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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Your ‘Presto Magic Belief Expectations’ and ‘Pray Circle Wish List’ really do get in the way.

“just like chasing off a rock star or millionaire you may be pushing away the actual communication with deity due to having too many expectations and too high of hyped up value… as well imagine the shame of being such a big disappointment after such a hyped-up expectation, that They helped perpetuate”

They do have evolved ways that seem mysterious and can help but there are as well limitations.

They did a really good job of trying to get a ‘Blanket of Christ’ around you spiritually and around Earth. This is a ‘third person’ effect, like a light shining on you. Oceanic is easier to do this with than Form. The Oceanic can just drape over larger area and is weaker and has a different way of interacting. The Form is where the Prime Persona is, and this would be harder to do in making a blanket for everyone.

There are things similar to Window of Opportunity and sometimes The Full Magical Effects cannot be done on demand as far as Earth goes.

That is why we say Future Perfect. It isn’t just evolving things it is as well a specific window of opportunity allowing the right extra-dimensional forces or unlocks to align. And for this it make take a designated Being. This would be The Real Being as opposed to Shards or Blankets of. This would work with a Real Group and the Unlocking would be something close to manual, but the effects would be magical.

In the case of these Avatara and Messiah there is such a Big League They are in and up against so most likely there needs to be an Overcoming Of The Problem as opposed to the other Filtration Effects that are part of Window of Opportunity and Karmic Wheel and Ages and Astrological Wheel, all of which can have an effect on the situation but the largest stuff is Overcoming and War. What happened was that They stirred up a Backlash with Messiah and now it is a fire that must be quenched first.


There is as well a ‘presto magic wish spell’ misconception that was allowed to be fostered in attempts to boost it into reality. This has however really gotten in Their way now.

… and, it ain’t God’s fault that your family member was taken from you at such an early age, it is some superstitious hoopla that as well has gotten in the way; They no doubt tried to cover all of those bases as well but it backfired on them, it was never ‘realism’, and had been used as a God’s Wrath Scare Tactic to get you to obey God when God was not around.

So Invaded Regions can be very dangerous.

I didn’t see God defeating the Devil enough over the major Ages to need to endure through the rest of this ‘prophecy hoopla’.

The Tale that is told by God does not match the truth, it matches a story made up to cover the truth, the truth is that God cannot defeat the Devil.

GOD did better than God at taking in the Devil, with Help from Titanic Church Mission, Allah, and some Predatory Talons. But in the end The Problem has a Jump on GOD just as it does on Brahma.

One of the things that They had to do was Make Peace With The Enemy and Overcome The Problem By Becoming which also meant Owning Up.

My End of Brahma could never overcome The Problem. Smaller Stronger forms of Brahma are the only Hope in this.

So while I cannot defeat the Devil and Satan any more than God can those other Beings are slowly achieving this.

A major power and predatory advantage happened on the side of the Evil Win, in the Era of Strong Wrong.

Using Up of Other Beings and thus causing Them to Dwindle is still a Major Problem being taken on and Shut Down and Lockdown.

This is one of the reasons that the Devil, who is actually stronger than God, has not been defeated.

It is also suspected now that They chose to ‘overcome’ the Devil and Satan from Titanic Macro and Reverse Invasion Usurpation Overload Overlord, plus Healing.

There are other Nightmare Dangers and Nightmare Evil, and no evidence that They have succeeded in overcoming the Devil and Satan, but They have overcome Invaded Regions bringing more functionality to Arenas that We need to work in or escape.

They have to Find The Problem and get there through a Titanic Predatory Trap.

If you had the large picture you would realize that this whole ‘Brahma’ tale is part of the story and it all loops back in.

Brahma is the Original Being and Original Authority and is related to both God and American Indian Gods.

Me was born among the white west with a trace of American Indian blood, and some Old American white blood… just by coincidence.

So the larger picture has some Macro Missing Pieces but it still is all interrelated.

The Deity that are working with Me know this, even more. They know that due to the Evolution there are parts of American Indian Gods and Hindu Gods and Greek Gods and Christian Platforms and Muslim Platforms, and Jewish Platforms, etc… and all part of a Combo with Brahma, the Original Being or Original Source.

“The Deity knew this all and tried to use it but it is a Fools Gambit, and Detracts from Success. We can only be who we are without the thing getting turned on, and it is on shutdown. It becomes a big contest of divine egos in the end”

Now I don’t get to use these other Powers unless They turn the thing on. And these are already in a Different Media with its own Flavor. (Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah, Baby Ptah-Om Ganesha; and The Chaff of Creation)

I have duties as both American Indian and White Christian… and India and Mexico, etc.

Indigenous Rights and Egalitarian Thinkers.

