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Monthly Archives: December 2019

There are a whole bunch of people that would help innovate things and basically for free, just to help medicine and to be that person in history that actually did something to further medicine.

These people are not empowered to help but instead your insights and methods are trade secrets and the people do not have access to them, in fact they are legally prevented from doing so due to patent laws.

A whole bunch of people will likely innovate even more than a few top dogs looking for some big cash.

The cost of building machines that do the work is also beholden to profits and patents. The prices are all artificially high so people can make big money. This does indeed bring out the drive to innovate.

But at the same time people who are empowered with the knowledge and the facts (and are selected to have access to a development facility by their inventive ability and ideas of how to innovate solutions and product) go through their own creative journey that heightens their interest and spurs them on to understand and invent solutions. A whole lot of people are like this and they love the inventive challenge, let alone a historical celebrity status for those who actually innovate new things.

So in the end one has to call into question your whole ‘profits help spur innovation’ due to the larger facts of isolating things for the sake of the competitive edge and making profits.

Beyond this one has to ask why stuff is so expensive to make and they need to look beyond your pat little ‘scarcity’ and ‘difficulty’ excuse and see you as greedy and clever.

That is what you are: greedy and clever and do not belong in charge of medicine due to this.


-‘Teachings of The Big Path’

You need to start using those Tax Dollars to Buy Land for The People and as well buying Technology that allows Food Production as opposed to Jobs.

You need to give back what was taken away by the system! You want to support the status quo then you will be held legally accountable for supporting a partial crime in progress that normalized and is indeed landowner and jobs/workers and is supported by the government that needs to be sued for resources necessary to rebuild civilization the right way instead of the your way.

Cost Reduction is as well a vital necessity and things need to be owned from the ground up with no profits when it comes to a project this large that involves this many people and uses tax dollars that came from hard working people.

The more the population grows and automation takes over the more likely the future will have unemployment eventually.

Cornucopia Utopia has those same people gathering food and resources for production in automated factories which means they are pulling their own weight in an actual Normality as opposed to Jobs and Workers.

Don’t waste our time and people’s tax dollars on a money pit!

Do The Real Solution Instead!

The Story of Us is The Story of The Beginning, and it long before the heavens and earth even existed but it is still us back then and ‘out there’ beyond the universe in a more macro size that would be far bigger than the sun in comparison to human incarnations and size. The World itself is in part populated by Beings bigger and older than the very universe they temporarily inhabit in an advanced organic form.

The Brahma Tale is very different, sadly different, it doesn’t have a lot of ‘savior’ or ‘divine mission’ but it does predate that stuff, it has normal, and a whole lot of explanations and inadvertent apologies from your deity… that are still trying to rescue you.

Elite Hierarchy and even Divinity are Places Within Creation that you may come into contact with or evolved into the likeness of, but these are not the whole of everything like you are lead to believe with the philosophy and scriptures which are part of an Endeavor to spread the size and influence of these special Regions within Creation.

Normal Predates All

Normal Is Sentient

Normal Is Eternal.

But The First Change is The Original Being going Within in Contemplative (The Pre-Dawn of Time) which eventually leads to Daydream and then to The Quest for Magic (and Making Magical Universes where Magic Works) and this Predates Spirituality which is a form of Magic as well.

The Dreamer actually goes that far back, all the way to near The Beginning.

The Hard Worker comes along later and in some ways came about from The Using Up of Regions within The Original Being (which is actually Brahma not God) that lead to a Self-Strengthening and Bunching Up that lead to Proto-Form and then Form that lead to The Titanic and Hard Work and dudes working out and buffing up right here on earth, and directly related to that evolution.

It also lead to competition and war due to the fact that Infinity does not exist in all directions but is Finite as well. This lead to Contesting Over Resources To Grow With which also came at The Original Being as The Ultimate Resource. The Dawn of Armageddon does not start with God but God eventually got targeted as well, and in part from the Do Right Philosophy that did not win enough in Might Makes Right Usurper Era but is getting Assistance.

