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Monthly Archives: August 2016





The Final Thing Is Made Of Many 100% Of Something, But It Is 100% Of Any One Of Them.



Beings Greater And Lesser From The Past Were Reborn Here.




Augustus Caesar Reborn Here.

Hermann Goering Reborn Here.

Tzar Nicholas I Reborn Here


Thousands of Loser Lifetimes and Canon Fodder was Reborn Here as well.



This Is Our Terrain.




Jesus, Buddha, God, Etc, They Have Their Own Terrain.


It Isn’t Larger, And Though It May Be Better, It Isn’t For Everyone.


The Largest Being In Infinity Is Made Of Many 100%, But Isn’t A 100% Of Any Of Them.



They Have A Combined Effect, And Fluctuate Normally And With Need.







Old Chronous Combo Line


With the Line of John and Supreme Brahma, using Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah, ‘The Naturally Gifted’, Baby Ptah Om Shiva ‘Perfect Jiva’, even more naturally gifted, but less retention and strength. Ganesha is another Line that was oft used, and Ganesha became a Combo Being, with B BP P and Perfect Jiva.  They Were The Furthest Ahead For Many Years In Linear Space. Pan is a descendant of this. Pan is also part Black Dragon-Gray Yang Serpent and Vishnu-Helios Bard. Pan and Loki are related, came from similar stock.


The Ganesha Versions are usually nicer.


The Others Were Coming In From Behind Usurping Sipping Saucey Syrup And Doing Crazy Things



Part of the old Method used was Hard Work Gets Ahead, and this was done Gobbling Up Infinity.


Size of Titans versus size of Souls and Man is very off balance.



The Macro Level is able to Loop In Recycling, or Give Extra Energy, etc.



These Are Old Boons From Those On That Side.



The Victim Class Is Exhausted, And Harassed.



‘The Working Warrior is continually The Paradigm.

The Victim Class is continually The Failure.’



The Working Warrior is continually The Paradigm.

The Victim Class is continually The Failure.





In This Last Scenario, It Is Original Infinity You Have Been Ganging On And Stealing From, Exhausting, Stymieing, And A Hard Nose To Murderous Response As The Ordinary One.



You Ended Up Invading At The End.





Normal People Want To Do What They Like To Do, Not What They Have To Do.


This Present System Has Usurped Some Of Our Self-Autonomy, And Enslaved Us To A Collective And Paradigm Of Doing More Of What We Don’t Want To Do.



8 out of 16 waking hours are spent doing this thing that you don’t really want to do (there are still many cases of people who don’t mind their job or like their job, or would rather be working than at home with nagging wife and bratty children), and this is 5 out of 7 days a week, and for 40 years, and not just 40 years, but your prime time.




















Most women will never look that good, in any kind of underwear or clothing. Don’t gum up the process trying to compete with the best in the best.












WARNING: Every picture carries a hidden watermark (inside the code itself, not visible) that identifies the person that originally purchased it. Pirates will be prosecuted and their information will be published online in a black list.










Of Course That Tale Does Not Take Into Account Grey Yin Kali, Or Gwen Great Goddess. Two Very Successful Gorgeous Sex Goddesses.




























Pre Proto Vacuum ->  Inventor Of Sex

Pre Proto Form ->Martial Artist

Proto Vacuum -> Shakti, Grey Yin Kali, Great Goddess Gwen. Sex Goddess Region

Proto Form -> Football Star

Vacuum -> Goddess and Eos. Love Goddess and Girl.

Form -> Goddess’s First Love, Ganged Up On, Gone. Inventor Of Love, With Goddess

Void -> God “I Saw It, I Saw It. I Saw It All Happen”

Final Form -> Helios The Hero, Baseball Star And Rockstar.


Not As Good As Crumble Pie,

And It Never Will Be.






All That ‘Humble Pie’ Stuff Is Overachiever With The Right Hand, Underhanded With The Left. It Falls Into Dysfunctional Abusive Patterns.


The ‘Crumble Pie’ Stuff Is A Steady Evolutionary Gain Into Perfection From Basic







God Shot Himself In The Foot With That One.


Conservative Approach To Long Range Pre Planned Destiny. Statistical Likelihood Jesus Would Get Called The False Prophet As Well, If He Came First, But Could Not Preform Miracle For Proof. So, One Can Either Play The Slippery Slope Game And Wait For The False Prophet To Show, Or Go Back To What We Were Doing Before You Got Lost In Religion. Magic, Metaphysics, Myth. Macro History. Extra-Dimensional And Other Realms Stuff. Atlantis And Lemuria Stuff. Past Lives On Earth Stuff. Players Of History Stuff.


Screen shot 2016-07-11 at 11.50.16 AMcupid-graphics-02-fuul1

The Bible You Use Is Highly Unlike To Be Original, Anyways. The Original Was Written In A Coned Power Wisdom Way.



God Starts As The Void, During The Journey Into Form From Infinity. God Later Starts His Own Journey Into Form. First By Condensing, The Way Infinity Had, And Then By Getting A Boost And Wings Into Original Being. The Guardian, Jesus And Church/Chronous Are All Bigger Than God, Without His Coned Power Throne, That Uses The Aforementioned.



There Is A Danger To This Dimension From Using Macro Powers.


So, Your Whole ‘Proof’ Things Runs Into Another Major Hassle.


It Is The Same One As A Prescription Against Magic.



Miracle are Magic.



Every Time I Wrote About God Not Being The Absolute All Of Everything, But A Younger Being, Not Fully Infinity, You People Reacted Badly, Felt It Heresy, Sacrilege.



Dealing With The Truth For Armageddon, 2012, Should Come First.

Faith Should Come Second.

If Your Faith Doesn’t Get In The Way, Or You Do Not, Then Faith Can Come First For You.


Dealing With The Truth Comes First Here, Not Faith.


Your Faith-Based Approach Rapidly Gets In The Way As It Resorts To Being The Same Superstitious Lot With A Blanket Statement, An Evil Eye, And A Witch Hunt.


Not One Thing Has Changed!!!







Original Infinity, Divided and Under Assault

The Wash ‘Misinformation Highway, Preemptive Actions, Puppeteer People’

God and Mission {Heavily Falsely Accused, But Not Getting The Military Truth Of It}






So You Can Get Ahead.


To The Next Place You Get Trapped.


Then All You Really Do Is Fail, Instead Of Achieving Your Divine Mission.



‘Never Collectively Lie While You Do A Divine Rescue Mission At A Godlike Victim’s Expense’






The Process Involves Invading, Overloading, Puppeting The Victim.


It Is Done With A Preemptive Strike {This Is Still The Tail End Of A Strike Originating Around 8 Years Ago In Linear Space, And BoBbEd Up From An Ancient Continuous Crime From Many Many Many Millions Ago

Original Infinity Has An Advantage From Size.


A Bunch Of Smaller Pure Beings Do Not.



The Judgement Should Never Have Been Left To Those Who Were Left Out It, To Protect Their Purity.




This Is Another Major Disaster, Considering All The Church Going Nice Looking Nice Mannered Reformed Pseudo Criminals With The Tail End Of Their Non-Existent From Forgiveness Crime Still In Progress.



Oh Yeah, And You Are Stuck With An Interlocking Judgement Mechanism And Self-Policing Each Other While.




The Invaded People Will Never Pass The Purist Test.


The Invaders Will Never Pass The Test Either.


They Are Not The Same Thing.


They Are Grouped Together, Victim With Criminal.



… This Stuff Is Serious Charges Against Your Method!