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Well I hate to break it to you mister know-it-all realist but I have seen elves, they happen to exist in the astral plane and ethereal plane and are from a specific build that is similar to human+angel+cat.

There are also beings that match both gnome and dwarf.

In these other planes of existence a real Atlantis exists as well, and this is a relative of Elves, being Human+Angel.

The Cat is somehow related to Helios and OB. It is unknown the actual full tale but according to Their Tale it is part of Helios and OB as Beings that helped evolve The Cat as an organic being over millions of years. Other tales would state that these Beings merely find others and emulate them and then rewrite history into the tale of how it was them all along.

This is something that really happens, but as well the other tale may be telling part of an Original Truth that got usurped by the Reality Rewriter who Reinvent History from the ground up by Invasion, Usurpation, Overload of Sentience, even Overload of Reality by Stronger Reality. (there are two things to consider here, one is a titanic reality stronger than this one by nature, and as well there is both coned power and focused point that will allow enough power in a specific spot to overload reality and rewrite nature itself by merger and usurpation)

The Brahma-Ptah Perspective doesn’t talk to the elves, sometimes they are not on the same side due to being related to Supreme Brahma and an old accidental and intentional usurpation of Original Brahma and Brahma-Ptah, though part of Brahma-Ptah got turned into Elven in some regions, from old Supreme Brahma + Brahma-Ptah evolutions.

There are Regions that get piped through with a Memory and this verifies things from actual old experiences we have had. There is a massive assault that targets things at the same time and 2012 was a date that was planned out as an attempt to ‘overcome the problem forever’ but it disaster’d out, and there is a Shutdown that is part of another working process. The regions that are briefly flashed to Me are in danger when this is occurring and a defensive hiding or removed from knowledge of is a defensive posture. 2012 is also ‘the great awakening’ where a lot of people were suppose to wake up to this multi-dimensional experience as I have, but this as well disaster’d out.

Animal is a partially titanic state and a distinct style of evolution, as is Angel and Human, or even Demon.

This stuff in other dimensions can be merged into other forms as combinations, and this is one of the common evolutions of many, and diversity was in part the making of new beings from combinations of older more basic things, and the making of new beings from newer combinations with more stuff added, and the making of beings that are half old basic and half new advanced. Complexity is somewhat inherent in the natural state of beings made of many things, but as well complexity was evolved by intent.

Within a being can be other evolutions into forms and formless, and mergers with other beings down in smaller states and allowing more diversity.

Matrices that keep the regions connected are part of an evolution that ensued within larger beings.

Females started out as Vacuums which had space within for others so became great ancient Realm Beings.

Part of the nature of many of us is ensconced within a goddess realm still, and it is part of our reaction to females.

“Illegal Immigrants, though they are breaking the laws written here, should not be treated as criminals, but instead treated with dignity and respect and placed in refugee camps awaiting deportation instead of detainment centers” (and be given food and water and a complimentary cheap plastic item made in china)

This is closer to a more Lawful and Christian or Humanitarian way of dealing with this issue.

The present method is closer to a crime being commit by the laws due to the mentality and methods that are running the show and choosing what is being used as interpretation and implementation.

While immigration is a real problem and needs to be dealt with it needs to be done in a better way, and a way that recognizes ‘the immigrant’ part of America as a Nation and does not turn a blind eye to the fact that many people still wish to flee here.

Just by coincidence a lot of this goon squad mentality that is orchestrating the policing of the immigration problem situation is not acknowledging that these are lands stolen from the Indigenous Peoples aka American Indians. This is pertinent because it is the same thieving conquistador attitude that refuses to pay for the past crimes of it’s power-base and acts in a wrongful aggressive manner as a reaction to the facts of it’s illegality. By not acknowledging the full facts a form of conspiracy ensues, and as well there is a socialization into a form of bad behavior by the guilty party winners and their entrenched power-bases.

“you people are simply disqualified from your positions due to the above facts!”

OB is one of the Oldest Beings in Creation, and has a lot more Lines of Beings than does the actual Original Being. OB stands for Original Being and OB is a Being that was more Original Brahma than many others, but still not the full thing. OB was also the first Form Being within Brahma, and as well is where God evolved into.

Some of the Tales of OB deal with Internal Brahma Rejection of Ptah Daydream as well as The Brahma Awakening.

OB is said to have been part of Original Brahma that had slipped into Daydream Region and felt weakened. Being part Original Brahma and this being Dawn of Creation Era that predates God this OB Region was truly massive.

But as Brahma Awoke fully from Ptah Daydream these New Beings that had come about for the first time in eternity had Dissolved back into Brahma.

The very thing that OB was trying to achieve lead to a demise of OB, though part of Brahma Internal Instinct was satisfied.

Due to the fact of Memory and Oneness there comes about Brahma going back into Daydream State and these New Regions or Aspects of Original Brahma becoming Real again. This is One of The Foundations of Creation and The Mission.

