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Monthly Archives: March 2019

“there is also a ‘Tragically High’, which is an under assault Brahma thing being accidentally larger and older than your Deity, including God and Buddha and Jesus and such… but it’s that old ‘normal reality predates’ tragic, not that old black magic it appears to be and is mistaken for and accused of”

The 2012er Mini-Messiah, that’s Me, was born here in New Atlantis, as Someone part Atlantis and part Lemuria, loyal to both and an enemy of neither but with grievance towards both as well, in truth and appropriateness of actual reality as opposed to attempts to change things to good perpetually in progress and used as a surrogate for truth, a truth we are making but one that isn’t the full truth.

Indian Lands are Lemuria.

{this was initiated by Shiva, ya know, the Hindu God Shiva. Shiva is actually one of the Prime Gods of Atlantis, long before India came about, which is part Atlantis and part Lemuria, just like Me, and Shiva is also one of the Prime Gods of Lemuria

Brahma, Vishnu, Helios,, Gray God, Vivekananda, God, Goddess were all Gods of Atlantis long before India and Israel}

“They tried to leave parts of Ourselves in Time and Space at Earlier Times, thus creating The Archaic Awe and Grandeur. When we reconnect with these we are accidentally changing them, there is a third reality between and things are too strong and demanding on this end. The newer evolution of us with what is studied in history is also very important and progressed into different directions than the old archaic us foresaw, and these new directions are quite important ones for Creation and ourselves, actually”

{Hint: White Supremacy is one of the ancient grievances with Atlantis, and Atlantis evolved into and is as much like unto Celts and Greeks as it is unto Egyptian}

You Are Not Dealing With The Root Cause Of The Problem.

Since there are no more new lands to settle and no new planets to settle at this point only The Great White Juggernaut of Good has the solution to the problem.

It is a military solution.

A regime change solution.

A Russia and America solution

A republican and democrat solution.

“sending them back to a nation that is now safe for them due to the fact that we took care of the bad people in their countries from top to bottom”

“the longer you wait the more likely they will develop big bad weapons and then this one final solution is null and void and just WW3”

Cornucopia Utopia is the type of system that you install there. Problem Solved!

{one starts by applying pressures from behind the scenes with a stated objective; one far lessens the chance of war by doing this}

“Send Them Back!” is among the real Root Causes Not Being Addressed.

“you dumb government allowed this to happen, the average person was not oversight, you again screwed up as the few ruling the many”

One side is overstating the problem and one side is understating the problem and the problem is not being dealt with and white supremacy is VERY LOGICALLY ON THE RISE, Duh!

1 + 1 = 2

2+ 2 = 4

Socialism plus Democracy = dumb

Communism plus Democracy = none

So while it may seem poignant to blow up mosques, undergoing an invasion of immigration, it is in reality two very stupid and one very criminal things.

The likelihood you got the enemy blowing up those mosques is about none.

The likely hood you killed a bunch of innocent people is about 100%.

The likelihood of gang warfare style retaliations is very high. Which means more white people and more churches may be getting targeted as a logical response. More innocent people are likely going to die as the other bad guys take a hand.

And despite our propaganda and failings we are still ahead on most freedoms, and some weapons.

(and one of our failings is that we don’t know how to pronounce Yana properly; it’s pronounced yaina or yayne-ah)

“America should always keep the fast track of immigration open to celebrities, it’s intelligent and it’s our job”

“America still needs to clean the joint up of guns and violence so it is actually safer than Russia to live in *ahem*, and this will need help from the people, the government, and hollywood/tv.”

And an Irish Holiday celebrating being boring, not having green beer or wearing green underwear, and thinking you are better than Americans.

As well as a Scottish Holiday celebrating the gullibility of the witty Irish and the glory of getting written out of the picture and upstaged by Americans.

{Next Up: Cinco De Mayo, an American Holiday celebrating Mexican Drinking}


“… it’s a Sham, it’s a Rock, it’s a Shamrock”

Hey, it was worth a try…

There was a whole generation born in the 40’s and 50′ that were active in protests in the 60’s and 70’s, and they helped write the book on this stuff.

They are now in their 60’s and 70’s

And a whole generation born in the 60’s and 70’s who are now in their 50’s and 40’s

“… and since this is the last year this can be stated maybe someone should do something with it, ya know, like Save The Whales and stuff, and you can start right here in Puget Sound Grunge-Land Washington/Canada, we just so happen to have some whales that need saving here, some old friends as it were; but don’t ignore the plight of other whales or other species in this ‘favoritism’.”

Get a job, work 8 hours a day 5 days a week 11 months a year for 40 years, buy a house, get married… and stay out of the governments business, ignore the warning signs of environmental damage and political corruption, and drink the media swill.

Get slapped in the face and say “thanks, I needed that”

And vote, of course.

{Titans do not know how to do democracies they only know how to do republics, where they rule and tell and you don’t yell but instead obey and everything will be ok for the strong that survived, genetically modified}

{Now tap your combat boot heals together 3 times and say “there’s no place like Texas, there’s no place like Texas, there’s no place like Texas”}