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Pound For Pound Strength In Infinity Is A Localized Effect, Relative To Itself.

Get something very strong and it can just chew it’s way through infinity.
Get something that can do this but grows with the fuel it eats up, and it doesn’t dissipate much but is added unto, with a retreating as much as possible as the only defense.

This is one of The Confrontations that Exists still.

There is also The Body Of Infinity.

This is, instead of a Vast Territory, a Single Being, or Thing.

A One Step Process.

{We will still be getting back to girls in their undies, btw, so don’t think you are getting off the hook on that just because we are talking about stunningly high concepts.}

The Onset of Creation and Evolution has Few Factors that got exploited.

The Advent of Stronger Beings, and a Need To Insure Survival VS Being Swallowed Back Up Into The Original Eternal Infinity.

The Era that Predates this, the Ptah Daydream, a Weaker But More Advanced State. The Original Eternal Infinity had Evolved Into This ‘Second Self’, and was ‘Induced With Mentality’ and Shoring Up To Make Stable/Forever. The Origins of OP (Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, Ptah)

The Strong Being came about when ‘Brahma Awoke From Ptah Daydream’. Part of Brahma was in the Daydream and got changed and caught. The Origins of OB (and Absolute Brahman, Baby Ptah)

Stronger More, More Instinctive Than Original Being Normal

Original Being Normal

Weaker, Quicker, More Creative Than Original Being Normal

Both are being Fed Fuel by Original Being.

“This Predates Knowledge Of Finite. ‘The Ability To Be Used Up; Changed, Overloaded, Locked Down.”

This Process Got Trapped In Time And Space In A Forced Looping Transference Cycle.

The Deity Had Cleverly Exploited Things.

“Brahma should not get caught in His Own Creation” was the ranking attitude, and Ya’ll are stenchy descendants of the Same People who Done This” {But not all. Goddess and Om are Others who are were not listened too enough by Those In Control, and got Framed. They Too Were Invaded And Oppressed. This Too Is The Story Of ‘The Wrath of God’. The weaker Beings were always ahead of the thing, legally speaking. Titanic Era brought a Huge New Reality Approach, that didn’t examine the full facts.”

Along the way as well comes Goddess, and Love and Baby Beings(Motes, Cutes, with Om in Goddess, and as well Little Forms Lighting Goddess Up), and Eos, Goddess evolving like Om and sometimes in Om, and part of The Clear Goddess Origins. Goddess evolved a large ocean like that was like Eos.

‘Eos-Great Eos-Shekti-Grey Yin’

‘Girls’ are a whole stage of evolution within Goddesses, and very successful, not attaining the jaded or control-freak problem that natural occurs up against what has been going on in competitive era Creation.

This is related to God as well, who evolved from Om Void in Vacuum at the same time Eos game about, and Who Lights Up Mother Goddess as a Form in a Vacuum, partially made of Vacuum. God played the man role and dad role, but when back to the True Blessings of No Sex Zones and Spirituality In Lieu of Sex) and Sex(originally from Shiva and Shakti).

These are Very Important Driving Forces.

This Starts with Vacuum and Form and Attracting Back, but Goddess as well needs to stay somewhat Weak to maintain Pure Female. When the vacuum get filled up Goddess original nature changes. When She creates a Form of Condensed Self this is still Her Persona, but She is Changed (in reality She and Her are with Shiva and Helios, and She was Shakti+Shiva, and Her Goddess+Helios).

The Era of Transference brought and Ability with Extensions to Add Unto Oneself. This is where Big Goddess(Goddess) and Great Goddess (Shakti) had originally come from, but too much Transference and Overload happened (there is also a Titanic Usurper War In Progress, and Goddess is Coveted, and during Bonding Era get treated as Owned, and through sex and love, gets owned on a different level, and needs it ‘to help shore up the vacuum’. Part of Her Better Nature is in being the Woman.

She has fun being this ‘original self’. It is a high value in creation, is highly experiential, and a big original honesty. Shakti already stats out as a stronger vacuum. Om is the next state and this is Void, and relates to Original Babies as well as Eos, part of Goddess evolved weaker into Voidlike. Goddess as Eos is original Girl.