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They would be forced to live on fish in both cases. They would be separated during breeding season until they dwindled into nothing, but lived out full lives unharmed.

Sharks make good jerky. And maybe pet food, or wolves and orca food. “sharks are endangered”. I don’t feel a lot of compassion for sharks and snakes, though I wouldn’t want them to go totally extinct, yet they are perpetrators that need to be kept off the streets for the safety of others.

There is a very uneven philosophy that actually pans out.

“if I see a fisher cat going for a wood chuck I’m gonna kill it!”

Because standing by and doing nothing about it wasn’t Good enough, and it was sending a bad message to society, creating a weird kind of mentality.

One can never do things fully to remove the suffering from the planet, and one does a lot of killing trying.

“but one of the major factors is the human disturbance of the natural cycle as well as the economics that helped drive it and refused to resolve the problems in any realistic way, and this applies as well to the pollutants we have begun to contaminate nature with as well.”

{I’m programmed against killing, They needed a Big Being that was this and I’m the one They suckered into it early on in Creation, at the same time They within provide the warrior instinct and military decisiveness… and soldiers.}

The Universe is Unlike Us. It is an It, a Non-Sentient Universe and it also is an Un Us, a danger to Us.

The Oldest Universes are Sentient Universes.

“Infinity is a wildfire burning out of Our control”

“yeah, but is that how the universe is really built?”

When you take your ‘quantum science’ into the unknown it is no longer doing science when dealing with beginnings and infinities. These are big concepts you are extrapolating out.

Gravity Waves are one thing but Time is not a dimension and infinity does not exist in all directions nor are there a huge amount of parallel universes.

There is an Astral Plane and many different regions of it. There is an Ethereal plane and many different regions of it, and a Titanic Realm.

There is an older Universe that this one was created inside of and partly out of. There are Those that say it is a danger to the older Universe it was created out of and I beleive that.

There is something called ‘eternal’ that predates Time and a Being called Brahma that predates all things.

“Time is an experience of the eternal in new states of form and formless that didn’t use to exist and in new BEINGS/Beings/beings that didn’t use to exist” but in reality something like time has always existed it just didn’t have the level of effect it has today, part of which is wear and tear on finite forms. Brahma was not a static state but a steady state of normal. Like sentience and mankind but with far less stuff going on yet same level of intelligence.

Titanic Strong Form and Elite Evolutions are where The Gods/Titans came from but Normality Predates; yet They are within and attached to and partly made of and stronger but smaller. These are Pillar Powers and Titanic Towers.

“Due to the Nature of Reality there are two major factors preventing an ‘all going back to the original state’, and one of these deals with stronger than original normality which Form Evolution was part of and the other is a desire of newer beings to live forever and stay separate which a lot of major effort and established evolution through strong form and such was dedicated to”

So while I may get science cosmology 70% wrong I will not lose on the last 30% the other guys will, and eventually a common experience will verify what I am saying here without need for telescopes and microscopes, and this is what 2012 was suppose to have been. The Great Awakening, and it is Us out there beyond The Universe. It’s Normal!

{We were doing those high infinity concepts thinking things thousands of years ago and you will be stuck doing them, just like the religious people stuck in the scriptures. This is not your punishment for some past transgression but an unavoidable issue stemming from the collapse of part of Creation onto us and a continuation of the processes at the time being used for a New Reality}

We will be taken into many directions that, just like with the unsaved whales, take things into whole different arena without establishing a firm foundation or getting it done right, or done at all in some cases. Like saving the whales, for instance, or butterfly sanctuary.

The Political Caterpillar Contemplating It’s Legs and relying on the inertia of the established policies instead of elastic thinking (I heard that one on the radio last night, ‘Elastic Thinking’, it was a really big show. That is what We call Master Gunslung Low or ‘slack principle’)

Understand agriculture, robotics, rainwater capture and storage, water purification, automation, and abundance to make yourself a worthy and unyielding vessel of this message, one who has the science facts on their side and up against those who do not and push a rather unpopular system on us in blind adherence to the status quo which stymied out all the other voices and truths and refuses to listen to basic facts, and need a whole lot of people pointing them out, doggedly, until finally listened to.

