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The Original Normality is far closer to Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You than the later Predatory and Breeder Evolution that we see on earth and are coming out of. This is ‘The Product of not only The Fall of Man but The Fall of Creation, dealing with Beings older and larger than Man.

Equal Rights are not just an abstract to be pursued. This deals with ‘an actual effects someone has to endure through’ and Original Normality supports this Equal Rights thing.

The Buddhist Method is still ‘The Superior Way’/

The Brahma is Original Normality and Buddha, God, and Vishnu are Elite Newer Beings, but there is a ‘Rightful Way’ that They are pursuing and Brahma can be a bit too self-absorbed to be a worthy Deity. Brahma Predates All (Original Brahma is a State of Self-Free of Others which got invaded and exploited into a Danger To Creation Itself), and has been under assault for millions and millions of years by Titanic New Beings made of Brahma, and beyond all of this Brahma has an Elite Co-Evolution with Them and does not want to lose The jacked-Up Stuff, or The Intrinsic King and Emperor or The Lockdown of Creation! or The Warrior and The Military, or The Tyrant… The Dragon and The Machine.

Though as a note of caution: D’RaGon(e) and The MaChine.

The Big Bang has some major problems as to where and why the big bang happened.

Steady States has no such problem.

It just so happens that The Big Bang comes along later, and that it was a Steady States Universe that it’s proto-universal origins were made of.

Brahma (and Ptah) Universe is Steady States, it Evolved from The Dawn of New Beings from One Being. Brahma in The Ptah Daydream Changes of Brahma leading to Absolute Brahman. Brahma Form Journey and Vacuums and Voids. Ptah Daydream was ‘The First Universe’ in a way, and Brahma Form Journey becomes Brahma’s Universe. The Reaction within Brahma to New State Ptah Daydream become The Titanic Realm. The Huge Proto-Vacuum that happen from Form Journey is Shiva and Shiva Creates Realms (vacuums and voids make better realms than original and form) and then as a Combo Being Created The Modern Universe

Titanic Realm comes next. Universal Precursor and Direct Relative

Shiva with Them is The Big Bang and this was a New Creation using a bad method. Boom!

{as Life originally come through here it reworked part of The Universe. This will be pointed at as ‘the origins of sentience’, but it is not, for Sentience has always existed and is a steady states… well, it always has existed *ahem*}

God’s Abode is in the Steady States Universe but as well The Titanic Realm. Between There and Here.

Elemental Magic was done by intent, an evolution of Realm Being and Non-Sentient Forces.

Shiva is one who majorly spearheaded this, though it took stronger Beings to fully achieve and this is as well why Shiva lost in the end.

Parts of the Sentient Combo may be directly related to this Elemental Magic Evolution.

In linear space, where these ‘elements’ originally came from most likely as an evolutionary first, there is no sentience present.

In Astral and Titanic Real there is Partial Sentience. This extends out into Sentience on one side and Non-Sentience on the other. It is all interconnected, made of the same thing originally or from ancient attachments and melds.

“this lends a rich experience but misleads the person in question at the same time, though there may be some psychological benefit from the positive response towards the elements or our specific element”

{Voodoo is an Effect On Sentience that stems from ‘an ability to effect us on a spirit realm level’, [A Place That Scientifically Exists But Is Not Seen From Earth], which means it is an actual active magic done in other dimensions or realms where we actually exist that can effect us in some way in our life on earth through where it originates. Religion uses the same thing.}

“as the practitioner practices the non-working elemental magic it helps ‘solidify the astral parts of themselves’ which can allow for a much stronger voodoo effect over others”

There are Voodoo lines that ‘are of the right zone and make’, so not everyone can do voodoo unless there is a Macro Platform brought to allow the functionality.

{I do not condone animal or human sacrifice in anyway, as a human or a Being, stay away from bad magic and forbidden religious practices. There will be a Reckoning in The End}

Part of, a MAJOR part of The Actual Evolution is Things Done By Intent for The Effects They Convey.

Elements are just part of that with things like Emotional Effects and States of Being and Lit Up By Deity And Angels(spiritual elevation) or Enhanced By The Gods (which leads to some really good martial arts abilities or intelligence or attractiveness by inherent nature) or Jacked-Up(titanic strength and charisma).

Illuminating Forces

Animating Forces

Inherent Stock Forces

He is the Messiah, but it was made of ‘Me’ and Me and He, I mean duh, it doesn’t say Hessiah… but at present it is a bit of a Wessiah

The Universally Intrinsic Being has Effects on Sentience in a similar way. This is part of The Messiah or Avatar, but as well it must be Authorized, the Powers That Be must Align for it to go that High and Perfect and Powerful.

Many Beings and beings are made of Universally Intrinsic Being, but He is The King Throne within The Universal Intrinsic Reality. Mostly Perfect but as well still perfecting self and as well able to prefect others through perfecting self as part of what universally intrinsic kingship can do.

