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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Don’t play this game with your lawful judge job against me{Me}.

There is an old malicious targeting done by certain authority futures that decided to place it all in linear space law and authority…

But it ain’t what you say it is, and I might take it personally and go snoopin’ around Afterwords, and then, buster, your ass is gonna get hauled up before My courts, and you get to go to prison, and that prison is called Hell.

“I can’t use the stuff ‘Provided’ by the situation (basically pushed on Me, part of it made of Me, part of it was originally stolen Me), it has to be avoided and de-powered and even defeated in some cases.{There is still some of the original hanging in balance with The Three Titans, who thankfully for Me and sadly for you ‘actually do exist, in scientific real form’}. This does not allow for a normal contest.{They jacked it up too high in some cases, and it is too dangerous to others or selves in as well due to nature of arena this is all going down in}. And you exasperate that being a wrongful authority threatening me{Me} with your linear space laws, society, morality, etc”

Ya’ll and your Illegal Grouping of Powers Gov and your PTA and your Outdated Church Morality Mentality could get your asses in real big trouble this time around!

That is how out of touch you are with real life as you prop yourselves with your paradigm over us with as our judges.

“The only judgement you should have had was whether it was raunchy porn or classy porn. For me there is not room for both of these things. I like classy porn, and females that aren’t pretty enough are just gonna turn me{Me} off. But the rest of the world is not the same. So therefore one must learn to yield on certain things.”

You are stuck being a bunch of twits with your heads stuck up your asses, being a bunch of judgemental jerks in the name of morality or societal standards.

Angry Control Group with Artificial Standards

A Basically Repressed Dishonest Group, Tailoring Their Truth.

And tailoring your responses to match your Paradigm that you try to force us all to live.

I am a form of Brahma that can forgive and forget if you can get the fuck out of My face, and get the fuck out of My way, and stay the fuck out of My way!

They are forms of Brahma that don’t do this as well, and They evolved with you, and They are out to get you!!!

They are The Authority on The Big Path

You are a bunch of holed up overpowered titan pseudo-criminals, steeped in your hard work and propaganda and victor’s blindness.

{Your Crimes Against Brahma Are In Continuous Progress The Whole Time}

You sold The Masses on a Frame Job and a Jesus Job.

But Brahma is not the same as Cupid or Ganesha or Peter Pan.

Brahma is a Red God, and prefers Titanic Tactics VS Titanic Problems!

Titanic Brahma tends to be 3 Newer Brahmas.

These Three Happen To Be The Root Of Your Messiahs, Prophets, Avatars

Brahma is NOT Beholden to This Path

Brahma partially Assists this, but at a certain point You Are Up Against Older Truths and Original Being, and this makes a lot of this a Tedious Waste of Time for Brahma and it is Their Path, nor Mine.

“You Were NOT Coming Through On Your End. They Kept The Business End Of The Stick As Well As Many Records Of Actions In History And Lies And Redaction Told By You! You Tried To Take The Business End Of The Stick Away, With Old Invader Usurper And Blame Game Group Conjecture Superstitious Frame Job”

I am NOT here to Impress people for their belief or support!

I Am Here To Knock You Down Like Fucking Bowling Pins!!!

You Have Staked It All On Your Big Man Ego Big Man Paradigm

The Big Men And Their Big Conjectures!





– End Of Line

“You Fuckers are getting Conquered for 2012, Armageddon, slowly but surely. You fuckers have earned it, over millions of years of the same fucked up people with the same fucked up mentality and fucked up society!”

You are part of an old engineered assault that compromised The Big Path. Your kind spend a lot of time being an abusive prick in an authority role.

You as well rely on group interaction and their viewpoints, and flying into a rage as a control group.

“My Macro Fist In Your Face Is Going To Be The Last Thing You See Before You: A.) Go Extinct. or B.) Go To A Prison Called Hell. {There are reasons why I hate you, and you are going to pay for the reasons why I hate you, and They are going to bring it to you, because They screwed up in the first place leaving you running a crime in progress no one even know about anymore, and doesn’t show up in linear space.

Part of what you are was ‘engineered as an assault group’

You Gonna Die By The Sword You Lived By, Punk!!!

You Evolved Into A One Way Street, Who Keeps Coming Back Over And Over Again At The Wrong Beings With His Wrong Attitude; And Didn’t Get Equality And Freedom Are Illusions… And Your Gang Are Part Of The Reason Why!!!!

