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“we all lose!” is not at all a win it is a we all lose, no matter how much potential of ‘yeah, but hey, you get a chance at being the winning in the future’, and the overall induced effect of ‘it just don’t matter anyways’

Brother Drag Me Down, though you are actually closer to farther down the line as ‘cousin’ as far as Origins go.

This isn’t pipe dream at all it is the civilization we are suppose to live in and one that is Scientifically known to work and is in fact Founded On An Older Agrarian Civilization that has a huge amount of stability potential when done with modern methods, as well as having been what existed for ages while an illegal rule and economics system evolved all over it, along with an illogical when used on the whole landowner paradigm.

You are Stunted at this level, and I just proceeded to kick the shit out of the opposing argument, on the tail-end of pointing out the basic illegalities of the present status quo, no metaphysics or prophecy required. Nor is this a Peid Piper routine that leads to nowhere, in fact when you come at Me and Cornucopia Utopia you are accidentally coming at Science and Utopia, and you have no solid ground to argue from.

Things that are scarce derive a higher sale price, and therefor a higher profit margin can be cleverly put in there with a plausible deniability argument to run cover for it, or just having (illegally written) laws that allow it.

The Economic System needs to be fully investigated and outed as the wrong direction for humans to be heading, a wrongful system we are caught living under. It is something that is willing to sacrifice us or use us up for it’s (wrongful by default, intentional or accidental) gain.

When you go so far as to try to force people back to work and back to school during a pandemic and cite realism as your motivating factor you need to finally get debunked. You have sacrificed too much of us to your system that you keep pushing, and one that is exploiting.

It ain’t Cornucopia Utopia and I don’t want it!”

Always remember as well that you chose to not put The Economy into a Stasis (and no doubt with competitiveness as part of your decision process), which should have been done Worldwide as well. This ‘staying competitive’ caused some of the problems you are facing.

The Costs of building Robotic Farm Worker Cornucopia Utopia due to Economics (not Scarcity) allowed for the other major blunder to happen. In order for us to ‘weather out the economic stasis and pandemic lockdown’ there needs to be a hoard of robotic farm workers out doing work while we stay at home. This extends out into Robotic Delivery Boys and Robotic Cashiers as well.

“how many tv’s, computers, and other electronic or electrical stuff have you thrown out in the last 10 years? this can be recycled into the basics of robotics”

Intellectual Property and Patent Holder are the next part of Economics that is in the way and wrong. Too much cost for the gain of the few. This stuff can be reproduced in automated factories run off of renewable energy and built to last maximum years (as opposed to breaking more easily to drive up $ales) and built to be fixed easily (as opposed to being enslaved to needing the profe$$ionals.

Part of what goes on here is a big ‘keep the work going and the money spread out’. This is a form of person that needs to be debunked instead of accredited as who we are suppose to be like. You do things illegally stupid when the full picture is examined, and it enslaved us to working for 5 days a week for 11 months a years for 40 of the best years of our lives. Illegally stupid.

On top of this is the big loud mouth sports watching guy that is destroying the old natural world, and either doesn’t care (and therefor illegally in a spot of control he wrongfully pushed himself into where he enables damages done that he denies are damage done) or actually does care but is too warn out from his long work hours to be able to care about anything beyond that beer.

You are wrong as a majority, you did not even think things out truthfully but fell into socialized behavior and nosy little groups of absolute certainty and inaccuracy.

Just like the old superstitious group of 500 years ago you are a big hive mind collective of socialized behavior and demonizing, and just like the superstitious of old you are horribly inaccurate on some levels but trying to police the situation with zeal and zero tolerance.

2012 brings a bit of a graver danger due to some unseen forces lurking as well as the way things have evolved due to titanic forces. Just not lest ye get part of your eternal self killed as you try to police the situation with your judgement and as a collective group.

“judge not lest ye be judged” you were absolutely nosy and wrong terrible at.

When you are inaccurate + overly-defensive posture + zero tolerance it is time to have your credibility removed instead of living under your wrongful rule.

This needs to be done with actual facts, according you the things you were right on while you get ushered out because of what you were wrong on and how you evolved that into socialization and law.

So for millions of years We have told you not to do this, and you are inaccurate about that, you never actually changed and went right back to your usual station where a crime gets commit to make you right about things.

You tried to use that to police everyone as well, and even logically due to the very large ancient disaster still in progress.

But you just are wrong about too many things to be left as the authority with the law books policing everyone with overly defensive posture that is inaccurate though your heart is in the right place and the warnings are real as well. You have made an uptight judgmental phony persona as reality.

Too much was into the truth for a change, the truth you were inaccurate about but policing everyone over.

