder having put itself to levels that really don’t exist.

Spirituality is a real effect but the statistics on Deity are of elevated value or even fictitious.

In ancient times attempts to ‘Recreate Reality’ were in progress and in modern times these are coming crashing down.

Some of the roots of atheism are worse than known and are old attempts by Titans to commit crimes for ages and ages and never have to pay for them.

God not being as big and strong and old as stated is an underdog in this.

God got stuck with an old coned power method and coned people method, both of which are partly Faith enhanced. God has help from some Titans as well and this is part of what The Church really is.

“too many people were in advanced invaded states and it was a predatory evolution”

God lost many wars to this fact.

Want the good news or the bad news?

God really does exists.

The statistics on God are not factual.

Karma didn’t originally exist.

Karma was engineered into existence.

Stuff is greatly overstated in attempts to get people to obey.

Hell really does exist and really is a fate for some.

It will not be God in The End that throws you in Hell it will be Someone even older, bigger, stronger, and just quite frankly a hell of a lot meaner.

“as you begin to awaken to this Other Dimensional experience the whole notion of atheism and agnosticism will begin to go down from actual experience of what ‘alternate Universes really are’, and memories of who you really are, and due to the fact that you run around acting like you are the facts but you ain’t, you are in the end even less factual than God, and have for many ages made Enemies with your self-importance and self-deterministic ways”

Forcing someone who has a disability but can still work to not work due to workplace mentality is a form of crime.

Forcing someone who has a disability and can’t pull of working(but you keep trying to force them too) to try to work is a form of crime.

The former costs money and the latter is a real disability, and since the former likes to work but doesn’t side against the landowner and worker system they can bud out of a discussion that they are not walking a mile in the shoes of.

Our whole society is now based on money, an abstract, and jobs, a hardship, to get that money to pay for food and water and rent or land payments to have a place to live.

It is an illegal realism foisted on the people.

What I am going through personally would not allow for the steadiness and non-mistakes of doing normal work like I use to be barely able to pull off (due to already suffering from a milder form of the same thing). I can’t even get the dishes or yard work done all at once, but I do still try.

“I stand in one spot or hover around one spot in the garage and this is where conversation and ideas are going on, some stuff is of course radio inspired and Spooks Speak answers or hair-trigger reactions from ancient unknown evolution and other things. Seeing in other realities is not the same as voices in your heads, and the experience is too close to class reunion with plenty of others to verify and shore up the bad situation”

You wanna hook me into a financial backing as a semi-autocratic semi-autonomous idea guy and get me a 10+% cut? We will make a lot of money and I will be happily contributing my share and/or complaining about democrat tax policies. There will be no real change in my disability however and I will be going through the same routine, and my need for isolation from people and space to be loudy duty time. I could be a billionaire and I would still be disability isolated due to what actually occurred and what I am going through.

“like a predatory dinosaur on the other end trying to lash out to kill you, co-worker/therapist/movie-star/supermodel, but it will be using my human body to do it with; this creates an activation of horror on me as it tries to strike out at anyone near me, and I can’t even be near the cat for very long, but when I am alone there is no one to strike out at and so it subsides;

Prescribed drugs could make it worse slipping things into homicide having slipped me out of what is left of myself (one of the people fighting the bad stuff), and therapy will as well exasperate the situation, being a forced routine creating another hardship and dealing with the fact the the therapist will not be dealing with as many facts as I am about my condition and all of their tried and true answers will end up being false, while my own needs are being ignored for the sake of them trying something to see if it works. If I can sue you I will sue you for this.”

I know what I am going through and it is real as an organic earth experience, and it is as well old familiar territory, and trying to fit into the role you are trying to cast me in takes me out of an important buoyancy being provided by Agencies Macro and Evolution Ancient as well as Stabilizers and War Drums, and these Others know My ancient condition better than me and far better than you.


There are some core values that are more like communism that deal with share the land share the load share the wealth, and this can be seen as something that got brought back to our own original Revolution out of what evolved afterwards. This is something that due to the landowners and business and elected rulers went missing from We The People (and on American Indian Lands that We The People don’t own and even less so the government).

“so someday we may be ordering a lot of old style Soviet and Chinese coats and Russian vodka and doing a lot of celebrating and attempts at speaking Russian and Chinese… Americans like things authentic, ya know”

We are not traitorous to our heritage nor weak or fools, we are adaptive and sincere and strong and prone to styles and celebrations and meanings and we are great lovers of history as well as prone to being experiential.

I don’t even read the full news, I can’t focus that well on it anymore.

And as well we never get to see what you people see ‘yeah man, but is there real business corruption being bartered with, well, that ain’t collision with Russia (all important technical detail) but it is fair game with impeachment proceedings if the person in question is playing maverick with a guilty gun’.

But if all it is turns out to be is Teflon Don being hotheaded and going for a preemptive take down of a guilty tactic… well, it’s time to own up, shut up, and start being real Democrats again.