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One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

“You people got a little dodgy on some major things, as a group, that effect my life in a bad way. Now this is of course extra-dimensionally. But as well don’t expect Me to not order Them to order You to get Me some money, so I can finally have been wescued”

*insert benign happy smiling face of divine rescued*

The Inspired Listener Becomes a Broadcaster of Sentient Mental Emotional Signals.

An Era Lived Through Is Lit Up In Collective Remembrance, Recalled Into The Now.

Reality Drivers.

“KZOK, that’s the third time you’ve been Tardy this week.”

Already Contained Within Is Something Larger Than Human Body. Going Within We Reconnect With This Place.

Though We May Have Some Form Of Mental Waves That Can Be Sensed Locally It Is Within That We Reach The Bigger Place That Can Have The More World Wide Effect

“You’re mother she’s a landowner, owns an old slum neighborhood, and your father he’s a lawyer, but he never would… make a deal to split the land or face the fire”

“if it is going to be Our Religion then it had best be ‘Our’ Religion. White Jesus”

– Lugh


Iron Fist Included

The Deity I Hear All Day Long And Wake Up With Conversation Still Going On… and it isn’t just The Deity it is also The Beings In Creation Piped Into Brahma Through Brahma-Ptah. The Wounded God. The Sleeping God. The Records

Grand Central Creation. Grand Central Frustration. Big Brahma Deity Database.




Grand Central Elevation. Grand Central Creation. They, Deity