And then watching, hawkishly, waiting for it to slip back into status quo corruption and tomorrow’s talking points. Where it will need to be once again doggedly explained to with the facts. (The government is relying on corporate media and corporate media is relying on the government).

“you don’t have enough ammo with the present crop of concepts, or indeed have too much ammo when it comes to the revolutionary ideas(which is getting rightfully shut down at the same time it is getting wrongfully shut down, kid)”

“every nation you have ever studied in history and point to with your facts was a successful failure and you are locking into a past with a future of the same… and 2012 is to be the end of that, Rigged-Den Kings!”

Smoking too much weed and hanging out with conspiracy theorists also causes psychosis.

Smoking a lot of weed over an extended period of time decreases the high one gets as a tolerance is built up. This is talking about days and weeks and months not all at once though that is obviously applicable as well. Smoking a lot of weed over the short period of time without enough tolerance built up will get one too high and it is similar to a hard drug at that stage… though you can usually take a nap and it will be mostly worn off.

“modern marijuana has a higher potency than the old hippy weed, and the older generation has it’s tolerance built up already for the most part, though this does go down when one quits or takes a break from it for a while”

Smoking weed is sucking tar into your lungs unless you are vaporizing it or properly filtering it which joint filter do not do. Alice B Tokeless

Smoking weed definitely causes paranoia and impairs one’s ability to drive and operate heavy equipment.

Extra-Dimensional assaults, undetectable to modern science and medicine, cause psychosis like no other thing ever seen.

And “you label me I’ll label you, so I dub thee unforgiven.”

Never free never me, so I dub thee unforgiven.

“the land owner system runs the government still, and they produce these studies, using real science and medicine, to try to enact laws, but in the end they are a one sided viewpoint painting a one-sided picture working for a system that is illegally entrenched in our civilization and society and unable to see the larger picture it stymies out and is in contempt of, legally, every working day of it’s laws and studies”

You lable Me I’ll lable you!

{when dealing with meth it is the drug speaking and the addiction lashing out, when dealing with weed it is the fun and creativity speaking, and the rug being pulled out from under your feet}.

You level me I’ll level you!

“Caffeine is an addictive drug that can hype one up and give one a headache when trying to quit. It is a drug so prevalent and important that the working man’s world would have more vehicular accidents and job mistakes without it due to the work schedule”

Forcing people to work in this system is causing a lot more psychological damage and maybe even suicide than is being told. These weren’t problems with life the person couldn’t cope with, though there are these cases as well, it was another root underlying cause leading to a hopelessness that is a final trigger of why it doesn’t matter, which is ‘being forced to work for the rest of the best 40 years of your life as opposed to lots of free time for emotional well-being and friends who aren’t too busy to spend time with us in our downfall’, which is what the normal world would be without the nuclear family rented home and working man forced system.

{now, teen suicide has more going on in it of course and That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore by The Smiths would have been a better song but part of us starts to die here, in our teen years being socialised into the working man world, and some never recover from this; as well there is the other form of suicide called drug addiction, where you are gone to the world and your family in most ways but are still alive, and burying your problems in this form of escapism is not at all uncommon, just like with drinking, the working man’s antidote…

and that is a whole lot of stuff being ignored by the system all to insure it has workers, which is a system that isn’t even needed and is forcing people to get a job and adhere to someone else’s high standards and work schedule}

“the working man’s world that we are forced to go through is a huge dread looming over people’s head, it has taken away the hope and replaced it with slavery, and this has a psychological impact on us starting in our younger years and school”

From school years preparing for work years “the forced unnatural system took away their life already, they are just finishing the job with suicide to end the hardship they are enslaved to go to”. Your alleged ‘realism’ is a slavery scam and isn’t the scientific bottom line of life but instead a control scheme and needs to be declared illegal, to be legally debunked in court in town after town and city after city in nation after nation all around the world.

This hopelessness of the forced working man world is thrust on us in our teen years and not at all properly addressed but instead it is blindly adhered to but not even necessary. It is the land-owner system that is forcing it under the guise of ‘realism’ and it has been and will continued to be debunked by scientifically factual cornucopia utopia, where we do the gathering and work ourselves to produce all the same stuff (or a more simple lifestyle) through robotic factories.

