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This Is Always Among The Top Solutions.



Keep To Excellent Standards, And Inexpensive As Possible.


‘Make Things For Maximum Last, Not For Fueling The Economy.’



Key Log Areas Are A Good Idea, Like Gov Fuel And Electricity, But You Could Branch Out Into ‘The USA 50’s Diners’ Fast Food Franchise, With Loyalist Customers.


‘Good Car Maker’. Inexpensive Cars That Last For 50+ Years And Stay In Style. Make Things For Maximum Last, Not For Fueling The Economy.


Revolution Racks Outfitters, Clothing Store For The Outdoors And Retro.




Be The Best. Be The Bold.

Be The Next McDonalds

Be The Next REI




“Don’t Get Stuck With The Pemex Paradigm, And People Pointing Preemptive Fingers, While Their Caterpillar Legs Stumble”


Do Things Right, By Learning From The Wrong (Not Just The Right), And Not Repeating What They Did, Duh.



Keep A Light Tax At Stores.


Slightly Tax The Middle Class. Lightly Tax The Rich.


Off The Grid For The Rest. Renewable Energy. Car Or Tent Or RV Living If Necessary.

Pay Farmers To Pump Out Food. Pay People To Hand Out Food. Just Basic Staples.

Someone Will Still Be Selling And Buying Pastries And 5 Course Meals.


Basic Costs Such As Rent Must Be Kept Down.

Or A New Solution Must Be Found.




“Uncle Sam Is Still Better Than Commander Capitalist At Taking Care Of The Needs Of We The People”


You Don’t See Far Beyond The Military Viewpoint, Angry Sour Republican.




War Is Something You May Actually Lose If You Push It Too Long. Just Like A Returning Champion Boxer.