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What does it spell?

“Macro Man, and The King”


“Aka ‘You spend too much time ‘looking out there’ and here is where we are all along, in a different state, and not of full original self’.”

“We are down here in the small, a place where eternal babies can be big, relative to us. And these are Original Omega(Soft Omega),’God’s kin om motes and mote ocean and manifestation motes, and Om Oor(‘The Diaper King’, with the Dwarf, Gnomes, Hobbit, and us not so pretty looking part plat part animal ‘mud puddle’ eternal kids with adult stature) Original God and babeland and Clear Goddess, with an amplified effect on us, the way it needs to be”

The Cutes

The Soft Realm

And They won’t let Me back down, and screw you and all of your scriptural prescriptions and advanced warning, I can even see what They were talking about, but that ain’t Brahma, and God don’t have the rest of the History or Facts, just a Coned Power Solution in a Desperate Maneuver for Desperate Times for some Very Special Little Beings in a Desperate Situation

I am looking, with Their Help, for a way you can complete your prophecy, because some if it was Written Inside of Me, and it is stuck here until you people or They do whatever it is you were suppose to do.

“Yeah? Well that One’s Throne is Made of Me, but you will have to have Him sitting there to get something done! The Functionality and Power will simply not be there, nor the Godhead in The Temple. It was made with a Locking Mechanism for Them, and ‘Titan Tactics’ found a way to bypass this with power and invader-usurper and puppeteer to Use It. It is on further Lockdown because of that”

God and Jesus were not big enough for Normal, and are stuck fighting evil and titans. This is a Coned Power Arena.

And that is where you are stuck as well

It is a Destiny You Can’t Get Out Of

“don’t go pushing it on Me anymore than you have, which is universes long and millions of years”

Hindu Gods? Those Ain’t Pagan Gods

At least not all of them.

And some of them are ‘predatory era cleanup’

You can go on an on about ‘the charnel pit and evil Kali’, but you are just a meat-eating Christian and militaristic, often descended from Titanic Predators on Lockdwon

“It bumps and splutters back at Me, rising up to hit Me or slap Me in the face, but this is The Big Ride, and They are Ridding It Down, and ‘Others Input Shining Through My Self’, and My Writing… and it is part of what brings the spluttering back up. Someones are playing this, igniting You against Me. It won’t turn out to be ‘The Devil’ or ‘Satan’, at least not in full, the way it is stated. And though ‘the devil can make you do it’, there are Others that have Long Range Conspiracies and Exploited A Bad Situation For The Gods”

But this is just a Pre-Programmed Puppet-Show version Of A Very Large Truth.

It has all been twisted around this way, aimed that way, etc

and The Most High

the Host Migh

the Host My

the Host Might

Apollo apologizes to Jesus

Brahma doesn’t apologize to Jesus

Brahma doesn’t apologize to God

Brahma doesn’t apologize to The Faithful


Brahma doesn’t expect Their apology either, that is a Titan Method

“We already tried that ‘diminish Myself self-sacrificial nice-guy stuff’, for ages, and it didn’t work for Me in The End. It made Me less nice than I already was, as a backlash. It simply isn’t reciprocated in any realistic manner, and basically ‘f**k you, go save yourself back-stabbing f**kers. Oh, you got stuck here betraying Me? Well that ain’t My problem! Oh, you went and made it My Problem? Now, We Are GONNA HAVE A F**KING PROBLEM!”