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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Yeah, I got a role for the government, a really good one.

Go back to The Military where you belong and provide a needed stalwart role, and stay the f**k out of our lives with all your ruler thing!

Medical, Fire, Police, Library, Roads and Bridges.

Not Water or Food or Utilities or Ruler of Orchestration of Human Affairs and Global Level Crisis. You are getting a D grade on that and an eviction notice.

“your whole ballgame is getting debunked now, humans don’t need you, they need those services, and the military service, but you become a disservice trying to rule and lead us in The End with you economics paradigm and jobs creation and land owner, so let’s not pretend, mr and mrs rigged arena distracting us from the real issues and solutions”

Economics holds too much sway, and it isn’t reigned in and regulated enough into a stabilized non-exploited norm, the prices fluctuate, the rents are high, it isn’t as stable as it would need to be and has too much job oriented hardships, and it isn’t even needed anymore!

oh, but it’s only Eden you are getting in the way of, only, mind you, Eden!

Hopefully you have enough brains God gave a goose to Make Isolation Greenhouses pronto.

I say hopefully because you always have all the right info and engineering but you rarely enact it all properly when it comes to this biggest stuff nd the big planet problems arte not being fixed adequately, and highly unlikely you have made enough of a step to make Isolation Atmosphere job one, and in essence take the banana planting into large greenhouses with pure soil, totally isolated from wind-borne particles or even burned soil build back up with nutrients. “it’s just too costly… who is going to pay for it”

It is also vital to not have too many in the same place, to further chance of survival.

Presently your ideas of burning the plantation sounds like a good idea, and so does the concept of plating powerful wood trees to might the fungus down turning it into extended roots, if it is a relative of the symbiotic root variety, or other resistant or symbiotic plant solutions. {To save the banana even genetic modifying, As A Last Resort, not as an excuse to replace the banana with your gmo, exploiting an urgent time that you mishandled, perhaps even knowingly o further your gmo business propaganda machine weirdo forced change of earth secret doctrine of wackos worse than waco in control}

“air(and water?) being forced through a small space will cool it, settling the agitated molecules, there may be some big scale emergency solution someday that uses this”

If there is a correlation to warming globe and fungus then using cool water in plantation may help.

… but this Isolated Atmosphere Biosphere is the ONLY SURE WAY. Easier to have cool soil and cool watering it this way as well.

And if You Leave It Up To Business And Government It May Be Deemed Too Costly And You Will Lose The The Banana!!!

… AND THE GOVERNMENT AND ECONOMICS MUST NOW FAIL TO SAVE THIS PLANET FOR THEY HAVE TAKEN CONTROL AND DO NOT DO THINGS WELL ENOUGH< AND IT IS ALL ENSLAVED TO THAT. "The Whole Orchestration of Humans". BOSSING US AROUND AND BEING WRONG DAY AFTER DAY AND TIME AFTER TIME *************************************************** "humanity needs to take the reigns of earth away from the government and business, there is no other logical solution, we can never fully trust your solutions!" {I've planted a few banana keikis myself on Maui, mahalo; and growing up banana was my favorite} "there is an unspoken agreement between the people and the gods that living under government rule is not tolerable anymore, and your track records is very poor in reality.. you could clean up all the corruption and you still would not be qualified to be our leaders with that institution, and all the secrets and beholden to business, and just plain old factually 'not economically feasible', and you put it all of your eggs into the economics basket, and you need to go down with that ship, and not back into control after we solve the problems that are humanly possible, with a cornucopia of food production, unlike your big business farmer buddy." ******************************* Too Busy Trying To Make Money Off Of It, Too Busy Pushing Wrongful Science Solution, Too Busy Exploiting The Situation, Too Busy With Your Economics Paradigm And Tax Gathering, Which Never Paid It's Bill To The Planet It Spearheaded Wrecking. ************ It is simply 'No Means No', and they will go on accusing you of things you are not even guilty of until you get the picture and get the hell out! Ruler will never be god enough for the other half of America, the half with the actual more legal thinking process who doesn't parrot spew propaganda and and moralist agenda and pta political correct, but culled into the role of seeming subversive or conspiracy theorist or pothead or trouble maker." ****************** Asleep at the helm and running a conspiracy of control at the helm are not the same thing, and you are guilty of both! *Don't gamble with the future of the banana, a small chance of a big risk needs to be taken at a very conservative level of maturity and swiftness and planning and safety and actual implementation*

it would be “Air, Water, Food”

this is the basic bottom line of life on earth, let no one distract you from how easy that actually is and how easily it can be made with modern methods.