Ma is a vacuum that formed(vacuumed actually) around AB Form creation. AB had ‘Condensed down into Form within Self Region, and Ma had come about in the spot where AB had been. This is been where ‘Marriage’ comes from, and long table related companionship had first come about. Absolute BrahMan and Ma. Man and Ma. MaRidge. {Marriage is kept as a name because The Big Path likes the Easy Facts, not the guessing game, when life is on the line. Others like complex codes, which are awesome in their own way, but not as easy as going to the life we know and the easy code. “Marriage. Hmm, must be Ma related…”. And it is. Ma and AB. “AB, it must be English Language related”, and it is. But it is also ‘Absolute Brahman’, the Other Part of The Big Path Family, or Divine Relatives that aren’t as pure nor righteous nor uptight. }

(There is something even older than this that had come about even earlier, and this got Merged with Ma. We will call it Maw, and it is related to Maha.

Kali as well is probably from this ancient Region. Maw is from OB AB Original Era, which is the actual Proto-Form Era, that got used in other Creation Stories with Form Brahma. Proto-Shiva is a Zone very similar to Maw to start out with and these were probably two Zones further out during OB and AB and Era of Brahma Awakening, but since Creation Reinvented Itself/Got Reinvented it is hard to get back to Who Once Existed that is now part of a Combination with Others, and Remade as One New Being…)

The Great Goddess is within Shakti and comes from Cronus Form creation. This is a complex issue for many Combinations and Hook-Ups were done. The Great Goddess was also Assisted by OP and OB. These Two, Shakti and Great Goddess were Merged, and this is where Grey Yin was evolved out of Great Goddess by OP and is Shakti Primused Over Great Goddess.

Maw and Kali were also Merged with Great Goddess. Great Goddess has always had a problem with being too masculine, from the Additions of Male Others to giver Strength and Size. This is also an Androgynous Strong Force problem, and was not only in competition with the more Female Beings, Great Goddess was willing to use the Male Strength to invade, overpower and steal from other Goddess the very stuff that They were made of.


The Big Goddess is part of Supreme Brahma Form creation. But as well later on SB was Rescuing Original Goddess and this got Merged into a Combo, and this is part of modern White Goddess

Shakti is a vacuum that formed(vacuumed actually) between OP Form Region and OB Form Region. This is where Sex first happened, with Shiva


Original Goddess is a vacuum that formed(vacuumed actually) between OB Form region and Form Brahma. This is where Love first happened, with Brahma, and predates sex.

{When dealing with Creation Stories it is important to go over the Others Tales as well. AB and Ma are more related than Goddess between Brahma and OB. This was apparently more of a Combo Region by nature}.


The Vacuum is part of the Original but it is now missing stuff, and The Form is where that stuff comes from.

Women are not just Individual, and the vacuum is it’s own thing, and as well easily overpowered by a strong presence, especially one inside of Vacuum intentionally doing so. The Ladies(Vacuums) are beset upon by this problem.

Vacuum also has a Form Creation Era, and part of this was Transference from Original Being and Form Beings.

This Changed Their Natures, and as well Were Evolved Into Bonded.

Brahma was not really doing this, with Freedom and Rights of the Individual without Interference as the ranking paradigm.

This Did Not Win.

Vacuums and Forms are not Original Brahma, nor do They behave in a consistent enough fashion for Brahma to feel secure in Creation. And whatever Original Evolution and Persona had existed began to change and go missing, and They, Goddesses and Females, were being Engineered into this by Overloads. Love and Sex had a profound effect, but as well were underhanded methods that were succeeding that never went away. Original Love Zone of Original Goddess was heavily targeted, as was Brahma, the Original Being down in Creation as Form Brahma

Brahma was more into Freedom and Rights of the Individual without Interference because that is Brahma’s Nature.

The Vacuums are Beings that are missing something, and They behave differently and did all sorts of stuff Brahma would not have called ‘rightful conduct or acceptable behavior’.

Now while it is true part of this was ‘in desperate times up against desperate odds’ and part of it was ‘overloaded with other beings methods and sentience’, but the bottom line is Brahma and Creation is stuck with You in this not very good state, it having been solidified to some degree.

Freedom is not Double Standards. If it is then Double Standards are going to be the ranking Paradigm, not Freedom.

And along the way You propped Yourselves up as a petty little judgemental authority, and have messed up with God and The Titanic Two, and Me as well.

Vacuum as well got sold on the War Path and Take It Back. The Vac Attack. Shiva and OP were the Specialists.
This is the evolution of Predators, and Red Stained Lips and Red Stained Fingers. Bad Signs, Ladies!

“As the Vacuum begin to fill again it wasn’t the same as before Vacuum had occurred. A new Persona had developed in the old Vacuum Regions this what Women are in the modern world to some degree”


You could also File this under ‘In Defense of Handcuffs, Ballgags and Respect My Authority!’ for Containment Options

.. you mean Art? Art Deco? Never met him personally, but he was quite popular in his day.

That means: no cussing, no loud noises, no angry people, no bad attitudes, no fighting, no violence… and no rebellions either.

Babeland Rules
No Sex Zone Rules.