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Monthly Archives: March 2019

… just askin’.

{as much as it hurts compassionate liberal like myself, or half to three-quarters of myself, God’s Ways will never fully work for what happened here on Earth, but we can do a lot better than we have. Extra-Dimensionally this stuff makes a lot more sense than meat eating, unless you wanna get Ate as a method of problem removal!}

“you locked us out of our own rule over this country, coned all the power and tax dollars to yourselves, which as well means orchestration of the people in the money driven land owner society you push on us, and in the end don’t come through on a few very important things but instead build roads and bypasses”

“You are not believable to the people you rule over in the end, even when you speak your logic out it usually shows that you are a shortsighted failure who opts for economics and this is the majority of your logic in the end, and this is illogical to have you people left in charge of a planet going through what this one is right now”

“the land owner system and lack of access to food and water and a place to dwell is left to dictate terms to a world-spanning civilization”

“food and water take far less work than a job when properly set up and not left in the hands of people who like to work long hours and ignore all the rest of the people who hate it or actually can’t”

“every argument you ever had with your kids about this you were wrong about but won the argument anyways, you are isolated and conquered and not worth much when it came to out-thinking it, which was very very easy, or holding solidarity with it, which takes more than out-thinking it”

{ask where Utopia is on the government plans, you will find that it is being developed in a back room, ways are looked into on how to exploit it, and it will never really reach the political table as anything meaningful or at all, and those are the people your tax dollar are paying the wages of, which means they need you to be hard working productive citizens and pay your taxes; and since there is no fall back plan there will be no food if it defaults… in a world where all it takes is growing a whole bunch of food and canning jars!}

It brings a much cooler effect, like racing stripes and tuxedos. Near those are the beady little black eyes of a killer whale.

“I never looked at your Green New Deal, but I did hear about the price tag.”

“Green New Deal is not Cornucopia Utopia.”

“You Are Taking Money From The Actual Solution. The Self Sustaining Future. The People Free Of The Capitalist Yolk That Forces Them To Be Contributors To The Problem, That Forces Them To Work Too Hard To Care. That Forces Them To Do These Other Jobs Instead Of The Ones Of Cleaning Up The Environment That They Live In And Help Pollute.”

“The Next step deals with The People not The Government.”

“Part of The Solution is Reinventing Costs instead of Current Rates for Business Gains”

“time to ask yourself how stuff is really made and figure out how much is profits and wages as opposed to how much it would really take to make if we did it from the ground up”

-The Conduit

“Republicans have as soft spot for farming, one time fixes that actually work, cost effective solutions, innovation and engineering marvels, and self sustaining methods, things that are not a continuous drag on tax dollars”

(as well as for “people that are not trying to out-clever them and woman that aren’t too pushy”)

‘It Is Your Destiny!”

(your lawn equipment and big trucks and airplanes and helicopters are louder than me, mr and ms noise pollution, and I am still a quiet man)

{ “this is America and I’m the real patriot around here, buddy!” }

“For The Founding Fathers Waggeth Their Finger At You And Shaketh My Hand”

You didn’t recognize it because the foot is wearing a converse high-top, and wasn’t on the side of your obeying your corrupt government blindly, nor letting the liars go on winning with their scam, nor blindly obeying your scriptures, and explained that that God and Jesus coming from the sky stuff is in another dimension, like ufo’s and stuff, and that the actual story is far more Normal than that, and that a Being you thought was a Pagan God is the actual Original Eternal Infinite Being that you thought God was, and isn’t here to challenge God’s authority (25% failed) but is here to challenge your religion’s authority(50% failed), and the authority of mortal man(50% failed) who dared put themselves above Me and failed in My Eyes!

“please trade your 30 pieces of silver to pay the devil in at the tax collector, the revelation is upon you that the revolution is upon you”

“I am the maker of tools, dealing with fools, and I can beat you blind, and I don’t need a politician job anymore to know that I can beat you blind out-inventing you, I can beat you blind with a more basic view, I can beat you blind reinventing the rule”

Though there are things like Karmic Wheel and such there is also a lot of exaggerated material and The Yugas fall into this category.

In an Era of Coned Powers and Amplified Effects while Lost In Our Own Minds this method of Exaggerated Effects was being used, both in the tall tale and attempts at extending things out in different directions.

Some of these ancient scriptures may have been little more than created by mankind and passed on(though some Deity would have played it out to make it ‘real’ if it were prevalent enough or a good tale), but most or all are probably real visions, it’s just that although those the Realms are real the Info is not fully accurate.

This is Shiva Era stuff

“Brahma is at the 30 yard line”

There are some other scriptures that are not fully accurate, and these deal with God ‘creating all things’. This is the same type of tall tale done by another Being with a better mission, or so it had seemed at first. Part of God’s Mission is actually an attempt for God to save Himself and His Realm. It came up against too many other things that made it not doable until things get made safer.

“Brahma scores!”

“what an upset victory, folks, Brahma comes out of know where and wins the league”