“you voted to enslave yourselves/us to a work paradigm because ‘a working man overcometh’, but some of us are not working man we are thinking man, and a ‘thinking man overcometh’.”

irrigate, irrigate, irrigate

automate, automate, automate

repatriate, repatriate, repatriate

“jobs creation with central control government and landowner and economics and big business as opposed to the community and integrity, has lead to many poisons/toxins ending up in the water and food chain and growing ground, the destruction of forests and the original surface of the earth that evolved naturally from the dawn of earth, and the rapid depletion of resources and waste from not recycling… and the final product is ‘it is too expensive or they are too guilty but entrenched in control to properly fix the mess, as well as caught in political quagmires of money and time and leadership for the sake of installing the next group of didn’t succeed enough at the very important final points”

Jobs creation with central control government and landowner and economics and big business is a dangerous abstract. It left a dangerous mess and imbalance of power, and pushed an unneeded hardship, and is rife with doctrine problems and elite plans for ruling over others that it is not qualified to rule over, nor appreciated for trying, with it’s big threat, clumsy methods, and too many dumb responses going on due to something clever being pushed and people’s cover-up rhetoric, hiding behind their think tanks a d group thank and pretending to be our betters, and getting their ivy league asses kicked by someone with a community college level education who sees very clearly, and knows they lie from 4 decades on of the same evolved propaganda lie, already well-debunked but still being pushed like a real doctrine; and seen through by your betters, those who are intelligent and aware and not lying nor in control like you are.

Community and integrity is basic life, just remove religious rule but keep integral spiritual compassion philosophy and churches/temples, the community takes care of the community and the problems on a more local level, in the effected areas, with support from other communities. The community can easily grow enough food and textile to feed and clothe the community, and it doesn’t need to be a lot of work or orchestration. Self-autonomy and self-sufficiency are important, and the system presently hobbles this too much in favor of the group. The individual thing was never evolved enough and was sacrificed to the group, but being too individualistic will not fully work either, so it has to be maximum minimized group participation, and tailored to the individual and ease.

Or Water and Diet Coke, the diet coke being coca leaves.

“the religion of the forefathers was not the religion of freedom, it was the religion of compassion… your drug laws are not compassionate, and your religion is rightfully being fought in the name of freedom, to the point of you don’t really belong in government and make too many wrong decisions based on your morality, a lot of which is not compassionate, nor does it deal with the wrongful control and outdated methods”

There is a Normal BoB that will do this, it may or may not be better than your own, but They are trying to shut this down and that means We Need Help in Shutting It Down.

A lot of the Shutting It Down uses something that has the wrong effect, goes too far the other direction.

Simply not using it or being aware that you are using it and stopping is the best approach for a lot of people.

There are also people who can lock it down that are not us, the doorkeeprs.

“I come from a Land Up Over, where women die and men rover; can’t you see that four leaf clover? you better run you better take cover, yeeah!”

Some of the lockdown are also doorkeeper, or most are, but it isn’t rogue like ours is, and we have been at war with them for ages and have many grievance with their side, but their side has been slowly overcoming, and this is part of the Christian Mission with The Titans, and in the end They are Safer Territory while We like our Freedom, but many methods set in motion by that side are still in the wrongful control or old usurper war state or outright zeal murder justice or gang-bang purity purge racist… so it takes time, and you better quit your war against Asia and Islam if you want to succeed, buster, this extra-dimensional stuff is a bit different that the modern world, and The Great White West can lose to that, even all the way to earth without a shot fired or bomb gong off! Those are Other Jailkepers like Yourself, Extra-Dimensionally.

