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Do You Know What A Shill For Fossil Fuel During A Looming Global Warning Crisis Is?


A False Prophet.




“When A False Prophet Confronts A Crazy Prophet, The False Prophet Doesn’t Get It. He Thinks Things Are The Other Way Around”




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Your People Specialized On Controlling And Manipulating The Situation. On Man To Man Confrontation, And Groups To Gather And Assimilate Facts.





‘A Mean Spirited Angry Gang Of Church Going Adolescent Maturity Satanists, With An Intrusive Abusive Approach To Ascertaining Truth. They Don’t Even Know They Are Satanist, It Was Solidified In Their Make, Their Church Going A Programmed Behavior To Keep It Down’




You Are Literally A Bunch Of Pseudo Criminals On The Run From Infinity, Usurpers Of Creation.




Relying On Your Organization For Verification Is Pointless And Sometimes Dangerous, You Counter Out So Much Evidence With Wrongful Means In Real Time, But Not Visible From Law Abiding Church Going Earth.



“Congratulations, Republican! You Inherited A Titanic Conspiracy!”