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Monthly Archives: October 2019

You’d be surprised. There are all sorts of extra-dimensional reasons(and regions in varying states of protection, recovery, and problem) and mitigating circumstances behind people’s bad behavior. We are on a truly long range mission and divine mission of helping evolve things back to where they need to be, back to where they slipped away from. Getting back to Eden, esoterically speaking.

These things effect the real person, the real us, at the level of what is erroneously thought of as ‘the spirit body’. It’s just us, man, just Us, the people animating the organic body that are gone when the organic body dies, but were not just the product of brain activity. We are The Inhabitant that is not off this universe but exploring it. We are not foreigners here, we are professions that have been doing this for millions of earth years in different species of organic bodies on earth, and in replication universes in the astral and ethereal plane as well as some of the older universe.

Part of The Sentient Experience is Conduits of Macro to Man to Micro.

In this Template it is important to note that this is Original Versions of Man and Micro. Man is far larger than entire continents of mankind. Micro is far larger than Atomic and Molecular. These are from Original Evolution that was doing these levels. Man is part of a Recombination as Smaller and Weaker of Macro and Normal. Not all of Macro is Form or Strong.

Groundic Macro is smaller but stronger, as an overall thing, than Oceanic Macro. But Groundic Macro can Influence and even Wield both Oceanic Macro and Original Normal. So it is never a fair contest.

Outside was always Normal. Macro for this Writing is Form Power Coded, and is part of The Titanic Realm. Beyond Macro is Original Brahma Normal, but as well is what is left of Ptah Daydream Universe and Magic Realms with Shiva and Proto-Ptah and Brahma-Ptah. Mundane and Magic have been in conflict since long before the human species came about.

First of all there are certain drugs that are a problem due to both the psychological effects as well as the addictive chemicals.

These are serious problems that should not be ignored nor enabled.

But there is a further argument that deals with the whole ‘categorization and classification’ of things and a strict zero-tolerance and abstinence mentality in those trying to police the situation.

One of the things you do in policing the situation is break the law by writing laws and punishing people with them. This is one of The Fundamentals that goes missing from the discussion.

Another thing is that there are different types of drugs. Caffeine is a drug so important that most of the working man population would not want to face the day without it. It is more than just an addiction, and it can be minor addictive. This drug is an intrinsic part of many people’s lives.

Now let us move to a different class of drug: alcohol and marijuana. These as well should be seen as part of a basic normality. They both have debilitating effects but these are offset by physiological value of relaxation, enjoyment, creativity, and boldness/blunt honesty (not always accurate, mind you, but still very important). Did I mention sex..?

There is a further class of drugs such as opium and cocaine.

Which next goes into things such as heroine and meth and crack.

This last class of drugs is ‘The Drug Problem’.

The Punishment needs to be merely Confiscation without court time or jail time, unless you throw punches or hassle the cops too much. Opium and Cocaine should be further investigated for the potentialities of breeding/refining them down to less potent and less addictive levels. The others such as heroine and meth should be kept illegal and confiscated without further hassles.

1: Caffeine and Nicotine

2: Alcohol and Marijuana

3: Cocaine and Opium

4: Crack and Heroine

(Hallucinogens would be 3 and 4 on that scale, though mild amounts can be done easily and then it is a 2. I would put Meth as a 4 overall, though it is closer to a 2 as an effect the long term debilitation due to addiction is more like a 4.)

“The Utilitarian Doctrine that is still too much a part of The Rulership does not understand The People enough and misses that things like Drugs are a Normality, The Sentient Experience can enjoy these things to a great degree. Instead of being an obstructionist your role needed to be more of one of lessening or eradicating the dangers of drugs, as well as a full knowledge of drugs instead of an old religious morality driven mentality still trying to police a situation too diverse for it to encompass with it’s abstinence and obedience routine. There is a Basic Stable Normal that should not be on drugs, and this applies to people who don’t use beyond caffeine, and those who use but not all the time or all day. This helps ensure a functioning society.”

But ya’ll been bogged-down for decades.

There is a basic problem here from a long time ago with us in our anger and puritanical impulses while policing a situation.

There are real crimes out there that deserve some form of strict punishment, from penalties to imprisonment to even death sentence in a few select horrible cases.

But the basic mentality of the citizen needs to change, The big zealous judgment and group gang-up thunderbolt from on high.

This is pure and perfect in it’s own way it just needs to get out of people’s faces and out of the punitive sector of justice.

There are as well some things that are not being rationally dealt with, and in part from an old morality blindness, and these have got sentences as well that needs to be dissolved of legality.

“isolation into padded prisons and a guaranteed 3 square meals a day and some mild entertainment should be the going rate instead of ‘the rapist prison’ method now currently in progress”

“sanctions sound good, but sanctions don’t work well enough; war sound good, but war is not ultimately viable up against nuclear armed adversaries”

The Economy has to be Regulated to prevent Exploitation of The People.

Taxes are very logical in the end. High taxes are not a very good approach.

“businesses whose profits are dedicated to causes should be used to solve some of the problems”

In the end it becomes very apparent that this present system is wasting our time and Cornucopia Utopia needs to get built.

You spend, say, $90,000,000 a year on homeless in your state, but they are still there at the end of it. I would take that money and buy up property that is affordable, away from most others preferably, and move the homeless there. I would spend money on inexpensive food means, and preferably an abundance being grown locally at full speed ahead without once thinking about how this will effect farmers in the economy. Farming predates the economy and is far more important to life on earth. Go for the self-sustaining solution and one time fix instead of the continuous tax dollar influx.