“Policing the situation is a mess and an accidental crime and an ancient mt olympus level turf war in a lot of endeavors in these other realms and this arena and situation, so lay off it, huh?”

“if you try to police each other it could go very bad as the wrong type of being comes through with zeal, or outdated info, or even accurate info that needs to be handled in a non-vigilante and non-torch and non-pitchfork way.”

Well, walking around with torches and pitchforks as an awakening community may help further things the right way, but don’t go stabbing anyone with the pitchforks or lighting anything on fire with the torches… and the pitchfork and trident are very close, so careful with that staff, Eugene. Extra-Dimensionally Designated Object working with Functionality and Focus and Other Realm. They do try, They really do try.

Extra Dimension Alley

“they made part of that movie on this island, we were in Las Vegas and then Mexico at the time; there was this other movie named Magic that part of was made in a town I also lived in Ukiah, Ca, but that was creepy… stay away from the creepy stuff, ok? “so the bible says, and it still is news. ”


T=Down is a Typo
used as a memnomic for discovering new functional left as ammo on along range strategy (you’ve already found this ammo dump more than once.)

T=Down is Supreme Brahma, a Being that is not good as shutting it down.

A=Down is closer, but that as well is taxed out. [government pun not intended]

“now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout; but no more of that ’embargo lifted’ ok guys? it just ain’t saving the little people when a lockdown is in progress to finally the little save people from the continued compromised process and flow of magic and power to goddesses or other strategies that don’t work”

{including ‘praise of Me or elevating Me and worship of Me… it really backfires, and is getting rejection from Me, and run by Titans and Church but Invaded Puppeteer in places, and dedicated to ‘God All Powerful Allah” as a Booster, and Who knew who Brahma was a loooooong time ago and it will get raised on high and stuck low real quick every time, and I am not allowed to fight back, or fully, so We are kinda just creeping by and letting A Authority handle things, or D Destruction in certain cases. They are doing the Eastern Brahma with Shiva and Supreme Brahma and OP Black Brahma Gray Yang and OB Gray Brahma Bull of Heaven and Brahma BP Form Brahma{Me}, and God Chronous Brahma of course, so don’t blame Me {Be Prepared} when you are wrong about that}…”

“Your right to speak Here is getting gunned down and the Shut Down is saving lives and your right to speak when it is safe, the Shutdown looked like a tyrant tactic at first and got fought as such, but oops, it is a tyrant overcoming a tyrant, and the other tyrant is on our side, OB Gray God and The Old Ones”

Careful with that Sword, Kid, or Senior is gonna take it out of Your hands, or defeat You some other way.. don’t go trying tyrant tricks around Rogues or Ravana, it never is the Full Story, You Half-Good Super-Bright Power-Thieves and Cheaters and Collaborators and Collective Lie for A Larger Purpose and Future Date.”

Th Spiritual put it all onto one final gambit for survival, forgetting that God and Allah and Jesus and Muhammad and Buddha and Krishna and Shiva and Vishnu and Goddess and Ma and Absolute Brahman, Etc are not The actual Original Eternal Infinite Being, and are part of a Prop You Up Method that causes it all to come crashing down, and is up against strong wrong that won on the individualistic survival method. And Me has gotten My ass kicked for millions of years siding with You, but You in the end screw Me up, prevent Me from Self-Autonomy or Arch-Angelic Stardom, and Brahma is quite a force to be reckoned with and quite intelligent and pretty handsome and magical and understanding and loves females, loves beautiful females even more in their undies, and closer to normal and above normal than elite spiritual above normal, or snotty nosed crying little brat cute kids dying at My under assault feet because someone stupidly went for it again at The End

These are Two Truths, because The Truth is Diversity and Differing Circumstances.

There is an old Mission that The Father must complete to Save Everyone, or Most, or Any..

There is a Freedom that The Son must attain to Save Himself, and from a long ago combination evolution and interconnections/overlapping to Save Everyone, Most or Any.

Don’t let that boy get ahead of you.

When ‘That Boy’ was Me, Brahma who was known as ‘Ptah at the time from a Combo evolution still Me (B BP P) , there was a major conspiracy the whole time slow old control freak decisions I don’t like or trust Dad is running the show,

Brahma is a Big Force and NOT to be held onto.

