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Apparently when a certain temperature is reached plants emit more carbon as part of their normal cycle as well as the ability to absorb carbon is decreased.

I don’t believe a word of. I can cite this one major fact: I don’t want to believe it. I can back that up with one other fact: I don’t want you destroying what is left of the old natural world off of some science study that may not be accurate in the field when the real thing happens. If this is the case why didn’t the planet reach runaway effect in past episodes of warming? Well, I could think of a scenario of why so even I could debunk that one. But science has been wrong before and even you cannot debunk that one!

So at this stage I become one of the greatest global warming risks on the planet, because I am a staunch environmentalist and believe in that cause more than global warming.

But in reality I believe in global warming and any threat of that magnitude needs to be dealt with conservatively, prudently, as opposed to bleeding hearts bringing blindness.

But if humans totally cut their emissions like they are suppose to it gives the old natural world a better shot at being preserved, and a better shot at acclimating to the heat change, if there is such a thing in this.

If humans created heat traps and carbon sinks with water in places around the globe using desalinated and purified rising sea level could they knock the surface temperature down to normal cycle levels, or below present levels?

The surface temperature is where plant life grows. Effects made to this may be more relative to the respire problem because of the localized effect on the plant life as opposed to the vast problem of an atmospheric bubble with little to no adequate ways to tackle it more directly (as in more directly getting out of the atmosphere what is already there).

Experts say we have only 20 to 30 years before the Respire of carbon thing becomes a problem from plant life.

Is that enough time to tackle the problem? For the human species, yes if we go all the way and heat traps work; but for the human species with economics, no it is not enough time to tackle the problem, and the land can be utilized for other things and the timber can be sold, so, well, economic concerns would indicate that… and there goes a carbon sink.

“so that about wraps it up for the old natural world, good-by nature”

Desalinating the rising sea level and making wetlands and lakes or whatever acts as a better coolant is a good idea but in a time crunch scenario it may be better to use the water that does not need desalination and the time it takes, and in the rainy season the higher rivers could be used to capture hoards of water around the world and be moved by trains and trucks and tankers.

Is the human species going to try to do this over the next 20-30 years? Not likely at all. This is one of the major areas that we should be doing but wont get done, or dome well enough if it is, and this is due to economics.

People not only need a change from the way they have been living, not all but many, but as well we need a better approach to doing things than economics leaves us with. We need to be able to tackle some big issues as a people without the costs in the way and without people’s time being taken up by needing to work a job.

When you, the democrats, the opposing party, continue to hold onto partisanship and torch and pitchfork you rapidly go off course and rapidly become a disservice to the country.

You hype things up and try to maintain a steady onslaught and in the end it is just a bunch of nasty tempered inaccurate or overstated stuff pushed through as actual facts with a slim majority.

We The People do not want the riled up hype show at this point, left or right.

And since in reality so many of we the people kinda dig the hype show and prefer ‘that style’ to the boring bipartisan facts it is vital to be the adults in the room and lead us better.

There was a huge right wing fake news onslaught that lead to the capitol riots. It was not being shut down by enough republicans.

There was an actual attempt to fraud an election done by a sitting president. It involved fake news and hyping supporters up along with bully tactics.

All the president’s men calling for lawful members of the government to be locked up or worse have been a part of this conspiracy to overturn a lawful election.

When it comes to ‘backing off’ on an impeachment hearing you have overstepped your authority as a political base, guilty party.

That is not the appropriate course of action, that is not law and order doing the job right, that is not strong deterrents to ward off future offenders, that is not justice served, that is not the truth of what really occurred here (hiding behind plausible deniability).

You have used that tactic too many times, you have fallen prey to supreme powers absolute takeover mentality too many times. You have become too problematic to deal with in election after election. You are too fraudulent too often. It is all very clever and can’t be pinned properly but that is what you are doing. It is not coincidence and mistake it runs under the cover of such things. It is premeditated.

America needs to disarm your plausible deniability scheme so we do not have to go through you cleverly trying to fraud elections right out in the open, with a ‘the president is above the law’ attitude, or ‘if the president does it then it’s not illegal’. Supreme Powers written into Republic has warped your mind away from reasonability and reality.

Politics isn’t a f**kin’ football game!

Opposing Point Missing Insight:

Hint: “if you really screw things up do you run and hide or stand there under fire for your stupidity”

Some people respond in different ways and being absent and not publicly denouncing may seem like a callous gesture or signs of premeditated behavior from initial outward appearance, when in reality it may be “oh, f**k!” as you run and hide.

… personally I run and hide a lot, but I know how to high-horse it with moral high ground from a website.

‘… oh, it says vaccination strategy’

“and so let history record that the president was rightfully impeached but for the wrong reason”

Charges: inciting a riot.

Actual Crime: a plausible deniability experiment to fraud an election.

“So, hey, I don’t call ’em all right, one has to be expert, well studied on the subject, and lucky, but at the same time I do not think you were accurate with what the president got impeached for and I think strong rhetoric in a half-baked scheme to bully the government into frauding an election by overturning the lawful results lead to a minor insurrection that was not the actual intent is what occurred here.

That should be an impeachable offense. Unless you have more than you are sharing this seems to be what the evidence points at more than an intentional act of inciting a riot.

Though there may be an ‘unintentional into intentional’ but also uncaring cornered rat that is ‘gonna get us all!’ like a megalomaniac tyrant that does not want to give up the supreme powers, and this is a little more premeditated in foreknowledge of what the protest was going to or could turn into. But the stomach goes sour when the deed is done and one has to deal with the reality of it as opposed to the fantasy of it that proceeded.