The Golden King


The Black Dragon

‘Me’ is The Emperor beyond Universally Intrinsic Reality that it is made of and Hooked To, and He forgets this sometimes in some regions as well as the fact that there are many universally intrinsic beings… and some are made of a Usurpation of Universally Intrinsic Beinghood.

He needs to get rescued by the government, or someone(s) wealthy.

“hard to believe a mentally disabled person could be that balanced, but like I said I am going through an actual extra-dimensional experience, and it is part physical s well as mental disability, there just isn’t any psychological terminology that at present fits so it is termed as the closest thing that fits until more cases can be studied and perhaps one of the great mysteries of the psychological condition of humans”

They were waiting for this and waiting for you in a way as well, and They are providing psychological buoyancy that no therapy or drug could touch, and They were more balanced than Me, being the stronger and more successful and bolder with less to lose and better chance of win.

“It’s Loudy Duty Time!”

{I’m more of the cage being rattled by the wild animal than the animal that lurks and thrashes. For a Being like Me that is suppose to be ‘retractable claws’ and ‘holstered pistol’; it is Someone Else’s hard-core gone wrong. Problems with Combo Evolution and the strong wrong win. The Titanic Gray God is not the culprit in this but the Lawman and Psychological Stability of John Wayne proportion. The General and The Sarge, The Busdriver and The Boss. The Alpha and The God’s Father.

ME/HE is ‘Working Man Overcometh and Me is Thinking Man Overcometh, and ‘Me’ is a Gunslinger, while He is Your Divine King,}

Tripartisan Committee:

“two one-sided viewpoints go head to head, each is right about certain things, each thinks they are the only one right about anything”

“let’s take all the costly monetary punitive damage mentality out of Environmentalism.”

“lets recognize that tax dollars come from hard working American people who ‘don’t actually have it coming as the greedy corrupt capitalist’ they are automatically accused of before someones catches it.”

“lets work toward driving the costs down on the things we actually need to get done to clean up the planet and cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

A formal recognition of the actual impacts that economics has on the environment.

A formal recognition that damaging the beautiful environment for the sake of jobs is very similar (but worse) to ‘defacing public property’.

And seeing ‘the encroachment of human development’ on what is left of nature is very similar to ‘illegal immigration’.

The other Being said No or No More but Strength was used to overpower this and what is left is a Wrongful Win that has Solidified.

The Original Being came at the Strong Wrong and LOST!!!

This sent Shivers through Creation.

This further encouraged the Strong Wrong to continue on and things got far worse.

“I Am That Original Being that came at The Strong Wrong and Lost” – Brahma.

This method of ‘using up another Being’ has also endangered a Being known as none other than God.

“The Policing of This Situation is ‘The Origins of War itself!”

As well there are Divisions of Beings, due to the macro scale of this, so whole regions and people can be on differing sides.

There are Competing Strong Wrong as well as Perpetrators VS Victims {This is where that Original Victims vs Original Sinners thing came from Written about earlier.}

THIS Is Original Sin! The Sin Itself. There are far worse Sins that come along later but this was the big original one for Titanic Region which is Where The Problems Originate.

Part of The Strong Wrong that Won is forced to be relied up to clean up the mess that They had helped create and parts of Themselves is in that mess and it is horrifically strong and a predatory onslaught. The Church and Original Sin are directly related to this.

As well there was an earlier Attempt at Warring You To The Ground by Brahma and Ptah that failed. “Original Victims VS Original Sinners and Evil.”

The Situation was more complex than at first realized. This is also the Era of The 5AT. It is Combo Beings and Combo Beings are ‘Using Up The Original They Are Made Of’, and all along these were also Original Victims, but part of Who were also doing a Tyrant Game using a macro Overlord to Ride Down The Problem but partly As The Problem.’To Take Back By Force’ is a major part of this.

Part of the Original is stuck as and in and attached to the Combo. There was a Convergence of Titanic Form Power that allowed the Combo Beings Combined to have a huge strength advantage and ‘Force Transference of Beinghood, while part of the Onslaught were also getting hurt in attempts to ‘take back by force’.

This is what lead to ‘The Fall of Creation or The Collapse of Creation’.

Brahma and Ptah never won and didn’t realize in time that They would need titanic help from Them. The Story of Me and Us.

“On Earth the average person is made of both ‘original victim and original sinner’, it stems from an old era and a decision about survival in an unbalanced era of strong and wrong win, and the weaker original victims not surviving ‘survival of the fittest and might makes right’.

“the original victim good beings evolved into prey instead of emulating the problem people and the strong wrong and evil evolved into predators”

{in the linear space universe light and energy of this type are non-sentient and therefore the plants are the only ones with karmicly clean hands in this universe, but in reality the rabbit is ‘original victim’ and the the dog is ‘original sinner and take back by force victims’ and the weasel is a ‘the hard-cores and step closer to evil original sinner’, but they are still people with feelings in their own right so don’t go trying to police the situation and hurt them}

“and parts of Themselves were already down here on Earth working with and as The Scientists getting to best information the best way”

The Overpowered run into all sorts of problems when dealing with the rest of reality They hath Usurped.