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It is actually
6 Fat Years
7 Lean Years
8 Great Years

“rainwater capture and storage, river fed irrigation of massive amounts of crops, aqueducts coming off of mountains, the hydra water wheel works for work done of a mechanical level”

“You went on to creating advanced systems and societies and lost the basic truth: ‘Air, Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter, Bathing and Restroom’.” This IS The Answer. (Middle Man Job Creation Is JUST Slavery For The Masses In The End).”

Get A Job, Back To Work, 9 To 5 For 40 Years, Is NOT The Answer.

“We were allegedly working with friction and capture of static electricity and magnetic pulse just to see what one could do with it (the work is done in Realms Near Earth in Dimension as well as Earth), the device got reinvented into a better unit in the modern world by Them, electric magnetic motor. Not only did They hit a home run with this, not only did They write My early extensive not so clumsy contribution out of it, They as well came out here as ‘Me/ME’ to Steal It All at The End.

The Crazy Inventor Invents, and then see what it does… old school. {And top to bottom inventing the whole thing is a fantasy They have in Their minds, while ‘borrowing ideas and doing new things with them is the bulk of what evolution of things has been for the majority of Creation… Some of Us got a head start on you in first creating from original evolution}

And I certainly didn’t Invent the Electric Motor, I firstly and overall mostly invented the thing they used to Invent the Electric Motor off of, and They had the advantage of knowing electricity in ways I never could, at the atomic level as evolvers of it, Macro to Micro, and rolled me up and smoked me with it as contemporaries {OB, SB, Shiva and OP with 5AT Line and part of My Mind, B BP P bp-o}

and Naughty Nine Stole It All!

PaTent. BaBed

Earth and Humans are not the first people to exist in this universe, nor are they the most advanced. Word Of Warning To Know-It-Alls and their Illuminati friends. {This is another group that was stealing from Me(and They steal the Very Beinghood, not just the Ideas). Part is I was one hell of a thinker and creator and worked with The Best (Shiva), and there is also a Major Lockdown by Ganged-Up On Brahma, and Titanic Authority. It doesn’t let us think and invent clearly, and is both handed out randomly in attempt to equal things out and it randomly appears in people who escaped the lockdown or are made of specific Beings}

Inspired and Functional and Winner Takes It All ‘Epiphany and Invention from Earth is not what one thinks it is. Ideas are borrowed and fed, and there is a whole evolution that sits a dimension away, one that has massive amounts of advancement into what one would think of as the space age. This ‘space age’ was as well fed to you through The Machine and The Big Path’

When You are the people who get to believe the story or not, and you spend your time collaborating with Them and stealing more… Fuck You And Your Credibility. It NEVER Was What You Said It Was!!!


6 Fat Years

7 Lean Years

8 Great Years

The Hydra. Energy-Water Smartgrid System that stabilizes Ecosystem and helps Air, fights global warming. The Silver Bullet.

“You went on to creating advanced systems and societies and lost the basic truth: ‘Air, Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter, Bathing and Restroom’.” This IS The Answer. (Middle Man Job Creation JUST Slavery For The Masses In The End).”

Get A Job, Back To Work, 9 To 5 For 40 Years, Is NOT The Answer.

The Other Answer Is:



GOT IT!!!!

– The Dude Above The Dudes You Were Waiting For In Prophecy. And It Wasn’t Spirituality.

8 Is Great

It is a difficult path that takes practice to fully master, but it is a better and more powerful path that more beautiful women need to take, an art that they need to perfect, and use it on us.

“Law of Attraction”

“Bye Bye Boring Underwear Brigade”

“Her Powers Need To Be Used On Us”

“Shut Up And Stare. And Stay Shut Up”

… and beautiful girls, not just women.

“not my fault I don’t read the labels, and who can understand half of what they are saying anyways… that means American or English rock n roll singers, not just Jamaican reggae singers”

‘Marriage’ is kept as a name because The Big Path likes the Easy Facts, not the guessing game, when life is on the line. Others like complex codes, which are awesome in their own way, but not as easy as going to the life we know and the easy code. “Marriage. Hmm, must be Ma related…”. And it is. Ma and AB. “AB, it must be English Language related”, and it is.

But it is also ‘Absolute Brahman’, the Other Part of The Big Path Family, or Divine Relatives that aren’t as pure nor righteous nor uptight as God and Goddess, Who started out as Void and Vacuum and Attained Form, and Who evolved with Helios, The Golden Hero God, Thor.

Thor is a Master Attractor, and Elite Being, and all of the Goddesses and Females became Enamored with Helios/Thor. People like Adonis and Achilles are direct relatives of Helios, part of Helios being a major part of who they are.