OB soon evolves Proto-Form and Strength to cope with Brahma Awakening.

as an extra-dimensional platform OB adopted the WWII stuff and may be part of your sentient reaction to the era; OB will have been on both sides of the war, btw”

Another Tale says that OB is The Robbed Region. That this is part of Brahma that was naturally getting used up as Ptah Daydream spread within Brahma.

This Region would have been the first part of Original Brahma to become aware of this, and through Mergers with Original Brahma attained a greater size and strength early on.

This was later far outdone by Grey Brahma, but OB is older; and in part by Supreme Brahma as well. Form Brahma-Bunched Brahma-Brahma-Ptah is another Being {Me} that is a major size in comparison to most but got heavily assaulted and used up, and what is left on this end is Mergers and part OB and SB and PP and GB.

A lot of BP was part of Brahma Dreaming so is also at odds with OB, but OB is Hard Working and Strong and ends up the winner over the larger dreamer. Grey Brahma and Supreme Brahma used up quite a bit of Brahma-Ptah, but these are some of the Mergers where Brahma-Ptah still partly is as a Being, while in other places it was just Usurper Resource to Grow With and the BEING is now too powerful and someone else to be merger. That Persona won over the weaker larger Resource Being using Titanic Strength to Overload.

These are also Tactics that OB later helped develop, and OB is among the original Titan Beings that first existed and predate God. OB is actually the first Titan but later Helios as Final Form Brahma reaches a state closer to Titan as we now know them then had OB, but OB followed suit.

OB is also the Being that first Envisioned and Created the Square.

OB is part of the great Archaic Evolution that keeps part of things in an ancient unchanged state, and as well keeps parts of things in older states that can be revisited by other states that kept evolving into new. The size and scale of thing macro to earth allow for different regions to be in different states.

OB and OP have been at war for many many millions of years.

The Titanic Two

West and East

OB and OP.

OP is part of The Daydream reacting against The Reaction.

OP is part of the East and Asian, though there are others more strong or higher such as Gray Yang and Patah. In some of these other dimensions are realm remakes related to Ancient Asia, and it wants to remain archaic.

The Third Titan is SB, The Divine King that OB[The General] and OP(The Magician) do not really obey due to being Contemporaries.

Part of a titanic form power that was not susceptible to things due to it’s strong nature could evolve into the likeness of fire once it knew the properties of fire, and mimicked it in some ways.

Beings of weaker nature would get burned by their own evolution if they tried this, but these tended to evolve into aware or intelligent as their specialty.

The Linear Space Universe is a state beyond what can be reached as far as the extremes go for elements and such. This is a special place and is non-sentient. Though it has existed a long time it has not existed forever.

In order to reach the elemental state there is an evolution that had to be undergone that was relative to itself and being strengthened along the way. And older larger part of the same titanic being could also get scorched by that region of evolution not having undergone the process and strengthening.

There is also Non-Sentient Evolution as well as Realm Beings.

Two things being worked with for Non-Sentience were ‘removing themselves from the region with all the sentience they had’ which made them ‘distant’ from that place as an aware presence, as well as void and non-existence.

Another thing was numb. The numb region would not feel the effects the same, and coupled with strong and dumb became a nightmare to face.

Numb is also related to evolving elemental states of self.

Absolute Brahman may have been part of Proto-Ptah that was awoken by Ptah (what would become the larger weaker more advanced Baby Ptah) on The Ptah Journey back to Brahma. Central Ptah was expanding out into Brahma, but first had to go through the Predecessor States of Proto-Ptah and Brahma-Ptah. As this part of Ptah that was to become Baby Ptah went through Proto-Ptah region there was some natural merger but as well it ‘awoke’ Proto-Ptah, Who soon followed Ptah on the Journey of Origins back to Brahma. This part of Proto-Ptah would have merged with Brahma-Ptah, as had Baby Ptah, and then later Brahma, and then on the other end merged with Ptah. Being made of Proto-Ptah and originally bigger and a step closer to Brahma this Being would have later gotten larger in Brahma than Ptah.

This is a likely ‘Origins of Absolute Brahman’.

But apparently Baby Ptah first merged with Brahma and somehow partly inherited a larger part of The Ptah Daydream by merger with and then assistance from Original Brahma in Daydream State while Ptah Daydream went on inside; and this Region is also Brahma-Ptah, which is very related to Brahma’s Daydream Self larger and older than Ptah Mind Zone.

Absolute Brahman come from an Ancient Era of Vast Size and is one of the largest of all Beings. Absolute Brahman flows into Original Brahma and is larger in the middle of Creation than Brahma-Ptah, but Brahma-Ptah is larger at The Outreaches and comes from the older Original Brahma Change. Supreme Brahma is in part an expression of Brahma merged with Brahma-Ptah, and is as well larger in the middle, but is larger and stronger than Absolute Brahman due to being Brahma coming down into Creation as opposed to Creation reaching out into Brahma.