“In Tagging Up there is a Process that The Deity Use, and that is Briefly Piping In An Effect and having Me Write It. This was used in Their Reality Programming Attempt, but things are still on shutdown. Some of those ‘Effects’ are the part of actual Deity that are Part of Brahma by Co-Evolution, Mergers, Extensions, Thrones. They try to keep track of who was who but in the end They can Pipe in ‘A Big Effect’ and it will double for whatever They need to cover.”

This comes out as one of the wackiest things that I write, and that is The Naming and Claiming to be all sorts of Deity or Historical Figures.

They need Me to be in ‘100% Faith’ at the times They do this, and the Convincing is done by both Induced Effect and as well by Piping In Part of Deity In Question… so things are a little more complex than your average nutcase.”

The Brahma Normality can explain about The Spiritual Deity to some degree, and even has some overlapping regions and similar evolution.

Brahma is already undergoing Disabilities due to Invasions, Usurpations, Destruction, etc, products of Titanic War against Original Being. This is happening in Region. What happened for 2012 is I got jumped by one of these Regions with Others Taking On The Problem.

“there is already a form of ‘divine intervention’ going on and that is where all of the extra-dimensional info is coming from”

Brahma was not steeped in Kingship, Leader, Avatar, etc. The actual Original Normal had Brahma as the most important and largest of all Beings but trying to help out the Others, The New Beings that had come about.

There was no conflict In The Early Days of Creation, and The Titans had gotten a Strength Jump on Brahma and gone for it early on during the era of conflict. This is an Era where one Being can Invade and Usurp Another, and Grow In Size While The Other Dwindles.

This was happening to Brahma, Original Brahma, Form Brahma, Bunched Brahma, Brahma-Ptah.

Authority as we know it today is closer to Titanic, and these were the Smaller Stronger Beings that had Won The Condensing and Strength War. Titanic Ego was more severe than Brahma Big. A lot of ‘Self’ Identity comes with Form, so though Original Brahma is not Selfless there is still less Ego and Selfishness by Original Nature. Part of what happened is The Titans Stole and Kept part of Brahma and Others, and Acted Aggressively as Their Cover Response. This has been being overcome for millions and millions of years.

What could be said in his honor and of his glory. “for he is to Mission Impossible what Austin Powers is to James Bond”

Well that looks like one of them New Ptah Kids that are part Senior and part Big Mike, and that teacher looks more like one of them Gray Yang-Grey Yang great om-Creator-Chronous Guru combos.

God starts out as Void that evolves into Form

Helios starts out as a Form that evolves into Void

Some part of each of these Beings is still part Original Nature of what they started out as.

As the Void attains Form it is through Mergers. God as a Form is larger than the Void started out as.

Helios does not wish to weaken the Form and Strong so evolves a smaller part in to Void. The is more of a direct line with Helios, Strong Form to Void. Through Mergers a rapid emulation could occur. Most likely due to the Era Helios was Strong Form-Form-Vacuum-Void, all strung into One.

Helios and God come from Regions near each other, as far as Their Origins. They end up in Regions near each other elsewhere in places, and within Goddess Vacuum is one such place.

Helios and God are not always on the same side due to certain things pertaining to Goddess and Authority.

Helios is The Halo, The Healer, The Hero. This is a Hidden Person of VIP Status that is working with The Christians and God. The Knight. The King. The Gold.

Of White and Gold God is White and Helios is Gold.

Helios was the first Archangelic type Being. Ptah is said to have first created the specific ‘Light Form’ that we associate with Archangels but it was Others who Made Manifest These Things. This means Supreme Brahma as well, and this is Helios’ Closest Relative, and Alternate Self almost.

Helios is slightly closer to being Brahma than God is by stuff made of.

Helios is the stronger.

The Helios of Greece is not the full original Helios. We are in Combo Evolutions.

Helios is actually King of The West. White West.

Helios in another Combo is Thor in another Pantheon.

When I say Helios it is closer to a Norse+Asian thing with Archangel Sun God. This is an Elite God-Titan King, and a Junior Brahma, part Original Brahma even though more Supreme Brahma.

One of the problems that happened is Many of The Gods are in advanced states of bad shape, and down in smaller selves, and divided up into other beings and even Beings. Along comes this Mission to Save The Wee Ones, and it ends up Coning All The Power In An Emergency Situation To The Leader Of The Mission.

All of these other Beings get put into a different and dishonest category. As well the field got muddied so one could not tell True Gods from Pagan Gods, and it does matter due to the types of actions that will unfold.

These are Real Beings (though Their Powers have been overstated), this ain’t Disneyland, folks.