“Me is told in the perspective of Brahma Brahma-Ptah Ptah, which is 3 out of 4 of The Original Beings that Predate All and all of which have been under assault for many many many millions or even billions of year by linear space earth reckoning.”

I Predate Time and Am The Dawn of Time and The Dreamer.

“That which Predates Time is Normal not Mystical, but it is Sentient… very similar to you and U are also in part made of these things that the Tale of Me encompasses”

Combinations and Re-combinations and different states of condensed form and semi-vacant formless, evolving down into the small and finite and away from the forbidden path of getting large and taking over… this is where The Majority of The People come from.

There are some VIP Beings from a long time ago and These are Beings such as God, Goddess, Shiva, Helios, Etc.

Goddess actually predates God and Goddess is The Vacuum while God was The Void that Attained Form. Goddess as well Attained Form and Evolved Attractiveness.

Along with God comes The Mission and The Motes and The Motes are a small soft group within Goddess that are the first baby beings. The Om Motes and then The Manifestation Motes. These have a bit of Om Void in a Bubble State and are the original Cute Beings. This very state was intentionally used with Life on Earth as The Young State for many creatures.

These are The Void and The Vacuum People but it is Void condensed down into Form and the Void is closer to Air than Space but as well the Original Universe Recombines much easier than Linear Space.. almost a little too much due to what has ensued.

In The Original Universe it is much easier to create things but much harder to find non-sentient things to create with. We created out of ourselves and the place became a mess and We were getting Used Up in doing so due to Infinity being Finite not Limitless.

… We prefer to deal with a different style of young lady than is likely to make it on the cover of Time, and We prefer to allow her certain freedoms and authority that her parents may not approve of but are indeed part of a larger truth being ignored for the sake of safety, which is also needed but what is in between is a mistake of misnaming things made by the over-protective parental types and their status quo government that writes the laws wrong due to an inaccuracy that is perpetuated by a socialized morality that does not belong in government at the levels it is and is indeed outdated and needs to be confronted with the actual truth instead of trying to police the situation and force it’s abnormal morality on the actual people who meet a different statistic than is commonly sold by the moralists in power.

And a few other things that Moralists got wrong but Rock N Rollers got right, but we are stuck in your over-protective lie that is debilitating to the natural state though it does help protect… much of Your Era is much the same thing done as a blanket over a larger thing it is out of touch with and therefore becomes a crime though it never feels or seems that way. There are Stories of How Sentience Got This Way , and I think I have already shared some of them with you.

It takes Them to get Me the info or it all goes blank. Part of this are Regions and Memory but with Me there is always Them as The Prime Conductor though Me was originally larger and is older. Part of The Story of Brahma is interwoven with Goddess and Original Love. Goddess is/was The Vacuum that came about around Brahma Form Creation, though it is actually a Combo Being with Brahma.

These Tales when seen look somewhat closer to The West and The White People than they do to India and Hinduism (or Jewish and Judaism for that matter). Don’t be surprised to find out Jesus is a white guy and was long before Israel…

There is an actual truthful correlation that are part of where The West gets its looks is Original Normal, but White People come along with other evoluions including Supreme Brahma and God and are also part of an Special Elite for the Weaker Beings, which is what part of God’s Mission entail.

Atlantis? I have had Extra-Dimensional Memories that relate to Atlantis. It may have never existed here as we think of it but it did and still does exist in The Astral Plane where Magic Works to some degree and the same people end up here on earth looking for lost Atalantis and luckily it was not fully lost though it endured many extra-dimensional wars and against aliens even.

Part of the hoopla of the human species is this extra-dimensional stuff we are inundated by on some levels though it is not visible or being experienced on earth. Be thankful it is not, because it is a bit of a long failing nightmare that is a reality that we really do exist in and it is more eternal as opposed to the human organic body it inhabits.