{in order for Me to give you the straight dope on dope I had to take away your gavel, it was getting in the way of the truth}

“some people do really badly on weed, they get kinda nasty and weird and I can’t stand to be around them… this happens more with females than males for some reason.”

“Hey, someone said something about smoking weed can cause psychosis… I wonder if that is what that is I am noticing and reacting to?!”

And Canada as the fine white sibling of America.

“The Gods do not make mistakes and therefore by default neither to I. They are light on facts and heavy on reality programming and out to get everyone who stands in the way, right or wrong, which makes them always right even when wrong, from Their own one-sided point of view”

The weather seems about a month in advance, this being more like late April to mid May weather.

{not that I recollect as clearly as I once did nor can I say that I am displeased with the warmer weather up here in the cold north west}

Though this is the beginning of spring there seemed to be these two larger forces at play, polar vortex and global warming, in a climate tug o war. That polar vortex stuff really is an impressive blast of cold on a global warming weather though, I call it cold hope.

“March came in like an Icy Spear and went out like a Flaming Hand” – Old Nord folklore saying.

“I have no hangover for I did not drink” -Peter Nicholas Reynolds, March 18th 2019.

“there is also a ‘Tragically High’, which is an under assault Brahma thing being accidentally larger and older than your Deity, including God and Buddha and Jesus and such… but it’s that old ‘normal reality predates’ tragic, not that old black magic it appears to be and is mistaken for and accused of”

The 2012er Mini-Messiah, that’s Me, was born here in New Atlantis, as Someone part Atlantis and part Lemuria, loyal to both and an enemy of neither but with grievance towards both as well, in truth and appropriateness of actual reality as opposed to attempts to change things to good perpetually in progress and used as a surrogate for truth, a truth we are making but one that isn’t the full truth.

Indian Lands are Lemuria.

{this was initiated by Shiva, ya know, the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva is actually one of the Prime Gods of Atlantis, long before India came about, which is part Atlantis and part Lemuria, just like Me, and Shiva is also one of the Prime Gods of Lemuria

Brahma, Vishnu, Helios,, Gray God, Vivekananda, God, Goddess were all Gods of Atlantis long before India and Israel}

“They tried to leave parts of Ourselves in Time and Space at Earlier Times, thus creating The Archaic Awe and Grandeur. When we reconnect with these we are accidentally changing them, there is a third reality between and things are too strong and demanding on this end. The newer evolution of us with what is studied in history is also very important and progressed into different directions than the old archaic us foresaw, and these new directions are quite important ones for Creation and ourselves, actually”

{Hint: White Supremacy is one of the ancient grievances with Atlantis, and Atlantis evolved into and is as much like unto Celtic and Greeks as it is unto Egyptian}

“India and Israel are holding onto their fine white Atlantean heritage not fully realizing they are the dark skinned people and an Atlantis+Lemuria combo.”

{By The Reckoning of Shiva it was Ancient India that surpassed Atlantis though not in Power it was with Spiritual Magic though, and Asia surpassed Lemuria the same way. In The Realm of The Codes Abraham is descendant of a Brahmin, as well as a part Brahma(OB-B). In other tales He states that Incarnation of Brahman from India into Israel are what brought about a hue change, but Shiva can Write Realities that are Populated by Many Being of a wide array of Caliber, all the way up to Avatars, Prophets, Messiahs or Beings directly related. These Realities do not need original history and are occupied by beings an Beings and Deity and such, and were there all the way back in history as well and sometimes are related for it were these special Regions that could do more magic than the Mundane Beings that were stronger, even here in Linear Space in Ancient Times}.

Atlantis and Lemuria are both from evolutions that are not reliant on Earth and predate linear space incarnating. They exist in Realms, directly descending from The Old Universe that predates Linear Space and Big Bang, where some forms of magic actually work. This, Linear Space, is called ‘the crystallized plane’ by Shiva and this is a very important part of our Philosophy which is part of a Memnomic Reunion Awakening}