“on earth we live in human bodies but advanced combinations of what our basic spirit body is made of can have advanced effects on our ability as a person; and once again what I mean is the being incarnating in the human body, which is closer to form while spirit is closer to formless, and both may inhabit the same human body in an overlapping evolution”

There was an Energy and Strong Body. There may have been as well a higher Sentience. Original was compressed into a single place in a totally new state. This is part of The Origins of The Gods.

There was a Goldilocks Zone to this. Too much began to lead to too focused and non-retentiveness beyond a few basics, and too far away from original. What is being condensed and concentrated is not Sentience alone it is also Body.

Sentient Body is what Original Being or Original Normal is. Perhaps at a certain point of Condensing the effect of Body is taking over Nature and Sentience is not increasing. The effects are too great on another portion of the same Being. It was said that the continuation of this ‘high sentience condensing’ lead some to becoming stupider and stupider. This may have been caused by some other thing though, such as a high concentration of body as opposed to mind stemming from ‘robbed region’ caused by the original coalescing of Mind into a specific Zone. The Robbed Region was more Body. This would be the similar to body and mind separation but was happening in different regions with part of the Original Being being unaffected.

There is another aspect as well and that is The Ability to Effect or be Effected.

Part of Advanced Powers deals with this.

Spirituality of an Avatar or Divine Light of an Archangel that have actual effects upon the sentient being.

The Interplay between Form Evolution and Vacuum/Void evolution brought about effect and effected in a greater degree.

There was an older Evolution that was Mind State and this lead to Magic. This is ongoing up until the present day. Spirituality is more the the focus due to advanced situations of danger, as well as needs. This was as well the origins of these Advanced Powers, though not all of them worked outside of The Daydream Region.

Attempts to Make Magic Real have been ongoing, and involve Stronger Than Original Reality. The Original Being, Brahma, is where the aimed for effect is, ‘Making Magic Real for Brahma’s Original Normality Reality that predates Magic.

Long after Brahma said call it quits due to all sorts of Titanic Usurpation of Reality and Being and Powers Invented By Us Being Used Against Us these ‘Endeavors’ are still in progress to Make Magic Real. But it is also part Our Heritage, and I like Magic too.

Angels and Aliens are not the same thing. Humans may have mistake Aliens for Gods but that does not mean they are actually the same thing. These are two separate evolutions. Aliens have very advanced stuff and some are on evolutions with The Gods. Angels are a Specialized Being. They did not evolve like organic linear space animals. They were created a specific way with advanced sentient stuff.

Part of the ‘normal evolution’ is to have parts of ourselves that have different effects. So people may have some part of them that has a touch of angel. The basic original norm is still the media these things are being played out in. Some people may have a bit of the serpent in them as well. These are from regions of ancient powers and invasions that are being overcome.

Sometimes the higher angelic touch, done in a separate and more neutral region of the same being, is done to insure that the person or soul is still evolving the right direction, away from predatory, titanic power hunger, might makes right, usurpation, or evil.

The Mixture of Stronger than Original with Original and Daydream most likely lead to the 2nd Stage of Magic.

This is getting into the Magic that Effects Brahma, the Original Normality.

This is Real Magic as it were. Supreme Brahma is a major part of this, and due to that so is Jesus. Divine King.

This is The Story of Helios. The Halo The Golden King. Supreme Attraction. The First Being similar to a Sun (and this Predates Big Bang Universe).

Helios is Final Form where is Magic Combination and Condensing first happened (though it may have happened prior to this but not been fully realized and that was with Form Brahma (Brahma BP OB OP Ptah) Combo Journey that Final Form was made out of.

Helios was the First Titanic Strong Form though He later lost ‘The Strongest’ Competition. Helios as well had evolved part into Void, and had Mergers with Ptah, Shiva, and Brahma. Later on with OB, OP, Grey Brahma, Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah. Helios was part of Supreme Brahma that had Merged with Form Brahma and Condensed Down into Final Form Brahma, thus creating Om Void in the process, and Om Void later evolving and Merging into Goddess Vacuum and OB Form to become God.

Helios become The Magician Card in Tarot.

Existence does not revolve around GOD.

“GOD works out of a Specific Reality.”

Attempts were made to make everything coned to a central power, thus making reality revolve around one BEING. This is old Usurper Era stuff. Part of what was Usurped was part of Creation and part of God’s Mission. God’s Mission included other Beings that were ‘Made in the Likeness of God’ but were actually larger.

These were from the Titanic Realm and had been Adapted to Helping God. They were literally evolving into being more like God. Titans were bigger and stronger but less elite. God had been Evolving with the OB and thus God has a High Status. God’s Realm is actually Soft, though now part is Hard and this is Heaven, which came about afterwards as a Plane and Platform for God and The Faithful with The Mission.

The actual Being ‘God’ is not quite the same as the God of The Bible.

The God of The Bible is from an Old Usurper Era. They were as well fighting Predatory and Evil and dealing with Invaded People.