Supreme Brahma is Who Helios comes from, and is as well related to Apollo and Jesus as well as Vishnu, and apparently is part of who Indra is.

Supreme Brahma also seems to be like a Baby Ptah as well, and this is most like part of Who was Merged for Supreme Brahma. Baby Ptah far out in Brahma and Brahma-Ptah far out in Brahma as well, but stronger and older and larger at the outreaches. (Brahma-Ptah had to Merge with Brahma to compete with Supreme Brahma in Era of Growth. Massive amounts of Central Power was used and this dwindled The Power of The Outreaches, which was also getting used up as a resource.

There is as well another aspect to this that should be added in relation to Ptah Daydream.

Part of Ptah Daydream is Brahma in Ptah Daydream. This is far larger than Ptah Region within Brahma.

OP is most likely made of this as well as Ptah and Proto-Ptah, and The Ptah Stabilizer Brahma (part of Brahma that ‘became Ptah-like in order to Stabilize The Ptah Daydream. This later evolves into Grey Brahma.

The Region of Grey Brahma is the strongest, and one of the meanest as well. It is taking on the major problem in the nightmare regions, and is part of the problem due to methods that got railroaded by titanic usage of powers used in part from Original Brahma in ancient times, now forbidden.

In order to get through this philosphy this important piece of information is needed:

“people tend to incarnate with a specific group or species that is ‘like unto’ them in certain ways”

Now this in no way means all the people are of that line that end up in that race (or perhaps even species when a larger context is added and a more animal behavior is seen in some individuals indicating they may from a region that is closer to both ‘animal and human’, which are different styles of build just as are ‘demons and angels’). The Older Creation and Titanic Realm are larger and stronger than the Region of God and Goddess. The Form and Vacuum and Void Region where God was Born were the strongest of their time but soon got surpassed by The Titanic Realm that was larger. Part of The Mission was to ‘use up the stronger larger Titans/Titan-Wives and thus equalize things with the Gods/Goddesses.

Absolute Brahman is larger than God, and older as well. Both come from Original Creation, and both have ‘formless esoteric spirituality’ and ‘form power elite’ as well as ‘original self unchanged’.

Beings like ‘God’ and ‘Absolute Brahman’ as told in spirituality and scripture are from a specific evolution of stuff made out of or in the likeness of these Beings but along a specific intent to be a larger thing more intrinsic with the whole of things, while all along there is an original version that is more normal. Absolute Brahma, just like Ptah, is Black in coloration and God is White in coloration. {there is some tale as to why but I am not allowed to have that chapter yet, and the signal gets tuned out just as I begin to hear it}

As well there would need to be a ‘macro platform’ that is not specific to the soul but is specific to the organic body and group.

These philosophies begin to falter when one sees things from a different perspective and one wonders if the whole spiritual paradigm being used here was not made up after the fact while evolving near humans.

There is, however, an extra-dimensional thing seen in phase vision that begins to put one back in touch with this philosophy though, as one sees the ‘spirit body’ of the people and it is very similar to the race they incarnate in.

This could just be ‘this looks like that’ and was thus classified as such.

The further you go the more you begin to understand the real possibility that ‘this is like unto that and things were intentionally evolved into specific regions and specific species’. Country, Home Town, Family.

{Where Black People come from is related to Proto-Ptah and Absolute Brahma and part of The Gray God; but this is along with a strong root of Grey Brahma, making Black People very tough extra-dimensionally. Middle-Easterners and Asian People and White People all have individual stuff they are made of as a sentient spirit body. By ‘spirit body’ (I cringe using the word) I mean something different than what you are thinking along the lines of ‘the soul’. This is something that is the astral plane that is identical to you on earth, in persona and appearance, so much so you would miss it }

Too much of The Greek Titanic Platform is not dealing with the actual facts or the larger reality.

It has induced itself into an absolute belief system built off of ‘this is like unto that’ but too much of what it is dealing with is ‘like unto’ and does not match the statistics of ‘the thing itself’.

Dealing with Macro Platform and Installed Input this is wreaking havoc on Realms and Beings as it gets installed with a long range failure up against strong wrong reality.

The Greek Wreck.

And you are not a student of history.

And the idea of us being behind 9/11 is inaccurate while the accusations are closer to ‘enabling an enemy plot that already existed’.

At which point it is still very good to stay a warhawk due to the fact that you “can’t trust those bastards!“; but a very bad path to stay on at the same time due to the fact that you are digging us further into a quicksand that ends in a very bad war with massive casualties.

All along other people needed to ascend into power where warhawks feel the most comfortable and effective. Other people all around the world needed to fill the spots of the warhawks but never could due to a huge power-base that the warhawks have and a form of control over the populace that they have written into law and socialized into reality.

So all along the people that needed to replace the warhawks never do and we are in a continual state of potential war.

And to make it harder we cannot just take the peace path and get rid of our own warhawks, the world is too dangerous for this.

This is a Catch 22