Too much inertia is going on with things that are macro level and don’t just change.

You don’t really belong in control due to the inaccuracies of your judgement, though there be plenty of validity in the warnings, there are a lot of bad men out there and the animal state is not safe either. But girls are girls and want to flirt and fool around when they feel like it. You simply have not been dealing with or able to deal with the actual truth and do not belong in control trying to police everyone else, no matter how logical it may have seemed once.

2012 is going to be a big unpleasant surprise as you have things illegally locked down in an inaccurate law thing that breaks the law trying to police everyone in it’s absolute certainty that is inaccurate…

… and along comes something Extra-Dimensional to errupt right back into your face.

This largely applies to the government but surprisingly applies a lot of civilians as well, and not just republicans but democrats as well… in fact it largely don’t apply to the government they are just the big mistake trying to implement and you are the bigger mistake due to numbers.

Lets take a brief break and let you get the picture a little better.

See, you really need to understand a little something beyond the doomsayer approach.

You are destroying the old natural world as advanced humans, destroying ancient ecosystems deeply treasured by Ancient Macro Sentience, some of which is part of some of us on earth.

Part of Me and many many many other people is in the same state and related to these Ancient Macro Sentience.

The thing here is that this is not merely just made up information but Real Beings that match these statistics actually exist.

And you have pissed them off, right here in The Americas, as well as all over the world.

You think that your scientific of religious view is the truth and then you go out and do real damage, or you sign papers of orders or laws that do actual damage to the old natural world.

Someone is going to come looking for you.

Does God protect you from this Someone?

God does and with Help but in the end God will not be able to get you off the hook. There are all sorts of mitigating circumstances behind why you do what you do, and how easy it is to save you by the right approach.

You did not change though and did not repent, and did not change at the shadow of the whip (nor the crack of the whip) of the doomsayer and thus have earned a brief smite or beating.

“as Titanic Form went into Rogue Collapse it became It’s Own Undefeatable Reality, it was The Strongest Reality, in part made of Original Reality”

This is part of The Foundation of Tyrant Authority.

Due to some odd circumstances that Sentience underwent a few change and is strong and inconsiderate and doing just fine in some regions, and stark raving insane evil out to kill everyone in other regions.

Titanic Power does something to Sentience and Ego, it Overloads and Mutates by Stronger Reality and Ability To Invade, or merely by effect of being attached and the effect naturally reaches other region of sentience though being connected at some level, or connect to something else that got invaded and the effect spreading from there as opposed to direct invasion

But beyond this is a Inter-Sentience War and Merger of Two Warring Sentience as One Weirdo Being, and this is part of Insane Evil as well. Part of it is something totally new and two other parts are somewhat the same as the original two that merged into one… and this is somewhat similar to two stars collapsing but the actual laws of physics and atomic structure are not really present as they are here so it is actually somewhat more basic and different.

The laws of physics would apply to much of it, it it the same normal reality. But the atomic structure does’t exist it all, it is it’s own liquid-solid as it were, through and through. Void did not use to exist and came about from form evolution that also didn’t use to exist.

I am one of the least and most dazzeling.

I am left as a dud when you meet Me, due to a massive shutdown, and track switch to a disadvantage region that turns Me a bit into the same thing, due to part of Me being the same type of thing and from the same region.

I like to Shine and show but this creates a danger for you.

So They have Me shut down into a dud, totally unbelievable.

It sucks because that other Power is what I need to prove it to you. That is normal.

But the defensive posture outranks Me and it should.

The Evolution of Form starts out different than our like-unto tale has come to tell.

Nebula have a like unto that exists early on in Creation as well, and this is Ptah ‘Mind Being of Original Reality’ and The Vacuums (Shiva and Goddesses) and Voids (Part of God’s Origins).

Proto Form happened first with OB, but Brahma Form Journey was Combination Being and Form Brahma is also part of My Origins.

Form Brahma is related to Goddess Vacuum. Within Form Brahma is where Final Form Brahma is and this is He and between this and Form Brahma is where Om Void is and that is part of God’s Origins. God later Evolves outside of Form Brahma into Goddess Vacuum, a larger stronger similar evolution that is also older. This is another major part of God’s Evolution, with the final part being OB Merger (which later leads to Creation of Heaven as God’s Abode) and Brahma Extensions (both of which are part of where Zeus comes from).

Supreme Brahma had Merged with Form Brahma to become Final Form Brahma, and this is related to Arch Angels.

God comes from a Region of Very Big Importance.

Form Brahma being part of Original Brahma was heavily targeted early on during the onset of The Problem.

And here I am still a dangerous wreck to be around all these macro ages later, though things really are more timeless in many regions.

“but it is My Tale to share”