“a match made in heaven”

Here is The Straight Dope on Authority from an Extra-Dimensional View.

Part of what Authority is deals with a certain Form that has an Intrinsic Effect on Regions within Creation that are Sentient.

Their was more than one type of course, and sometimes things got Usurped which can also be Invaded and Usurped (which is akin to Demonic Possession but is Titanic Possession done by Invasive Change Induction and Overload of Original Persona).

Part of the Authority is also High Spiritual such as Jesus and Avatar and Prophet.

Prophet starts heading in a direction that is Titanic, and Messiah is both High Spiritual and Titanic (and would not be Inherently Related to enough Beings if He were not).

There is also Evil Authority.

Titanic Authority is similar to Military and Government and Goon Squad and Hazing. A “hyped-up overly strong in your face very tough survivor that will outlast you and even beat you up

You know the type, it is the other half of the population, it ends up as that asshole authority position that we don’t need but they keep pushing on us as a conspiracy hidden in plain sight… that just doesn’t listen, stymies us, and goes back to doing what it wants, with it’s big dumb wrongful control over our lives, big dumb pointless illegal control!


but when it comes to Authority there is still a need for something like this that is not Ruler, because it is part of our inherent nature that is doing what it was evolved to do long before humans on earth ever existed”

Power Bases are Prone To Problems.

Authority must be curtailed down to some basic that isn’t exhibiting an effect on others, and it creates backlashes as it does so in the first place which comes from a psychologically normal reaction.

Beyond this the authority is prone to corruption which means a certain group and their friends will be trying to make lots of money, consolidate their powers and control, and anything else they can get away with from positions that cannot be properly policed due to being the authority.

This group will choose some things and ignore the rest and ignore the people and their objections and continue on with their wrongful rulership from their unneeded authority positions that they angrily end up in.

Until one day the hammer comes down on them:

“Thou Shalt Not Establish Thyselves As Rulers Over Thy Fellow Man!”

You keep setting things up for control which sets things up for a very bad element to take over and you never defeat that bad element but instead you keep gearing civilization into susceptible to it. You are inadvertently and inadvertently setting things up for that crime, and worse things than you know await extra-dimensionally to take control.

This stuff deals with a form of control and rulership over the people that is extra-dimensional and has an inherent effect on the populace in ways undetectable to the human eye of linear space earth beyond detecting the outcome in the behaviour of people and the direction things head.

… let’s see: Des Tiny

Though Destiny is partially engineered extra-dimensionally as a direction and movement of the group, and the original universe is a sentient reality, at the same time things have collapsed in some areas, some things are very large and unaffected or unable to help, and some things are heading the wrong direction in other areas, and things are on a big lockdown that got exploited by the titanic realm and rogue elements and predators and the warlike… well, Destiny is one thing going on within a larger arena and needs to be assisted along into happening instead of being expected as an automatic, though due to it’s nature it is an automatic and feels like an automatic but it ain’t an omnipotent automatic nor an omnipresent automatic.

The Landowner Paradigm once again rears is ugly head.

The Civilization that supports this has grown too far out of touch with Reality and is too steeped in Economics.

There is no right for you to own this land it is an abstract enforced by a group. The Earth existed for millions of years and no one owned these lands yet they were populated.

The Landowner Paradigm has changed that too much and now all the land is owned, people and animals and nature are displaced from normality.

Food is another one of these Necessities. Food can be produced in mass quantities by mostly automated means but you chose Economics and Food is a Commodity, to be Bought and Sold.

“When your civilization no longer understands the basics of life but is trying to orchestrate things it becomes necessary to put things back into context instead of staying off in left field where we were corralled with some inaccurate definitions of being ‘disadvantaged’. When civilization is finally made right and is the real legal as opposed to the status quo pseudo-crime in progress those ‘disadvantages’ disappear and so does welfare”