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Scientific Truth in the end debunks you and shows the actual bottom line versus the complex costly mess you have made with a forced realism economic and landowner system.

If there were a citizen panel of equal standing that could sit down with the business and economics group and point out the difference between not listening and being right we would be doing better.

A lot of your not wanting to listen means the best solutions will not be used, but there you were as the authority with your views accorded a special standing above the rest.

Yet you simply did not want to listen. You were not right, you were an authority. Yet you did not listen with your authority you just kept pushing your viewpoint, and it is we, the peons, the subjects, those not in top spots, that must be wrong by default.

You work a fiduciary system. You work in artificial values. Working an 8 hour day is an artificial thing, a tradition. Prices are set along these lines.

Scarcity does not fully factor in as it once did, intellectual property is the new ‘scarcity’ as it were.

Automation makes paying a lot of wages obsolete. But you must keep the artificial worker base up and so things are steered away from this full automation; but as well on the other hand someone wants to make big profits so they automated charge as if there is still a worker base.

The costs of building the automated factories and robotics are very high due to the set value they have, meaning people will pay a lot for it though it does not cost that much to built. And all along the line of this industry will be big money making industries that provide the stuff needed for that industry. They all charge accordingly.

Another one is planned-obsolesce. Products are not made to last as long as they could in order to spur sales on. The big worker base is as well supported so the economics people see the reasonablitiy in this but it is just a stupid method that costs us money and uses up resources.

Way too much of your stuff deals with ‘keeping the big worker base going’. There is a whole other lifestyle that is better that you are ignoring and what you end up doing is enslaving all the rest of us to doing it that same wrong way.

“I’m not here for the industrial base proletariat like a commie, I’m here for a fully automated free time freedom, self-sustaining high tech agrarian self-autonomous, unhooked from economics and on non-owned lands”

You mean like:

Captain Covid

The Maskless Blunder

Herd ‘Em Mutiny

The Pandemic Profiteer

Mr Bleachmouth

Lady Plague Bearer Bills To Pay

and of course don’t forget the late great Risk It Ralph

Those Captain of Industry ‘superheroes’ are actually also ‘super-villians’, it is sort of a jeckyll and hyde thing.

In order to Sack The Quarterback the Pandemic Lockdown Isolates us away from further spreading of the virus through having no unnecessary contact with others as well as wearing masks, social distancing, and other preventative measures. And advanced screening of the population to catch it quick and strict quarantine measures for those infected.

It isn’t really a sack the quarterback it’s the opposite, it is a war of attrition. But we jump the problem as a group and contain it quickly, and that part is like a sack the quarterback.

We jump the problem by doing the opposite of a sack the quarterback. We ‘maximum dispersal of population’ to create a wall of non-transmission by isolation and social distancing.

This is the one the liberals prefer, and it has all sorts of problems, just as does Herd Immunity.

One of the largest problems is that early undetectable but contagious phase. But the best one can do is limit contact and other preventive measures.

This is what makes the war of attrition work. The virus gets starved of new hosts because we simply are no longer coming into contact with each other and the virus burns out in the infected without the ability to spread.

“the element of not taking it seriously defeats this because the isolation doesn’t happen effectively enough, this is both as a restive population and an economic system with it’s attendant government”

Bad Planning… in part. But the bottom line is The Dwindle.

Limit The Dwindle.

If you plan better this is An Emergency Economy.

Lost Revenues need to be seen differently and bills need to be dealt with differently. This is not money that should be used in projections as to where you are suppose to be. Where you are suppose to be, as a whole group, is ‘take a break, buddy’ due to the nature of what is occurring.





That all goes into stasis and since this is a Pandemic Lockdown a majority of businesses are suppose to shut down with you so it is a more across the board thing as opposed to the business off on it’s own trying to cope with it.

The Sectors that are still functioning and earning money are also ‘the poor bastards that have to work during a pandemic’ and should be accorded the right to ‘get ahead’.

“High Risk Workers Exemption: If there is a lockdown on rent and bills and you are a worker forced to risk it you should be allowed, as compensation, to earn that money extra, with the rent lockdown applied to you but the money still being earned by you, someone forced to risk it because of the type or job they have”

That is if there is rent and the person working is not exempted from rent freeze due to continued employment during pandemic lockdown.

If bills are universally locked down this person does not pay that person who does not pay the other person. It is all in stasis. Bills do not dwindle the capital. They are in stasis.

This will not work for everything of course but it puts a huge dent in the problem and part of the problem was trying to go on with business as usual instead of converting over to emergency economy, and it’s inherent necessary mentality.