Impeachment: “an unsatisfying dessert often served hot that is made of mint and peaches and does not remove the person from office…

(“because Nixon actually resigned and we keep mistaking these two things even over 40 years later; because impeachment is not actually automatic removal from power and resigning is self-removal from power”)

“an end to owing and an end to our labors, not an end to our owning, from government favors”

Cornucopia Utopia has come along to chastise The Great Reset, to harry thee along the trail as it were, as the pleasant peasants we really are.

We don’t need Socialist Technocrat Pseudotopia.

We’ll keep the Utopian Socialism with ‘the people shall own all production’, but in reality we do not need to take over the country and own the production facilities, we need our own utopian factories and to own all aspects from resource gathering to final products.

What we make in our automated utopian factories from automated resource gathering and automated processing we will own, because we like owning things and we don’t like stinkin’ socialist technocrat weirdo changes where we do not own our own things anymore. Make more sense next time, will ya!

“you want to rebuild things after the pandemic and… not do utopia?”


There seems to be a basic logic to the spread and how to contain it at the onset, and how to outwait it and quarantine the infected until they overcome it.

And it seems you could step away from economics and make a division of medical droids that can operate in contaminated areas, they can do basic procedures and bring medicine and do not need to be bipedal and artificial intelligence, they need to be error free and with a basic functionality tailored to their few chores as opposed to androids with full AI and mimicking humans and being too complex.

You may need to make a new computer code that is less complex if possible and focus on error free hardware.

People will grow use to medical droids and many will come to feel very comfortable with them eventually as long as their track record remains perfect or near enough to matter. So don’t, uh, outsource the work for cheaper labor and manufacturing.

“it is time you stood up for the future as opposed to staying with economics, it is time we more fully step into the future as opposed to being hogtied by economics”

The Lockdown seems to be the strategy if done right, but it needs austerity, discipline, free medical testing kids, the highest grade masks. And as much emergency robotic worker as can be done.

There seems to be a basic logic to the spread and how to contain it at the onset, and how to outwait it and quarantine the infected until they overcome it.

In the time of an emergency the economic system should be put on hold, world wide for a world wide crises.

This allows more leeway in not falling behind as well as produces massive amounts of key things needed.

This is how governments world wide are suppose to be dealing with emergencies. Making a rotating stockpile of food for a month’s supply for all or it’s citizens, and a little while before it expires put on the shelves for reduced price and give it out to the poor as commodities. Making enough medical masks for everyone in the country and making sure they get the masks. Having large localized stockpiles of water to last a month. Having preparations for maximum automation to minimize workers being around each-other and spreading the virus.

While it is true that people have a hard time with staying at home for a 3 weeks to a month (with testing kits and quarantine and dedicated honest people perhaps that will be two weeks and then a break, and then a further lockdown if it didn’t work due to sloppiness or unavoidable things or lack of preparedness) it is better than going through many months of a Lockdown.

We should not pursue the strategy of waiting a year for vaccines, or even 3 months for that matter. We need to do the Lockdown properly. The death toll is too high even for a 99% rate of recovery.

Cases spread from a few sources into many sources into many many more sources. At the onset of this we need to Lockdown in a very austere manner which will take practice and shutting up. It also takes getting whatever testing kits out to the public in advance, like a home first aid kit.

As well we need to start practicing now in knowing how much food it will take to not go to the store again in a few days, then a week, two weeks, three weeks, and finally a month if possible. Due to canned goods and dry goods this should not be too hard. You may also need to do two store trips at the same time, going back in after unloading the first batch. You can get the dairy and meat and perishables on the second go.

This is something we should try to do already as a contingency for most emergencies, and people should have stockpiled pantries with dates on cans to be rotated into use before they spoil. And drinkable water as well.

When this is going to buy a store out it is you the government that need to think things out instead of more bad advice. Make it not so, got it!? Plan it out and produce the extra. Never tell Americans we do not have a right to stockpile food!

Like a military unit we need to go into action as a team. We are relying on our teammates to do their part and be disciplined and not catch the virus.

I still do not know if people are using vaccines as a money making thing or you just don’t realize we are capable of doing a Lockdown at the level needed for a short period of time.

It takes leadership and items. Economics continues to fail at this, needing to give bad advice to keep people working to keep their business afloat, not providing the people with the things they need to survive this for free.

We live in an automated factory world and economic realism is not even true realism and gets in the way of too many other things. This includes functional rudimentary medical testing equipment, top grade masks, medicine, emergency food and water.

We do not need to go through a year of Lockdown we need to do it right, do it strict, for the initial month of the Pandemic.

Use Your Noggin!

“call it The Plague so people will know how to respond, for Pandemic is far too friendly a word”

A taurus would only count what you have in the bank or other secure places as your actual wealth.

It doesn’t fluctuate $14,000,000,000 just from stock drop, nor jump to $150,000,000,000 in the first place from stock increases.

Businesses are subject to competition and going under so counting the value of the business should not be used as well.

What you have in the bank and other secure locations is what your wealth is.

“it ain’t right to hide your winnings at a poker game but it is the smartest way to go, the better chance at walking away from the game with a net gain”

One needs to find a way to cash in on themselves in order to convert that large number to the actual wealth in the bank, the sure thing that will be there even if the business goes under.

Without a way to cash in on oneself that really ain’t wealth that should be calculated.