Conservative and Liberal evolved in different Regions.

These are two very important functions.

If you took Conservative and Liberal and added them back together there would be something similar to Normal. It would not actually be Normal and Normal is a larger back drop that was always there, and indeed literally always there, before The Dawn of Creation even. The same ‘adding back together’ applies for gender as well, for if you add male and female together you get something like androgynous but Brahma is more male than that, sorry ladies.

Form and Conservative tend to have some past connection.

Formless and Liberal tend to have some past connection.

These are not just Evolutions of The Original Being there are other Changes going on at the same time that stem from Mind States of Eternal Infinite Being, and Robbed Regions within Original Eternal Infinite Being.

Eternal and Infinite are not Normal. There is an Elevated Value and there should be. It is part of Our Heritage.

In the actual Reality it is Normal that is older than Eternal and larger than Infinite. And though this seems silly it is a very important point. Language and Words themselves can have ‘coding’ and we learn this from others as well as it being supported extra-dimensionally within sentience. This is related to spirituality and magic as well of course.

These are things that are within Sentience that one would not be able to spot with linear space microscopes and telescopes. You may, however, be able to experience them yourselves, but no doubt brushed them off into some logical categorization that is rational-based but missing some links, and is capable of appearing right all the time by rejectionism of the rest and adherence to the visible measurable linear space universe (that they also think is a one shot gig, and there is not heaven and hell or reincarnation, it just ends; that is rational from the visible and measurable but not the actual truth, though heaven and hell and reincarnation have been overstated)

“Life is both of this universe and beyond, and it was by intent that these things evolved into a randomly evolving universe. Sentience predated the Universe and it was Sentience that actually Created The Beginnings of what became The Big Bang Universe. It was not all planned out but had an engineering like direction that it would evolve into and new effects were the big thing being sought for (as opposed to it all having been Created”

The Stories passed down are too far off into Tall Tale + Attempts to Make It Real by Titanic Powers overriding Original Normality (… a Crime In Progress against Original Being) and Human Made Lore, as well as Special Fib Evolutions that allow for heightened and/or varied experiences.

‘that bad, hun?’

Yeah, I reckon.

… you could always start hanging out with bi-partisan republicans for a while and reinvent your platform.

Get away from ‘the group activity’ and present standard, be your own man.

As it is there is too much echo chamber butterfly effect that is bad for the economy. Too much preaching to the choir off of overstated information.

You have a real cause but it is not being handled in the best way. A little too punitive and ahead of everyone else. A little too extrapolated, a little too costly, a little too much of a change.

So it really does boarder on being ‘fake news’.

Now, I totally agree that the News has got to be the 4th Power (and The Military the 5th Power that attains a higher status during times of conflict, which can also be exploited) to create a more effective checks and balances.

So a president going after the news is a bad thing indeed.

When the news needs to shape up a bit it is no longer this thing that is ‘unquestionable’. And as it harasses a president a president is harassing it back.

And some of the stuff is actually real complaints against the media but all the media can see is the classic corruption being covered up by rhetoric and denial/going off course.

Now when we look further we see The Wall. I do not find this to have been the bad idea that you do. I see it as quite intelligent and likely to have some effect in stopping a flood of immigrants over our southern boarder. I don’t agree with the tough stance of classic right-wing oriented anger authority and so I don’t agree with the way it is being policed.

I, like any normal person, have a bias similar to racism that is aimed at every racial group of people now and then, and that includes every species of white as well. I have a larger elasticity of a more relaxed normal and don’t stay bathed in my bias for long, nor is it of an elevated value to me. It is of value and should not be removed for the sake of ‘us all getting along’, which approaches dishonest the way it is being handled by ‘political correctness’.

I do not support ‘the evil eye’ being aimed at Mexicans or South Americans. These are our neighbors on a global scale. They should be among the higher levels of immigrants, but not one long continuous influx.

There are two truths in some things and this is relative to our viewpoint, our personal experience, our heritage and environment we grew up in. Our individual ‘normality’.

But the zealous ‘final victory’ of the know-it-all eternally ahead of ya is a one-sided view mistake that gets in the way of a larger success that is more relaxed and normal.

I am taking the charges as real, they seem to be a classic case of power abuse in their own way, I find shutting down an investigator worse than the sleazy big money job for his son.

But what the heck are those big power positions for if you can’t pull that kind of stuff on people {huh, titans?!}. It is the kind of thing many people would fall prey to in that kind of position of power. We are in a long slow process of overcoming our titanic heritage and our tyranny.

“In the end I find more harm done by republicans every time they go back to removing environmental laws, and this isn’t even called corruption but it is, than what Joe did.”

“I think Joe earns his place the old way, it is not just a matter of no alternative candidate, and though Trump may be teflon personally there seems to be a lot of corruption secretly surrounding him that gets brushed under the rug all too quickly as he and his people are out policing the situation with a political eye”

A man’s gotta have a bit o’ warhawk in there somewhere or I just don’t trust them at the helm. They still have to be a fighter. The liberal method blinded me to myself. A man can’t be too much of a warhawk or I just don’t trust them at the helm. They are prone to making the wrong decisions, and their corruption can lead to Totalitarian America (End of Freedom), and must be fought.

{Don’t cater to the millennials but instead bring them along by not losing ground on the old world}

“just the facts, man, just be good solid policy and well-studied and well-thought out platforms to not be unhorsed from… and no more of that democrat extrapolation method coupled with irate groups of butterfly effect”