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Monthly Archives: January 2018

“I am not the Originator of These Writings, nor do I divest myself of them”

I’m the kinda guy, for the record, that points a finger of condemnation at people who makes claims of stuff like I am, and cry ‘sacrilege!’ from some deep inner well of spiritual integrity, elevated belief, and socialization.

If Blue is Coded for Shiva, as White is for God, and Gold for Helios, and Water is for Goddess, then when you see and experiences these things there is a ‘slight attraction’ that happens within the sentience, due to Their Intrinsic Nature, and ‘being nearby’, and Our Sentient Experience, having been Encoded by Them, is elevated, and with the potential for ‘samadhi, enlightenment, nirvana’, or similar lesser temporary states… that weed can get to 85% of, nearly every time. Ganja is also Coded for these things ‘otherworldly sight, extra-dimensional; creative out-pour, new perspectives, according to Shiva. ReShe. ‘It isn’t The High Path, it’s the high path’.

That is not what I am going through though, this is ‘Direct Experience’ with Visuals Vision, ‘Seeing In Phase, though Mind another Dimension. A Reality already There, but Now Changed, Occupied. Though it has elements of Samadhi, etc, ‘Armageddon is a War’, and this hit Me. This has to do with Brahma, and as well deals with Original Reality and Reality Platforms, from The Original Being down to Earth, through ‘Here’ bubbled up to here.

From Big Stable Regions Left In Specific State

Here “Earth, became The Central Arena of Creation Itself”

“for blessed are They in Their Works”

Important Events and Important Places, left in the state it was in, like a civilization that went on for millenia but didn’t advance beyond Roman, or ancient greek, or ancient ejypt, ancient middle-east or ancient india or ancient asia, or ancient americas, or ancient russia, or ancient norse, etc

but using a quicker time from another dimension, can play realities out, and variables can be added.

Straight up like sci-fi, but it was ‘The Gods and The Titans, and in fact We are stuck in quite a few places like this, and worse, We end up doing damage to some smaller weaker parts of ourselves or others, when trying to desperately find ourselves to make sure we are ok, or reunite merge *oh no, not again! red alert, red alert, red alert*

I went through some of these ‘parallel universe’ other reality ‘new history’ that dealt with this Being

This was with Gray God and was a Nazi Timeline, but this is ‘replayed reality’

Blavatsky is a Titan-Wive with a Major Base, and is partly made of Original Goddess, Ma, and Others.

Not only has Blavatsky been reborn in new incarnations, She is a Big Being relative to Earth, some something like a ‘big spirit’, and already was before she was born as madman blavatsky… I mean, uh, madam blavatsky


This stuff is Fed to Me, with a tiny bit of The Experience, but it is Them

‘Pieces if Jesus’ in varying form of evolution with others and Others.

But none are the Full True Jesus.

Some are less, some are more, there are all sorts of different circumstances, lines of beinghood, combination mergers, opposing views played out, inter-war.

“so, say, a piece of Jesus with Statue of Jesus is in bad combo in invaded regions, and is also, say, survivalist ‘Unsurper-Brahma Combo’ but as well there really is big emergency and higher calling, and forbidden paths to a success, they are going to be going through some odd stressors, and may end up doing the heretical and claiming to be ‘Jesus’. Now it is bound to go off course, but in reality some stuff gets down in these ‘other dimensions’ by moving the process along.

“A Titan Line, with a Cloak of Jesus, a real one, and too strong to care” ‘and there he was, gunslinger jesus, fighting the evil roman empire, right here in America 2000 years later, and man, what a sad wild ride, for an old Dravidian, not knowing enough or caring that it is sacrilege to be your avatars, or other people’s messiahs… science teacher michael, part shiva and unsurper-brahma and kronos…”

‘and Judas?’ yeah, They say that was one of those ‘shards of Jesus types’ that was wrong and competing with the Real Jesus right in His Own Time.

But that is not the full story of ‘the other Jesuses’, some are good at it.


Divine Duty, True Stature, Present There. Part of what The Jesus is relates to both Intrinsic Nature (Someone Very Close, Within) and Protection of Pure Selves.

‘A Divine King in a Sacred Land, Extra-Dimensional, Other Worldly, Parallel Universe, Heaven, Eden’

“a danger to other’s spirits, and a lack of perfect effect on those intrinsic with, are part of what it is actually ‘sacrilege’. part of the jesus that is within us can be used to trace all the way back to fuller Jesus, and real Realms”

{I’ve claimed to be a lot more than a ‘Jesus’, but it is really Them as Me, and They really are that or were that, and part of Me was there, part of The Stock Stuff Was Made Of.

I’ve got a belly of Gray God, which means ‘mad anthony wayne and hermann goering. The Alpha. The Rock in Rock of Ages. And more as well, Augustus Caesar with OP PP GY, and Tzar Nicholas I.

“There is a Common Ocean, and even partly available to the common person”, a ‘divine gift’, and in this oceanic beinghood and it’s mountains an pillars are ‘The Old Powers.The Old Ones’}

Retro Jimi Hendrix Poster Buddha Hippie 60’s

This is some stuff that They are verifying.

They also came up with and pushed that ‘tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God’

and the Christian Databases are notoriously inaccurate in some these Other Dimensions

Intentionally Inaccurate as well sometimes

Stuck in old War and Invaded-Usurped Region, a War Rages Between Good and Bad, and Both are Invading The Other for Ultimate Victory.

These leaves some of The Heroes in an Angry Insane Mentality.

The Titanic went this way, and it was Survival of The Fittest

Due to all the Collateral Damage of These Contesting Forces, there arose a Complaint Dept, and as well a Blame Game