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Monthly Archives: February 2019

Fact: Brahma has always existed.

Fact: Normal has always existed

Fact: Sentience has always existed

Fact: Form has not always existed.

Fact: Only one Being exited in The Beginning, Brahma.

Fact: There is an Expression of Power into Form Pillars, done in Ancient Evolutions, and this was part of an attempt at insuring forever existence. This is The Abode of The Gods, Angels, and Titans, as well as Dragons and such.

Fact: The Modern Universe is not the first or only Universe. Between The Original Being(Brahma) and Here(Creation) is The Abode of The Gods. Titanic and Sub-Titanic Region. The A


The Alpha got an A in school, Brahma got a B in school, and Creation is not suppose to have to know more than ABC in many ways.

“Titanic Test and Competition have ruined the place!”

In an era of might makes right and survival of the fittest.

Well, the Pink Party is an offshoot of the Democrat Party, when they realize that LGBT issues have derailed them a bit.

“we still support your cause, you will likely never get elected to a top federal position on your own, but we have other things that need doing now”

The Log Cabin Party is for Republicans that are Gay or Minorities.

“the man who knows proper order, and the men use to being ordered around”

(Syrup not included)

It’s what My liberal accomplices, I mean contemporaries, are undergoing with their media friends, and yours.

Remember all that stuff about ‘new reality’ and ‘reality remake’ and ‘railroaded processes’, and ‘ancient unfair contest of strong vs weak’ and ‘balancing things out by compensations’ which lead to desperate attempts to keep the little gains they got with tyrannical control

That is all directly related to the modern human condition.

Gramps may have been a perv, but that didn’t make him a weirdo, and there are some destroyed lives that need to be righted.

This is America, you fucking fucked up moralist twits and your heads up your asses. You forced it into the basement, things never really improved, you were on the wrong track the whole time, attraction, sensuality, and sexuality is more than you thought it was, and you rely on worse case scenarios to judge the whole thing by, and make one long wrongful decision doing so. Nature was never really on your side in this. You are using an arbitrary age that fits almost no one

You need to be kicked out of government and it needs to be rethought.

To right an old wrong perpetuated by the American repressed moralist and their attempts to overachieve… with eyes wide shut.

I promise to hand the reins of governance over to a lovely naked nymphet, to fulfill an old promise, and premise.

You know how much of someone’s inherent intelligence level you can tell from their spelling and grammar?


{those are not the definitive you have made them out to be, and you stumble all over yourselves daring to use them on Me.

I don’t need to do a single thing, I am not lying.

You have a whole rigamarole set forth for tests and such, and Me is bypassing the whole goddam program as Brahma and Ganesha and Baby Ptah-(Om Oor) with Them (and God).

What it was is a bunch of missing pieces to the puzzle that were intentionally left missing until as specific date, which became 2012.

Though it was partly coming from Deity, finishing the rest of the puzzle, it was also in relation to a Being that predated everything, known as Brahma, and it was an actual tale of History that predates The Big Bang, and a Story that Predates even God, but at the same time has a Family Tree and details The Birth of God.

“something so utterly sacrilegious in a way that isn’t unholy that it takes Deity to speak these things, something so utterly long and unwieldly it take Deity to use and Deity to remember it all”

{Just The Actual Evolution Of Everything, Mystery Not Included. Just That. And the biggest Being in the actual evolution of everything is… envelope please: Brahma, the actual Original Being that Deity pretend unto, but is sadly more normal than They, yet is far from mundane. How far? Enough to lose your girlfriend to, that’s how far}

God’s Prophet is Jesus.

Allah’s Prophet is Muhammad.

Supreme Brahma’s Prophet is Helios-Vishnu

{Grey Brahma’s Prophet is YinYang-OP-Gray Yang-PP-Grey Ptah-grey yang-great om}

“Prophets? Buddha don’t need no stinkin’ prophets!” {Avalokiteshvara hangs around just in case, and Buddha certainly neither thinks nor speaks that way}

But Brahma’s Prophet is Ganesha, the Son of Shiva, and secretly part Baby Brahma and Baby Ptah and an Om Home.

Cupid became Goddess’ Prophet