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Monthly Archives: October 2018

Who are They you ask?

They are the ones that Authored Divine Authority.

They are part of Divine Authority.

They are also part of Titanic Authority.

Never heard of it?

Look at The Government and The Military and The Religion and the Tradition and you will see a real descendant of Titanic Authority (co-evolved with Divine Authority), often populated by members of the same Beings (who are easily coming back to what was created for them by Them or THEM), incarnations of the same as it were.

There are many doctrines that have value but when blanketed on the whole they do not fit.

One of the reasons that “I am going to be the only one pushin’ doctrines around here at The End” is directly related to this.

B: Original Normal {Brahma}
A: Elite Titanic [Authority]
C: Smaller Normal (Creation)

Those who are not suited for the titanic path and the titanic tests and elite ability, even having some of these as their own co-heritage, are part of a larger normal and an older promise that got upstaged and usurped by rulers and kings and landowners and bosses who are steeped in authority, and hard work not in normality, and as well paradigm pushers enslaving the whole to their method.

This other group you are trying to rule over not only disagrees with you they need a more self-autonomous, self-governed and free state than the stronger titans.

Too many doctrines are creating hardships and potentially even pushing crimes of undetectable/right out in the open form of normalized mass conspiracy. And for the record Divine Authority is welter-weight and Titanic Authority is heavy-weight… though this is not spoken of in either the vedas or the bible..

Extra-Dimensional Evolution is directly related to this. “Information is handed out on a ‘need to know’ basis. But some of what you didn’t know is the sheer amount of damage you do trying to take the problem on, and the lack of realism about other people’s conditions that you term as ‘lazy’.”

There is another debilitation going on here that the titanic people are too strong to be effected by, and some people were not in the region this happened to people in and this is the other ‘annoying normal’ used to judge the whole by while never being able to walk a mile in their shoes and have final knowledge and credibility and right to write the rules or right the rules. Most people are built of both in some way or another, with differing levels of perfection/un-effected as the hub of who they are which relates to how they look and how well they can function. All Are Not Created Equal, but must be treated as equals. The Elite Became A Danger To The Rest, looking down on others of lesser ability and standing s some divine right, and hiding behind an old survival code with a fist in your weaker less handsome face as the ultimate answer”. Purity and Purge are modern outcroppings of this old Collapse o Reality.

“well actually, can you lightly butter the upper half and slightly drown the lower half in cream cheese?”

Men, people, women, need to be judged and to judge from a more realistic stance.

“the animal kingdom is one step away from rape”

Humans, though coming back to an older better normal, soon forget the Rest of Reality is still in an animal state, or demon state, or dragon state, etc.

This is in Titanic Realty, larger than Linear Space… little man!

There is a Big Healing Process that is Overcoming The Problems.

The Church and The Mission are part of The Healing of The Titanic Realm

“a lot of stuff gets ignored or shunted aside and, by apparent visual and experienced reality ‘criminals are protected or not brought to justice at a certain level.”

Part of this deals “they were in an invaded state at the time and you are trying to absolute police them, finger pointer”; and part deals with extra-dimensional arenas where things are far too dangerous to investigate and police but we are stuck doing so, and it is relative to the social structure and political structure of earth to some degree, a vastly over-stated degree.