There is an Older Evolution that predates The God of The Bible. This is where The God of The Bible overstepped His Authority.

The actual God has a real Mission, and at times works with The God of The Bible. This is an old Power Base of Titans dedicated to The Mission. It is related to The Creator and Allah as well.

When I speak of these things I am talking about Real Things, it isn’t visible from Earth but it is a Real Thing and Real Beings.

The Actual Origins are with Sentient Being of Infinite Size. Things have evolved down from this, all the way into a Non-Sentient Universe.

But ‘Out There’ is still The Gods and Titans. These are Older Realms and Macro Size Beings. A mid-sized Being from there would be bigger than the sun here. Far far bigger.

Due to the actual reality of what evolved we can be stuck with some of these Macro Beings and have to follow some of Their ways.

Things can be interconnected or merged in places as well unlike what we experience of our freedom on earth in organic bodies.Some part of you that is more macro will have that merger potential but a smaller part may be more free roving.

Extra-Dimensional Technology may not need Linear Space Engineering to work, allowing it to do things we cannot.

The Original Reality just got Rebuilt. If you drape the original over the new there is enough similarity to create a connectivity or it automatically allows this.

Atomic Universe is More Complex but Older Universe has more Oneness.

There is a Separation and Mundane quality to Linear Space. Stuff from other Dimensions would be built in a place where the stuff of the universe allowed different effects.

Stuff from another Dimension would not have Atomic Structure but it would still have Original Reality Functionality.


If Conduits allowing Aliens to come to Earth for real had brought aliens here from another Dimension (they may not be from this Universe), or if the aliens had Technology from another Dimension, they could do things we cannot in Linear Space.

Hollow Earth:

Hiding In Mountains.

Walking Into Rock.

Hiding In Atomic Matter.

Moving out of ‘ability to be effected by field effects of atomic matter’, and thus ‘moving through matter’.

The problem is that the more solid other dimensional stuff fills up more space and any agitation of the atomic matter could cause a nuclear reaction. But maybe that takes radioactive atomic decay to ignite.

Stuff coming though to space would have far less atoms to disturb.

But if the Older Universe is Softer Reality as opposed to Linear Space Crystallization Plane with Extreme Conditions and Energy Locked it may more easily pass through or by it, almost like light and matter. It is too weak to have an effect or moves too far away from inter-activeness by sinking out of dimension.

The Oneness of this weaker reality allows for effects that the harder crystallized atomic effects cannot do. The flow of energy is more direct and there is a more of a connectivity and unity.

Some of this so called ‘Tech’ may have been built of Sentient Realms. Some of it may even be stolen and slaved, forcibly taken like a resource and machined. “Spaceships made of Gods.”


(more Memory Replay, but this was some of the best stuff humans had thought out or had Big Path help to think along)

The right thing is helping reinvent the civilization, getting people off the stuck with work thing, get them some non-owned lands for dwelling without rent or property taxes, and some off the grid free utilities. People will be free again and this was what was important.

Accumulation of items and gadgets has been used as a surrogate for what went missing. There will still be plenty of people who want to work and accumulate items and gadgets. This insures that the economy does not falter. The economy will be streamlined to just the more professional worker.

People working from non-owned dwelling lands with off the grid utilities at a more voluntary pace is helping alleviate a problem that the disparity of wealth is trying to tackle with socialism. These people’s money will be more from not paying those extra things, and they will have more freedom.

Equalizing things out is not the actual answer as far as money goes, some people work more and achieve more and some people are lucky, and you don’t need to drain yourself for charities at this point, you need to reinvent costs on key areas that deal with the more humanitarian aspects of civilization as opposed to the economic ones. This means medicine, medical, food/water, utilities and housing. These types of things need to be declared a different thing from other economics and heavily regulated to insure costs are always low and you do not become a bunch of corporate bloodsucking vampires exploiting the people in these areas.

“There is another very important commodity that can be bartered with here”. Free time freedom and job free lifestyles. And since you are the wealthy you can help drive down and keep prices down on projects dealing with this one time fix, and enlist the government’s help on it for regulating.

These are things that do cost money to set up but they are the one time fix solution. This works with a self-sustaining system. It works with work still being done but it is not jobs it is growing and gathering and at one’s own pace and just what one needs. Automation and advanced methods and technology make this very easy in the end. The skills that the people living here will need are much more basic and easily passed on by parents.


This seeming step in the wrong direction is a step in the right direction. Civilization is being railroaded into modernized. Or shall we say it is being brought into modernized without full utilization of what modern science can reinvent civilization into with relative ease. But more than that there is ‘the good old days’ that people lament for that keeps getting plowed down and rebuilt modern. People want to go back to simpler days and simpler times.