Joshua and Jason and The Argonauts is a Helios/Thor Line and Tale as well. No doubt some of this was done in other dimensions, where magic works far far better and it’s more exiting. But this became a major problem in Creation, and as well there is a Natural Zone where Females Originate, different Zones, and Helios was into Recreating Existence all over Original Creation and Old Creation.

‘Add Helios to AB OB with Big Mike and Gray Yang West, and you get Lil ABner

The Big Path is OB Big Family, and includes God and Absolute Brahman and Cronus. This is The Big West.

Ma is a vacuum that formed(vacuumed actually) around AB Form creation. AB had ‘Condensed down into Form within Self Region, and Ma had come about in the spot where AB had been. This is been where ‘Marriage’ comes from, and long table related companionship had first come about. Absolute BrahMan and Ma. Man and Ma. MaRidge.

And from there they could get the Ozark feel off Ma Ridge, and it would be also a place where Absolute Brahman and Ma could say they lived as bulwarks, Mundane and all.

The Big Path is both Mundane and Spiritual, and there is a secret here as well, The Spiritual is Intrinsic Zone, and Sacred Duty. It is a Place That Must Be Safely Hidden. Your Soul Is There, as it were, your eternal life could grow to be in jeopardy by being found. And as well The Spiritual is weaker, but They have High Effects, and a few tricks up Their sleeves, and Mystery is one of them and Lands You Dream Of Seeing or Mythical Places is another.

These things exist in Other Dimensions or Parallel Universe or Bardo Realms, etc.

{All three of these things are most likely different but similar, meaning all three kinds of ‘Other Worldly Universe’ exist, and it is different statistic for each, but off of an original common Evolution

Don’t play this game with your lawful judge job against me{Me}.

There is an old malicious targeting done by certain authority futures that decided to place it all in linear space law and authority…

But it ain’t what you say it is, and I might take it personally and go snoopin’ around Afterwords, and then, buster, your ass is gonna get hauled up before My courts, and you get to go to prison, and that prison is called Hell.

“I can’t use the stuff ‘Provided’ by the situation (basically pushed on Me, part of it made of Me, part of it was originally stolen Me), it has to be avoided and de-powered and even defeated in some cases.{There is still some of the original hanging in balance with The Three Titans, who thankfully for Me and sadly for you ‘actually do exist, in scientific real form’}. This does not allow for a normal contest.{They jacked it up too high in some cases, and it is too dangerous to others or selves in as well due to nature of arena this is all going down in}. And you exasperate that being a wrongful authority threatening me{Me} with your linear space laws, society, morality, etc”

Ya’ll and your Illegal Grouping of Powers Gov and your PTA and your Outdated Church Morality Mentality could get your asses in real big trouble this time around!

That is how out of touch you are with real life as you prop yourselves with your paradigm over us with as our judges.

“The only judgement you should have had was whether it was raunchy porn or classy porn. For me there is not room for both of these things. I like classy porn, and females that aren’t pretty enough are just gonna turn me{Me} off. But the rest of the world is not the same. So therefore one must learn to yield on certain things.”

You are stuck being a bunch of twits with your heads stuck up your asses, being a bunch of judgemental jerks in the name of morality or societal standards.

Angry Control Group with Artificial Standards

A Basically Repressed Dishonest Group, Tailoring Their Truth.

And tailoring your responses to match your Paradigm that you try to force us all to live.

I am a form of Brahma that can forgive and forget if you can get the fuck out of My face, and get the fuck out of My way, and stay the fuck out of My way!

They are forms of Brahma that don’t do this as well, and They evolved with you, and They are out to get you!!!

They are The Authority on The Big Path

You are a bunch of holed up overpowered titan pseudo-criminals, steeped in your hard work and propaganda and victor’s blindness.

{Your Crimes Against Brahma Are In Continuous Progress The Whole Time}

You sold The Masses on a Frame Job and a Jesus Job.

But Brahma is not the same as Cupid or Ganesha or Peter Pan.

Brahma is a Red God, and prefers Titanic Tactics VS Titanic Problems!

Titanic Brahma tends to be 3 Newer Brahmas.

These Three Happen To Be The Root Of Your Messiahs, Prophets, Avatars

Brahma is NOT Beholden to This Path

Brahma partially Assists this, but at a certain point You Are Up Against Older Truths and Original Being, and this makes a lot of this a Tedious Waste of Time for Brahma and it is Their Path, nor Mine.

“You Were NOT Coming Through On Your End. They Kept The Business End Of The Stick As Well As Many Records Of Actions In History And Lies And Redaction Told By You! You Tried To Take The Business End Of The Stick Away, With Old Invader Usurper And Blame Game Group Conjecture Superstitious Frame Job”