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This is simply collecting the water from the river and piping it up 10 or 20 miles and putting it back in to the river.

You will want to purify it along the way as well.

There are a lot of people swimming up and down this river. Like I said it’s recreation.

If you collect enough water from elsewhere you can make many rivers. The river does not flow out into the sea or ocean it gets captured and recycled.

Water is stored for when things are too dry and fed into the river to keep it going through the summer. Stuff is allowed to grow naturally along it’s banks.

The water is purified from human contaminants from swimming in the water as well as the man made pollutants.

“part of the river can be piped up farther along its banks to specific spots that trees and flowers are gown at”

Humans can actually confront part of the effects of global warming by stepping up to the plate and desalinating and purifying hoards of water to create water rich plush environments with shade and frosty beverages, and a more pleasant place for a human to be.

(The Utopian Man is not inundated by work when confronted with global warming or just a really hot day. The Utopian Man is ‘growing flowers in the desert’, for real, by creating oasis)

Well you obviously want to focus on all three but in reality you need to focus on cornucopia utopia and the re-engineering of civilization into a more functional fighter of global warming and environmental destruction and extinctions of some of the original diversity within the species.

The immigration thing is not a full discussion unless you have some place that you can ‘send them back!’ to, one that isn’t a crime in progress (due mostly to a government or society).

‘Give them a civilization style that is so good they don’t want to leave home’. Let them legalize weed to help insure this.

The basics of life are very easy and not everyone needs to be a rich man, nor does everyone need to be a rich man to have abundance.

Abundance can be produced relatively easily if we re-invent the thinking process into full utilization and integration of what has been invented.

“the automated factory that was invented for business is one of the backbones of cornucopia utopia”

In a capitalist, socialist, communist society that is put in competition with their working man wages, and is looked down on.

In a utopian civilization that is looked at as your liberator not your competition. You keep putting yourselves back to work and get in the way of the future.

Ancient Methods of Dealing With The Problem ended up Dividing Up The Problem into Smaller Pieces To Overcome and this was Distributed… or is that Disturbed.

What happened as well as Regions that are relatively un-effected end up needing to share the load with regions that were overloaded.

As well there are region of ourselves that are effected and regions that are un-effected, and this larger process was trying to help us overcome the larger problems instead of both rightfully and wrongfully escaping the situation, and abandoning others to their fate. (by dragging us in we are now under the gun and more people failing since the process we are escaping was too strong the decisions to play through all this were often wrong).

{it takes some Very Strong Beings that most of us aren’t to overcome the problem; and these Beings are also in a compromised state and as well capable of killing us by accident do to the titanic nature of survival and strength and predatory evolutions gone too far or gone into the wrong zone and targeting the wrong people and no longer of a sentience capable of understanding or stopping the damage being done to weaker others }


Original Brahma Normal (Original Eternal Infinite Sentience)

—– Causal Realities (with Shiva, ‘attempts to make magic real’)

–Ptah Daydream Region (New State of Original Eternal Infinite Sentience)

A very important Distinction need to be made:




will all have connotations in your own sentient mind of advanced newer states, while all along the thing in question is normal and perhaps boring by comparison, though it is an intelligence that is of around manlike, and part of this is not because it is lesser but because man is normal, closer to this than to the elite evolutions of mind and spirit.

When Ptah Daydream happened and then Stabilization of Ptah Daydream two other things occurred.

Brahma in a focus helping out this new Ptah Daydream States was using up parts of Brahma, but the original infinity could not feel it all over and the existence of finite did not yet occur or was known; these were harsh awakenings that happened as an effect.

The Robbed Region began naturally taking back from Original Brahma, which further weakened Original Eternal Infinite Sentience. This Robbed Region later becomes The Alpha and is part of Who God Is. (God is a Void that Merged with Vacuum ‘thus creating the original family’ and evolves further into Form with The Alpha. This is The OB Region, and is also related to Zeus)

And a Vacuum was dawning from stuff being used here and there and bunching up here and there. This dawning Vacuum is The Birth of Shiva.

Shiva is a major part of Who Spearheaded Clever Methods that are now being experience by Sentient and sentience.

These have been both boon and bane.

People who were speaking about the astral connection are actually working off of some evolution of specific regions that kept the truth more than did the whole, and are more hooked up and experiencing what others cannot and can only conjecture on and diminish due to lack of scientific (proof or ability to detect and analyse properly)

{for ‘the record’ I didn’t just wake up from a dream and had the epiphany to write this post, this is something that has been being spoken about in these extra-dimensional conversations over the last two days, it finally made it here with some ‘extra-insights’ from Shiva, which is part of the overall process and has been for ages}

There are regions in other dimensions that deal with advanced methods to prevent invasive change to our original nature. This in a titanic arena got turned into kill into ‘advanced removal of problem areas within self and Creation’ by means which annihilate the change.

These are people that it got aimed at and now longer new the full nature of who people are and how in some of these regions the people are just fine the way they are, which is a crossover merger between male and female in some areas.

Some of this is androgynous related, it is a mixture of male and female as one.

Due to the titanic arena some of this had gotten pushy and tried to change the nature of others into it. This is part of why there is/was such a backlash against it, almost as if a body is reacting to an invasive.

Part of The Big Path Mission is Helping Heal People of their gayness. Many regions got invaded and overloaded and are looking for this healing from that invasive overload.

But what happened along the way is that the whole gay thing got wrongfully targeted instead of allowing to live out it’s life normally while the rest of us are healing.

