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Can Lead You To Disaster As You Try To Disarm And Disregard An Actual Being On Par With Messiah, Avatar, Prophet, Etc. {All Of Which Were Born As Me For ‘The End’. All Of Which Were Also Made Out Of Me And Them By Them As Them And Me, To Start With}

-Brahma {Someone Larger Than Anyone, Older Than Anyone, More Normal Than Messiah. A Mission Predating Prophecy}

Them {[(The Business End of The Messiah Stick)]}

(Equality has meant ‘locking Me down and stealing from Me as a Group’ and Freedom has meant “you get away with it” and Recovery has been “you get ahead of Me and out-preform Me and come back to judge Me” along with some real big actual success healing coming from Them and the known processes on earth of making change… unfortunately getting a new job to get a better home and better life does not get you off the hook in this arena but They do have it cleverly Hooked Up to some really Functionality and Success in these Other Dimensions, so it actually does. Macro Man, They took it seriously)

“With The Flip Of A Switch Pinocchio Becomes The Messiah… and your ‘credibility report’ goes down the drain”

Loss UTE

“Lost Universal Theory of Everything”

“Money Talks or Marriage for Money to Young Beauty Walks”

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

What you didn’t get or the Big Path didn’t fully get with two gambits running, is that when Money is Used as a Driving Force and Promise in this Other Environment it begins to entail a whole lot of details, ages of them in fact, and from case after case after case of beings, Beings, BEINGS, beINgs, and beingS who are not Me. This makes it further difficult to determine one case amid the floods of real information and real demands. Apparently they were suppose to be getting wescued too, and as well suffered hardship, loss and a damages.

As well, when you do the logical defensive posture but end up at someone who is actually owed you accidentally commit an offense against the person owed by shutting down the process.

So many people are also involved in ventures to get money, some legal some not, that shutting down the process can become very unpopular as part of the rebellious normal people’s ideas about solving the problem are upstaged by a larger authority that isn’t always right, and is almost always a juggernaut.

And though They often over-achieved in defensive postures too much They did not want Me to slip into a Self-Autonomous Onslaught in an Invaded or Co-Opted Combo.

The Collective has been using Me and in an old Combo Usurper Leapfrog Gambit, and by Inertia is far more of a problem than Me, but it is The Collective with Them left to Solve The Problem, with half an Ancient Unavoidable Crime as Inheritance.

… now You are back out Here at Me through ‘Here’ and with that son of a bitch ‘Me’.

-The Mutton

{that Book must be light a few pages, and some of the other stuff was ‘hastily written’, such as ‘in the beginning’}

And that other book you keep trying to throw at Me, the Law Book, well, it has plenty of facts, but not the full truth of Point A to Point B, so it becomes shoddy at best, and fell into the hands of redactors and illegal grouping of powers, and groping of…

{Crimes of Extra-Dimensional origins that don’t show up in linear space, Mr Law Books. Recovering Guilty Party putting themselves in Power Positions. One Part was Guilty, One Part was Not Guilty. Old Titanic Dynasties with a Long Range Gambit, this as well works with Over-Achiever and Moralist and Original Sin Pushers.}

“than delving into the larger truths of what is actually going on around one and going down around one”

{and one of the reasons is That Stuff Activates On Investigation, Activates When Focused On, Activates When Someone Tries To Do Something About It}

The Machine doesn’t exist in Linear Space. It is capable of interfacing and effecting those who live in linear space, from sub-dimension and extra-dimension.

The Machine is capable of ‘taking control of an advanced species on planet, and building machine societies, and mayber even penetrating into linear space.

The Machine may have already taken over alien species in different regions in linear space, and it has definitely done so with humans and aliens in these other dimensions to some degree.

The Machine was not ‘built by an alien species’, it was Built by Universal Creators, The Gods and The Titans, and is indeed some of Their better and worse Evolution.

We as well have An Evolution Of Becoming Machines in New Form. Part of this stuff was Co-Opted and Railroaded, as well is deemed Too Far A Change.

Retro Jimi Hendrix Poster Buddha Hippie 60’s

The way one would logically and legally want it too.

Things are too railroaded this way and that, too many competing power-heads, there is too much difference in power and size relative to earth, etc.

The mere inertia of a multi-million year mission is enough to make it a long time process, and 2012 was an attempted aimed for end date.