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So, you are good on national security?


You are such a bunch of crooked hard-nosed assholes who make enemies for us, so it is a good thing you are their manning the station, you owe it to us.


I am not a disarmament believer, the world is not ready yet, the universe has not been determined safe.



But what you people are doing is actually being dictatorial one-sided view-point lack of realism with a big fist realism.



You won’t get very far making peace with the world, unless it is part of a larger scam, with your counterparts around the world.


The World is a more dangerous environment to live in because of you people.





This Writing Is Edited Down From It’s Original Stock.

These People Know Who You Are.

They Know What You Do Behind The Scenes.

They Know More Than I Would Ever Care To About A Whole Lot Of People.



And They Are Not A Government, They Are Literally The Gods, Including God.


They Have Been At War And Stuck In This Smaller Place, The Universe, That They Did Indeed Create, But No Longer Remember The Full Statistics.



Infinity At War With Infinity.

The Titans At War With The Gods


Titans = Tend Towards Conservative, Military

Gods = Tend Towards Liberal, Harmony