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You are part of a Major Conspiracy, and Your Mentality is part of that Conspiracy.

An old Punk Me Down.

An old Invader-Usurper Gangbang Turn It Back On ‘Em

You got ruined ruining Me but were strong enough to maintain critical control and went on ruining Me.

You actually as well have a Major Conspiracy against Goddess as well, part of Your territorial punk ass attitude towards Me is from this.

“The Beat ‘Em Up Boyfriends”

Wrongful Control.

Engineering People’s Behavior

Purification Zeal Murder Mentality

Thinks They Are An Investigative Authority Capable Of Carrying Out Justice. They once were, but things fell, and They perpetuated some of the worst injustice of all.

Thinks Others should listen to Them, for once They were in the lead of Cleaning Up The Mess. They not only failed but got stuck in a role of trying to tell others what to do, and it being a massive engineered conspiracy now, yet They pretend it is still all the same, situation. “as things Collapsed, You had a bad attitude towards just about everyone else, and this basically replicated for millions of years into millions of different people.

Bad At Listening. Bad At Anger Issues.

Many of the Elite are part of this, and They thought it would be Them with Their Titanic Realm Kingship and Most Handsome Couple, and Skills and Tests that would Be The Definitive At The End.

They pushed Their Religion on Me.

They are a gang-bang superstitious assault with Their Religion.

“You King, Me Emperor, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY FACE! You Don’t Have It Going On. You Can’t Even Fucking Wake Up. You Have A Massive Assault In Progress. You Failed At Halting It. You Failed At Evolving Into Something Realistic. You Have Made Massive Amounts Of Enemies”