“the dwindle on the money during lost revenues is the thing making the economy slump that is not alterable, you have food and fuel costs and such, but if things are planned out better a government stimulus check can cover these things while the rent and utility bills can go into stasis and vastly limit the dwindle… it is important to look at what rent and utilities are and why they cost what they do and to alleviate any problems they will have by being put into stasis”

By making it as universal as possible you put more potential problems into stasis. No one is getting ahead in competitive business and no one is paying bills. This is Emergency Economy. The Work was not able to happen and therefor The Rent or Payment Schedule as well must ‘not be able to happen’. This cancels that out.

It was ‘a time that did not exist’, economically speaking. You pick up where you left off. You don’t have a backlog of bills to catch up on. You pick up the pieces after the disaster and do not lament what could have been economically.

The making of many roads into toll roads needs to be legally declared an unconstitutional way to generate money for taxation, profits, or funding, no matter how logical you make it sound.

This is simply too much of an intrusion on people, it also has some kind of weird Un-American flavor to it, or the wrong type of America is what I should say. We don’t need this method of toll roads forcing us to pay for something tax dollars already paid for.

In an economic system where one has to balance a budget, or vainly attempt to 20 trillions dollars in the hole (from welfare as well as big military spending and bailouts), one has to account for funding unemployed people more money than they were making in a job.

“if this is what was in your bill you were fighting for it is bad economics, tax gatherer”

Always remember, tax gatherer, that while we need your help in a welfare system as long as the economic system is going to be wrongfully ruling over our lives, I don’t always agree with the solutions though I vote for you, partly in solidarity.

“Which systems are needed, how do you get things down to skeleton crew and focus support on this? How do you automate these processes not just because of costs but because of risks during a pandemic? What are the key functioning things we need? Food, water, electricity and utilities, internet, fire department, police department, medical profession and hospitals, etc. How do you automate these even further for a pandemic crisis?”

I do things in a way that is not status quo enough.

Among the biggest bills that must be paid is rent, and, only for those effected, the solution seems to be in this lockdown on rent cost and the bills the landlords must pay as well. You need to put this whole section into a stasis. This allows The Government to be unburdened from trying to cover those costs with taxation and welfare. This is not to be seen as a normal economic time it is an emergency economic time.

You refused to listen, refused to yield, and pushed the wrong things. All to stay competitive and make money, from all logical observation. The Economy is in bad shape because it was not put into stasis. The patient was not put in stasis and the problems occurred worse.

This means as well that the businesses get to have their bills put into stasis, workers don’t get fired it is just the longest holiday possible. Perishable goods monetary loss in compensated by the government.

People who are not working and are getting a government stimulus check are on welfare, temporarily. They may love work and hate welfare recipients but that is the straight facts.

Food costs on welfare are dealt with in Food Stamp Cards, not with Government Checks. This prevents the expenditure on anything else.

There are sundry items, expenditure on things needed psychologically or for life, and some smaller bills that could be paid.

If you put all bills that you can into a stasis this is that much less that the people need help with through government assistance.

You seem to have tried to keep a competitive economy going during a pandemic lockdown instead of putting it into stasis and going off emergency measures and key sectors. You not only didn’t take things seriously in this you are encouraging us to risk it to do things your illogical way.

The way you do things The People get a cold shoulder and/or The Government gets a big bill.

Another method needs to be used instead, one of a more advanced emergency that takes things serious instead of pushing it.

“Basically in the end I am hammering away at The Costs of The People to alleviate The Welfare Costs of Pandemic Supplement Money”

The Government makes a few swift right moves and alleviates The Costs for The People, and this frees up more of The Tax Dollars from being spent because the money goes a lot farther.

Communism is only illegal in America if We The People say it is, and so far it is just a set group of loudmouth goon squad private property rights business owner class that says it is. These are some of the people that are the problem or perpetuate the problem and their version of ‘you work for it and earn it’ is totally artificial and done in a world of automated systems and factories that should have freed up the people’s time, but it was not used to do so…

We can confiscate all the lands. We can occupy all government institutions as a group of a hundred million civilians, not with a bloody revolution but with a worthy cause. A worthy cause you have stymied, belittled, bullied off the discussion. A worthy cause that finally is The Change We Seek.

What you do is not bring change it brings big words and a big working economy… a big we are forced to work economy. A big victory for forced realism. A big perpetuation of the propaganda of the industrial age.

You had to contribute too much money to the cause.

You had to give away the land you own.

“you tend to end up in an arena of absolutes and not compromise or middle path solutions… half the land needs to be bought up for both non-owned lands for dwelling (for the rest of us it was stolen from) as well as to be converted back to nature (that it was stolen from), and some money is needed as a starter to buy the stuff necessary for building Utopia (a self-sustaining food and product civilization that needs no welfare state and has abundance) and unhooking everyone else that does not want to work an 8 hour day for 5 days a week for 11 months a year for 40 years… while you are out on your yacht drinking and drugging, and never having to work a day of your life.