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A.) lost touch with itself.


B.) is not suppose to know itself fully or more fully, until a set time, or more applicably, until things are safe enough.

It is Us and us.

Things are mismatching in size and scale, methods, feasibility, rightful actions up against success rate wrongful conduct in an overpowered flying blind and drunk driving actual reality templates.

Us is actually ‘Tagged for OB’. It is the actual most important one of these things, but it doesn’t show so, it is Mundane, and a safe society, the very world we live in now. OB is The General and The Bus Driver and The Law in Macro.

The Process also got Compromised by Bad Forces. Very strong Bad Forces. This means Our Normal Process Engage, but they are Dogged By Ambush, Sneak Attack Assassin, Invasive Forces That Can Become Others Like Demonic Possession And Call Them Into Action (I would normally live terrified of this, and would have stopped writing a long time ago, but it is not possible anymore, and They have done a marvelous job, and I don’t want to change or challenge too many things or or people or need to win a man to man or man to woman confrontation, that is an A Authority hangup)

There are a Few Things Brahma Roots Will Not Tolerate From Authority Anymore. Pay Attention! And Since The Process Lost Touch With B Authority It Has Been Flying On False Equality- Brahma, The Original Autority.

A Natural Authority. Original Being All Things Descended From, But Few Things Truly Are Anymore, Including Me Not Fully Is. The Programmed A Authority Version Is Partial Crime In Progress, End Of Day War Gambit Of One VS All… It Sounds Good It Feels Good[Macro Causal], It Feels Bad It Is Bad(Micro Effected). It Is Bad In Actual Reality)

This was an Invader-Usurper assault from many many millions of years ago, and it has been constricting down (we are an Earth Group, or a Modern Universal Group, stuck on This End the whole time), and as well it is getting healed and warred and depowered from the Other Side, which can have bad consequences and take a long drawn out time and overpowered gone wrong nightmare.