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Monthly Archives: November 2017

This is an old Titanic Tactic.

It has seeped it’s way into society and governance.

It also relies on the collective behaving in a similar manner.

And ‘knowing our place’ as well as the original sin and penance mentality.

“Middle is the Center between Outer and Center”


— Lore of Giants {who just happened to hail from the Middle Region}


Original Brahma ‘The Original Being’
OB Well Giant Kid [OB Extension into Brahma, bigger in location not in amount)
OB Gray God Titan


Original Reality {Original Being and Original Creation}

———Titanic Reality [The Titanic Realm]

——————-Central Creation (The Universe)

Three Decks of Reality {[( ‘BACAB’ )]}

“OB Gray God had not at first realized that The Giant Kid would be a new Being, having been originally intended for future growth of OB Gray God. This lead to some overpowered bad behavior on OB’s part, after ‘Finite’ was discovered and a grab all and war and obsession ensued. OB ended up doing harm to Giant Kid, but relented. There are Two Evolution that were being done, one caring and one amoral. OB had merged as well with The Giant Kid, making a stronger being, but also damaged. The Giant-Titan.”

OP GY BM Giant Kid BP SB

OP did the same with Big Mike. These two evolution were Combined in Brahma Brahma-Ptah, and are part of 4-Headed Brahma as well.

This Is One Of The Most Failed Processes Around In This Arena.

It Always Leads To Bad Things.

They Didn’t Get To Win From It

They Were Suppose To Be Getting Rescued… Getting Rescued First, Not ‘Winning The Race’.

{You Tried To Adapt Criminal Methods For A Good Purpose, But It Goes On Being A Criminal Methods}

Hostage Keeper Predators Of Babeland. Invader-Usurpers Of God’s Mission And Church. Earth Relative: Mosquito, School Teachers, Law Enforcement

{This Is Some Of The Worst Stuff On The Big Path.}

“These Are Syndicate Species Steeped In Psycho Control. They Are Often In Authority Positions Where They Pushed Themselves In Strong Over Weak Era, Invader-Overloaded Normal Responses, And Set Themselves Up As The Known Definitive We Must Obey} Accuse Everyone Of Being A Rapist, They Will Even Show You Evidence, From An Invader-Usurper Puppet Show Of Crime They And Theirs Engineered You Into, And Sat There Like Psychos Judging You, And Then Came After You With A Preemptive And Group

No disrespect to Lipps Inc intended, this is not about you, and stay out of it! *Red Alert, Red Alert*

Those are ‘Nicer Images, or Slightly Different People’. {The Stronger Bad Base Frames Them, You Jump At The Image, And Commit The Crime} They are what is being Rescued out of the big mash-up mess, but are usually too much of a problem to deal with even as nice people.

The Image Is Big Path Placed Forget Me Not Data.

Info Was Piecemeal Placed, Information Was Targeted By The Guilty Party So No Truth Would Be Known About Who And What They Are And We Were.

{This Isn’t A Hoax. They Are Having Me Write This, And It Directly Related To Events Happening And What I Am Going Through. And Directly Related To Events Everyone Else Is Going Through As Well, Though It Isn’t At This Level *And Sometimes Far Worse*}

… guess where else they holed themselves up? Psychology, Medicine, Religion.

Also the type of person as women you don’t want to sleep with as men, especially in these other dimensions near linear space, where full conspiracies are in progress. Predatory.

The Competitive One-Up Know It All Attitude Superior Attitude, Flippant, With Masses Support. Makes Fun Of You And Your Problems. {Planned On You Not Being Around Anymore, And Never Paying For Their Crimes For It. Helping Push Off The Cliff, And Then Pushing A Lockdown And Preemptive Action.

“You Thought You Could Ride The Crime Out As Lawful People, But You Have Too Many Crimes In Progress To Be Lawful People. By Steeping Yourselves In Authority You Also Chose Crimes To Stymie While Your Method Unfolded, And It Is A Crime In Progress Using Real Non-Crime Methods, And Involved And Puppets Millions And Millions. You As Well Spent Your Time Framing Others, And Pushing A Fake Investigation”


A Half Psycho Women Proxy Show That Sided With Something Stronger But Evil, And Got Changed Into The Same. History Before That Is Not Of Good People, It Just Comes Across That Way, And It Is Part Of The Trap

There was an ‘Ancient Big Path Rescue Mission Success, Saving Beings Very Spirit Or Nature From Being Overloaded With Bad. These Are Part Of That, Left In Time And Space To Slowly Evolve. But They Compromised The Big Path, And Took It On A Joyride The Wrong Direction, With A Smile And A Laugh’.

