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Humans needs to slow down. Things need to be honed down.

I’m a confirmed Taurus and I like my feet on the ground not hovering in the air or dangling over waters.

I never left here. I’m as computer advanced as the next guy and hungering for the space age, but I never left here. These ancient times and peoples are too much of a stable place within. It keeps calling. They keep calling. It is a simpler earth and simpler time that They are calling us back to, that Us is calling us back to.

-7 Fat 7 Lean (-7F7L-)

Though the technical % is low in comparison to the amount of flights the actual human experience of focusing on something heartbreaking, bad, or shocking is different than being mellow about it with larger statistics, and it is just as accurate

That whole Feb thing just isn’t working, it’s too long of a wait, cuts into another man’s sports territory.

“well if you are having problems with the potheads not going to the pot stores but opting for the under the table old school version of pot sales, well perhaps you need to not only have it more available and more affordable (instead of pariah and suspected spying on us) you should also make it easier for the home sales types to do it legally with a 10% taxation; pot heads have been buying from pot dealers for years so don’t push your square ass in where it is not honest and greedy”

The Larger Answer Will Always Be: “you had no legal right to make pot illegal in the first place, so can it!”

{This is in response to some problem Canada was having but the USA also had the same problem, so like graffiti it ended up here}

“If you could learn to play the songs as good as on the album, hell even the musicians can’t do that in concert, you would have a mass following of older people when it came to concerts, and could spur on a rebirth in style with the younger generations (out there with grand dad at the rock concert) for another round.

But there is a step beyond this, it is one in which you have inundated yourself in this elder music and their style of dressing, thinking, and acting, and then the natural directions your own creativity takes will be along that older style of music and you can start creating new songs that are as good and sound as if they are from that older generation.

Take it far beyond a tribute group. Give up on the poser. Dive in deep. Lose the insecurity. Fully own it.”

And enjoy this stuff as well, it is part of the larger picture. Oh and one more request. Turn it down! We don’t need the extra volume to make it better we just need good music and a good atmosphere.

Part of this witch-hunt was not a witch-hunt, it was a real investigation.

By acting the way you have you are now in contempt of the law, no matter what the floundering founding fathers logically wrote into government that legally allows you to do that. They floundered by not foreseeing a need to further limit the power of their highest office, by not seeing that the whole ruler thing of government is far too close to monarchy, and they didn’t properly overcome being slave owners, not to mention landowners, and landowners in lands being stolen!

The Rule of Law is NOT you people, you have propped yourselves up as the rule of law, but you can’t even get back to the basics and be legal!

What is the icing on the cake?

“let us make this the last president or ruler to EVER sit in some artificially high job thinking too much about themselves with their coned power over the masses and their goon squad”

Leading By Example!

“if one looks at the governments of the world and their rulers one will see a definite problem that needs to go away so our species can finally advance”

When the government is as much of a problem as it is and this mostly comes down to the few and their rule than the government has got to be seen as part of the problem until that old style of doing things is ended, then the government, free of politics and power bases, can much more effectively do it’s specified job, far more free of corruption and without offending half the country every time an election happens.

“so in the end perhaps one of the obstacles to creating free democracies around the world as well as defeating the tyrants may be due to the fact that we are still living under the whole outdated ruler paradigm, and this will not encourage people to a better direction in the end, in fact it has it’s own secret agenda, ruling the world”.

One does far too much blanketing the whole, and in this case one mistakes the military might and even rule of law with ‘the ruler’.

It is a bit of a sham. The Military, just like The Government, functions just fine without The Ruler (propped-up commander in chief over the military). Within the military and government are natural chains of command. Within business and religions there are natural chains of command. Within a normal household with parents and kids there are also natural chains of command. This is NOT the Ruler, but a normal process of a functioning system that relies on success and experience and certain methods that have been evolved and honed down.

“When your household tries to rule over every one else’s household there is a problem, and imbalance, a lack of full realism. This is no different from politics and rulers. Though you have done a swell job with the honing down of the laws to insure there are limitations in the end you are still too much like unto a monarchy, in which one and a few households ridiculously ruler over every one else”.

The independent free man/woman is another one of these things. Your whole rule is totally illogical when it comes to reality. It is totally out of place and totally not need.

You ain’t the bus driver, the doctor, the cop, the librarian, the fireman, and your job is not only far less important than these less important jobs it is totally unneeded and in the way of the rest of us!

If you try to use Spirituality as a blanket for The Whole you will accidentally flounder up against The Actual Evolution.

If you look around you at the world there are all sorts of discrepancies between this and the spiritual view.

When it comes to Extra-Dimensional/Older Universe it is not all that different… going all the way out to Eternal Original Normal that Predates Spirituality.

you have an ancient Titanic War Crime that has been in continuous progress for millions of years and you tried to solidify Your Rule for all eternity using titanic reality programming… and this constituted an act of war”

The main reason that The USA and Europe cannot properly police the world and remove the “Myanmar Massacres” of the world all comes down to Russia, Sponsor of The Ills of The World.

We can sit here and bandy words but this is the straight up truth.

How does one bring down the impossible? Well, nothing you have done has worked, and you gotta rely on making some new miracle weapons and ways to shut down nuclear retaliation… which is about impossible at this point in human history,

So one goes for changing the people and they will change the government eventually, which kind of already happened but fell short failed.

So in the end there really isn’t much other than Thumpin’ Them Extra-Dimensionally, but once again this is a very similar scenario and it is Titanic Power Bases that one is up against.

It becomes odd how closely these things are related, but it does deal with old Realm Beings, Titanic Lockdowns of Sentience Gone Rogue, and The Might Makes Right Era of Titanic Takeover.

This ‘stuff’ is all a Part of Who We Are as The People of Earth. We are made of a bunch of different stuff now from different regions and it all plays out differently here on earth but not that differently.

This is in regards to The Biden Case and indirectly to The Trump Case.

Like I have said before the whole Hunter Biden thing leaves suspicions of another type of corruption that deals with the use of authority in government jobs.

Like with Trump it may not seem like one is overstepping their station.

This Is What Authority Does To Us, Naturally.

{this is presuming innocence when there is probably an entire behind the scenes scenario that has been orchestrated and the president is just one part of, and this would have the American pseudo-corruption involved in it from their own power bases}

But let us get back to The Picture that needs to be seen clearer.

“who was this Prosecutor that Vice President Biden shut down”

If this was just some corrupt prosecutor that needed to get shut down than screw you and all your stupid rule of law front.

If this was just some corrupt prosecutor that was investigating a real case (does Big Business mean anything to you? It means one step away from corruption by default, and it is also why I don’t trust the democrats goody two shoes routine) than that is a whole different story.