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When You Play World Cop You Play A Stupid Game Of Pretending To Have Credibility In Other Sovereign Countries, And You Come Out Looking Like You Have Not Come To The Table With Clean Hands

You Look Like Expansionist Tyrant Capitalist Military Industrial Complex, ‘Posturing’.

And THAT Ain’t Fake News!

“You may know things I don’t know, but others know things you don’t know and blatantly ignore, and there is an obvious cause and effect relation… that you cleverly exploit”

Insert *’better lose your advisers, bud, America don’t need another war or hard policy, it needs peace and prosperity’*

“stick with business and immigration, kid!”

Palm Springs ‘resurrected again’

“ya just keep dumping the stuff on then collecting what is left back with a solar-powered automated pump system from a catch basin below the lawn”

The Abundance Approach. Using But Not Losing Hoards Of Water.

{You no doubt have it all scientifically gauged as to just how much water can be used, but there are also other approaches}.

… and Socialism soon fell in step with So. Cal. ism


“it is said to have scientific properties that are identical to other watermelon, and is used in the treatment of certain financial disorders as a sales gimmick”.

and we finally get a more trustworthy and workable Internet

The Thinker has to go through the whole range of data and viewpoints, and see how things work, and what does what when this person points at that and says: * *

You cannot ultimately point at rich people, or poor people, or corporations or government or religion or even yourself. All of these things interlock with many logical reasons that tend to “you would probably make the same choices confronted with the same situation”

but don’t expect me to drop a quarter in the box for you, because corporations are a money grubbing pain in the ass to deal with, and though carl marx wasn’t right he was on the right track all along.

After a while you become a harassment of the consumer, products that break, advertisements that intrude or overload into lag, too many updates and changes that aren’t better, too much helping out your big business buddies from government jobs by orchestrating and enacting rules.

You are the only game in town, you made sure of it, and you cheat it, with authority threat.

“and out there on the receiving end of this bullshit is We The People, toughing it out like fools, instead of stepping up to the plate to Set The Rules, straight!”