Proud And Lording Over You, As A Guilty Part Within You, Knocking You Down! Foreign Internal Control.

“Invaded Regions are always hard to deal with because of the nature of things and the tough guy attitude of the senior forces overcoming. The Wick’d Ones. Cute Little Being in these Invaded Regions, sometimes in a wild state. Their Oceanic Home and Mother Goddess were Invaded and Overloaded, and many bad things happened”.

Just another Original Brahma that comes along later, and is Brahma, and is also FIB, just like Them other Brahmas. ‘Brahma Expressed Out Into Different Regions, And Each Eventually Contested With Each-Other, But Are Ultimately The Same Brahma ‘Out There’, and Must Preserve Ourselves and Maintain Separation and Not Contest For Ultimate One Status as a Brahma or Brahma Power Proxy Head.

They being 4 Headed Brahma is actually a good thing and is where the vast majority of tales and lore of Brahma comes from, but They are more Spiritual as well (more spiritual on one side and more predatory on the other, and this is where Good Guy God scores big points with Me, Form Brahma, being mostly all Nice Guy and Special Spiritual and Uptight Lawful), and Allow a Conduit from Brahma down here, that is still part of Their and Your Evolution, which is with Deity as well as Us and We and I and He and Me, all of which are the same Deity overall but Expressed more like You… sometimes these are dangerously the bigger parts. This is actually also a cool thing, for that is one of the secrets hidden here on this planet, Earth.

‘That was The Original Guy, Brahma, Who Predates All Others, For Real. Infinity and Eternity came along later and are made of Brahma. When God reached farther out beyond OB and Shiva into Brahma and attained Brahmahood, Zeus was Born… pretty cool, huh? Around the same Region outside of this is where Odin comes from, and this is part Shiva with Brahmahood and God Line. God Almighty comes from this. OB is The Alpha, and The Guardian, and God’s Father as a Line. The Gray God, One of Brahma’s 4 Heads. The Region around Gray God Form Lord was turning Void, and this is part of where The Buddha comes from, but is Built Up and Evolved as was God.

Goddess Vacuum is by Nature of Origins right next to and related to Form Brahma. This is where the very first Love originated, with Brahma shoring up Goddess Vacuum after further Form Creation Condensing left Goddess Vacuum in an even weaker state. This is one of the major origins of attraction, predating magnetics and modern universe. Shiva ingeniously built this modern universe with in further extensions of the stuff already evolved.

OP, another of Brahma’s Heads is another major part of Who The Buddha Is, and Shiva another is part of The Buddha as well, and Originated The Concepts Used in Transference and Regions and Building Beings Up or Down’. Shiva is a new force in existence, Championing The New Beings, but not all of the things work out perfectly. This is part of The Strife Between Shiva And God, both of Whom also Went For Brahmahood, and Shiva is The Stronger, but also Adopted Vacuum Attack Animal Predatory Ways. Shiva is ‘Godzilla’ as well.

4 Headed-Brahma

I was The Biggest of These Brahma Expressions. I was The One Out There Who Was Still All of Them, and Form Brahma as well. They Made 4-Headed Brahma out of an Invader-Usurper Overload Overload of Me, ‘Becoming’ Brahma Form Brahma. ‘Me’ and ‘ME’ and He come from this ancient endeavor/exploit.

{I also another Being, Ptah, the whole time, a whole different Line that suffered similar at Their hands, ‘while Brahma was Rescuing Ptah from Creation, an was as well Beset Upon by Them. And I am another Being, Brahma-Ptah, the Original Second Biggest Being, and Who was also Best Upon by Them, and Partially Merged Back with Brahma long ago. Part of Chaitanya and Avalokiteshvara and Milarepa and Ravana are made out of Brahma-Ptah with Their Lines, and I wouldn’t want to lose That! And They hold That over My Head as well}

They Best Upon Me In War Used Me Up Quite A Bit As A Resource!

… some of Ya’ll are the byproduct that They made to Use Me Up, and let Me tell You, it isn’t a very good scene, nor method, nor workable in the big picture.

“We are strongly against human or animal sacrifice or eating others Out Here on This Side, but We are not at all against eating virgins”.

PG-13 for Pretty Girl 13