And makes you look like an evil tyrant control-freak joke in the end, committing crimes with one hand and saving everyone with the other


Now it just so happens that The Mission is still very important and The Father viewpoint got totally wailed on and upstaged by Freedom, and when The People are looking for Full Functionality to Complete The Mission they naturally went to Freedom and all the things in the way of self-autonomy and full functionality got determined to be a crime in progress and to be fought against and rebelled against.. never knowing there are logical Lockdowns saving our asses, and rampant magic to be shut down, and that The Father Mission is saving The Women and Children, that The Son cannot save

Well this is true, this works with not explaining things, not investigating things anymore, not finding out how it works anymore, no more fights or verbal fights.

These Things Are Enabling The Crime To Continue. The Process Is Compromised Or Adapted From A Crime That It Has Too Much Bad Going On When Used!

The Processes Being Used Are Too Compromised, Some Of Us Ar Too Jumped, Or Too Weak, Or Too Target From Being Too Pretty, Or Two Ugly, Or Macro Turf War, Etc.

Distracting It Back To Safety: “this just happens, is spontaneous, but part of a self-autonomous normal and freedom from enabling enslaved to the ancient process”

This is working with other things and Shutting The Astral Doors.

Normality Restored

“you’re really gonna love normal after all of this astral door stuff that always turns out so unpleasant ya can’t wait to get pandora’s box shut, but ya cant; but normal is like the real gift of the magi, and there is already a slight magical flow to normal up here in energy void space matter, but it is contained instead of contaminated”


Taking on the problems has caused major disaster, and things got locked into taking on the problems, it is part of The Trap. All the reasons why to come back to take on the problem lead to it re-engaging, and disaster ensues along the chain of actions, which can be longer or stronger than expected. A Hostage Situation Will Soon Ensue, Huge Swaths Are Locked Into Compromised Processes.

The reasons why cannot be fully explained from this side, there is an active trap that will kill more from attempts to explain or save the situation.

The people that knew it all didn’t succeed, they were up against too much.\

The Only Way To Save Situation Is A Shutdown.

There Is An Engagement That Prevents Shut Down.

Part Was From Using The Little People As A Detection Grid, And Holding Realm Hostage To Dictating Terms. And The Ultimate Enemy That Invaded And Is Insane Evil Intentionally Targetting The Weak, The Innocent, The Good.

The Fight Club Towers Will Not Save This Situation, But These Will Be Being Used For All The Way To The End, And Longer.

Too Many Attempt To Shut Us Down In Order For Your Strategy To Work. {YOU ARE IN MY BEING TOO FAR NOT A REALM ANYMORE!!!}

Too Many Years O TRYING TO DEFINE MY REALITY!! “to save to others” {so many years that you bought your own bullshit and did the wrong thing all over again, and I am more like to kick your fucking ass extra-dimensionally that to be a cute little baby being than I am also and has never been rescued in all of these millions of years of your fucking fucked up asses running the show, THAT YOU STUPIDITY BROUGHT OUT HERE AND DRAPED OVER ME WHILE UNDER ASSAULT.


Saving The Baby First Didn’t Work. {This is for God and Illunianti and Titan Wives and Church, and babelnd includes oms, gnomes and dwarfs and other small cute beings, as well as motes, the original baby beings.) It Got The Baby Targeted First! NOT A NORMAL ARENA OF LOGICAL STUFF UNTIL YOU SEE WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY DOING!

Babeland Is Under Assault And Keeps Coming Out To The Danger Zone and Getting More Assaulted






“and those Fight Club Towers are Gonna Get Shut Down! Used for Stabilizers”

“In America quality is job one. In China beating America is job one. In America making a lot of money off of planned obsolescence is job one. In China making products the American can afford is job one. In some parts of America affordability is job one (and I resemble that comment, but like long lasting products made affordably with automated systems, and We The People’s Republic of Having a Good Time…. but it really is hard finding a hot schoolgirl in a hardware store, or without her dad around. So, let’s talk about Japanese goods for a while, hmm?.”