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Monthly Archives: January 2018

It is a Boost that was Applied to Sentience. ‘Titanic Tippy-Toes’

Both in Coned Throne Pillar Power and Looping Cycle.

Part of the Activator is in The Hype. At this point in Emotion and Sentience there is an Actual Effect and Enhanced Effect, part of which is Functionality Filtration and part of which is Natural Preemptive Utilization.

And a need for things to stay this way…


well, auto-service actually

{and that started out as a conversation on immigration and vote}


“immigration policy, you wanna stinkin’ immigration policy? here’s your stinkin’ immigration policy! abierta ‘got any hot chicks? they can move here; any advanced amnesty cases, we will shelter them; any dudes with special skills and stable personalities, we will take them when needed. cerrada … oh, and white chicks”

‘and those people said “she is being exploited, women as sex objects”, and there was a lot of not being the full truth, and being the same group of people who had ignored the repressed sexuality, control issues and aggressiveness of the big authority figure; nor had their own mediocrity and jealousy been fully self-acknowledged.’

And here We are, folks, living in a society that descended from that Event, or Era of Events, and you are socializing people into it, and believing your own swill.


And now back to Females at Their Most Powerful (and maybe even Fulfilled as well as Fulfilling)

and I want to remind you, that though Those bastards will even Pipe In parts of Alastair Crowley and such (OP Black Brahma Yama), and that is a bitter Enemy of mine as well as old friend, that This Is Still Brahma and Ptah, and Quit Trying To Find Me(enables invasive usurper conspiracy) and Quit Trying To Define Me(part of a new reality conspiracy).

White Ptah, The Englishmen, The White Bird, The Wyte, Illuminati Originator, is Still Among The Chosen Ones, in spite of All That The Extra-Dimensional Evidence Shows, and We Will Be At Odds And At War All The Way Through, With Many Conspiracies Against Me From Usurper Era And Many Fists Back In The Face… But that is not the way to Proceed. So ‘We Better Ourselves’ and Get Help and Show Up. At least those of Us not too under assault, like Me, but at least I showed up and listened, for They can never fully do so. Pillar Power Perfection. Separate Diverse Evolved Heads Of Reality.

‘We like Madame Physical around Here, She helps light Us up’.

Beautiful Females being Needy and Demonstrative the Right Polarity for Together.

‘with flashing skirts and low-cut shirts, using her wiles on us, flirting and seducing us into getting what she wants, brushing up against us, blushing up against us’.

There are Many Beings that Come Marching Through Peter Reynolds.

It Helps Being Born as The Stage, and not just a Person.

Spirituality is part of a Real Process, that was Evolved and even Engineered by Deity.

It does indeed deal with ‘other Dimensional stuff’ as well as ‘some real methods that have effects’ and of course is the divine mission, which has support from deity and the collective.

‘Functionality Filtration’ can be in ‘how we appear to some degree’ (as in you had a week of bad hair days and bad luck; They can also effect your will/drive and your memory and your ability to get along with others, and you eye-hand coordination).

There is an Evolved Routine that deals with The Collective, and it is Active Multi-Dimensionally.

This isn’t just Illuminati, it is The Collective, The Religion, The Gov, The PTA, etc.

This, very much akin to ‘Superstition’ is The People Power. The Group, as opposed to The Pillar Power, The Deity.


Getting back to:

‘Functionality Filtration’ can be in ‘how we appear to some degree’ (as in you had a week of bad hair days and bad luck; They can also effect your will/drive and your memory and your ability to get along with others, and you eye-hand coordination). Whipping Stick Maneuver.

There can be unknown mitigating circumstances:

‘Sometimes we voluntarily signed up for this, to ‘not be a burden’ to the collective of creation, due to size and scale and special position and level of invaded/usurped titanic power, etc. This got invaded and exploited and ‘self-sacrificial’ became a ruse used, with parts of ourselves played upon by clever manipulations, and yep, you guessed it, damsels in distress with another dude waiting, who survives you, and another one further down the horizon who survives him, etc’.

Goddesses Vacuums are Weaker Beings and Regions and Easily Effected and Pretty and Petty and Petting and Haughty and Bitchy and Needy, a Wanting and Wanton fiercely help back but demanding attention and in need of fulfillment, and a need to stay that way… did someone say Sex?

Well, I think you should rethink things, since that was suppose to be one of the compensations, to make it all worth while. Holy Judgment of Divine Whores is not helping, folks

You probably weren’t fully honest when it came to beautiful goddesses and love and sex, you were making morality decisions based on self-denial and respect for others, but this got applied to ‘reprogramming reality’ and too much got done in the name of sterilizing our normal sexual reactions, for those who are never going to be good enough for a chick/dude that hot, but can’t keep their eyes off of ’em.

{this ‘never’ was disproven due to ‘long slow change into more attractive with the help of Divine Forces that is an ongoing process’, as well as coming to grips with our echelon and those who fit within it as opposed to going for the best regardless of failure rate; the tale gets further into how this ‘advanced morality method’ got used in certain regions and had descended from ‘advanced attempts to remove other males from the selection’, done by Titans}

When this ‘input’ began to trod on ‘other regions’ you were called to task and ordered to call it quits with your advanced routines of attempting to change the nature of people instead of coping with people as who they are.

“Rule by Seduction is Just Fine with Me” There are Regions that are suppose to be this, where She can use Her Powers to Effect Others or Get Things and Rule by Proxy, or is that Rule by Pussy, as well as being The Strong Leader or Queen in Her Own Right. And not just with utilized sexuality, but with showered affection as well. It is suppose to stay this way, and indeed is some of the holiest harlotry around and very very very popular sub-society.

Attracting Back. The Vacuum, which is missing stuff, learned how to attract back stuff. She as well learned that if She took on too much stuff it would change Her nature.

Though Goddesses ‘Condensed into Vacuum Form’, thus creating an even weaker part of the vacuum near the form, Vacuum and Attraction was Her Specialty, from early on, and strong mergers just turned out too masculine or yang or selfish.

Goddess Vacuum

Goddess Ocean

And clean undies. It is very important for females to have clean undies, for both health and psychological reasons.

The more easily effected Being, and more aware, is more attentive to cleanliness and purity by the very nature and necessity.