Projections that all people would not turn out gay were never dealing with this male+female evolution that some people are by nature, it was reacting to the change being pushed; and it was dealing with the healing of the region.

It was also committing a crime as a group against gay people.

the bible might back you up on this but the truth does not, and so in The End it will not be the scriptures that are right it will be who is committing a crime against who that is right”

{there is still a pushy thing coming out of the strong androgynous region that is bringing a natural backlash on it, and does not understand our rights well enough either and sees everyone through it’s own eyes}

Just as Religion peters out in The End as well. (It is not dealing with the full truth or situation, though it does deal with a very special group of Beings).


We are trying to peg people for something they said while they are trying to cover more bases than what/who they are. This is part of Politics on Earth and very close to the same thing Extra-Dimensionally. It is an old Titanic Trick

“define them into a reality and then gun them down as the problem that they really weren’t; inflame them into rage and war and then flip out when they get angry in return or finally snap from all we are throwing at them with our one-sided view, refusal or inability to listen, and series of interlocking doctrines of what something means”

{Some of The Roots of Racism are Extra-Dimensionally related and do not suddenly change with socializing, yet at the same time socializing can help avoid the problem while the larger process is being overcome Extra-Dimensionally. This stuff deals with Old Choices that cannot be un-chosen and Old Wars where too many people lose, and is between different Groups and Styles of Beinghood}

“when you keep inflaming the deeper issue being overcome socializing doesn’t work… one of the things needed is for us to quit pushing ourselves on them, for though we may be more right than they are we are also basically two different species, extra-dimensionally, and our truths do not fully work for them anymore than their truths fully worked for us; because they ended up in control and are being slowly overcome we assumed we were 100% right instead of just more right”

And a Real Solution needs to be provided instead of the one that The USA is selling with it’s economy.

In any discussion that could ensue without a danger to the people we are having this dialogue with would be overshadowed by our own backdrop of wrongful control and influence from certain sectors, and their big business landowner patent holder and ‘cone the power to the few to maximize gains for the few’ methods.

Going the opposite direction is not the answer, and is self betrayal, there are repugnant doctrines that come along with conservatism, some of them have utilitarian rationale but lack the true humanitarian thing in the end, thus disqualifying them from authority over others (because it leads to crimes against those others).

But all the way through this there are a lot of problems with the old egalitarian understandings and selflessness and the big spirituality for all, love peace and harmony… that is very logical to us and we almost already live it on some levels here in America.

When it came to taxation the liberals failed. There are other solutions that must come about to keep prices locked at low and done from the ground up. Other solutions also exist that deal with an end to the landowner and a limit of the patent holder when it comes to certain key areas.

When it came to examining the full scope of 2 centuries of immigration the liberals failed. People tend to rote motion on.

“so is anyone against immigration a racist now?”

What is immigration?

A bunch of people coming into our country to compete for the same jobs and lands, while living under the protections of what their country should have provided.

The solution to the problem is not immigration it is getting those countries that the people are fleeing to change.

The present methods of doing so have not succeeded in some arenas.

The present methods of sanctions and such should not be relied on; but since they have some effect they should be used on some levels if needed, as long as it does not create a humanitarian problem.

America may need to do a better job at enticing the actual people to change, and thus shut down their own governments.

America and it’s Big Business Economy are not trusted enough as the solution. There may be some bad track record already, and the rejections of our methods may be coming from actually having to deal with us.

But they never really dealt with us, they dealt with you, and you have your own doctrines and agendas.

The only thing that America should be selling as a Solution is Cornucopia Utopia. Selling people self-slavery is not a good item to buy, and may not peak the interest of people enough to side with someone they don’t fully trust.

“water pipeline instead of oil pipeline; places like India actually get too much water but there are ways to desalinate and purify ocean or sea water, and there is plenty of that; you don’t want this to go back into the same old methods of the few controlling the people, these are to be built by and for the people and owned by the people to insure freedom from corruption with an aim at producing an abundance of food and textiles and enabling a life free of poverty and too much work, or the enabling a corrupt economics system through jobs creation”

You are using things out of touch with the rest of the truth

You piss Me off, you f**king jerks, you get on My nerves.

I do not tolerate the methods of lesser minds who simply don’t want to listen and keep pushing their method that is in part a crime.

You have not won even one argument against Me when it comes to Utopia

{and I will believe mother nature and the orcas are just fine only with more proof than is being used by you, this is a very valid concern not an area 51.

I don’t mind being wrong on this, especially in the condition I am presently in, but if you are wrong it will constitute an act of war by the Standards of Certain Deity that do not agree with your style of leadership and institutions thereof, and this one would be one final lie and f**k up too many, and this IS Armageddon now and You don’t have a good enough style of leadership to earn the trust of hoards of the population, they are just being positive or not caring because they are basically engineered to do so for a larger purpose from a multi-dimensional arena.

Other Entities are not so forgiving though they have been shut down on raising up the people for one final overcoming of one long institution that wields too much power over everyone and doesn’t listen well enough and is stuck in certain doctrines }

Those too weak or debilitated cannot deal with what you have evolved.

Better methods that allow for both styles are what is suppose to be present. The Titans got pushy and foisted the whole thing on everyone off the logic that the more people helping the better.

When people cannot function at the same level as you and you no longer have facts on who people are by nature and what has happened to them but you still run around as the dictatorial angry authority there becomes a credibility gap with your methods.

Furthermore there is an entire Titanic Crime that is getting Shut Down the entire time you are running this strategy.

{You won all of those Work Ethics conversations with Truth Relative To You, and you ignored the Circumstances and Truth Relative To Others}