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It is Supported by Pillar Power, and Intrinsic Beings, and was Encoded for Sentience from ages ago.

These are in Proto-Universe as well as Other Dimensions (Astral, Ethereal, Etc).

There is a basic limit here, just like with Vedas and Bible and other Scriptures.

These things have a Reality, they are from Other Dimensions, and Effect Life, and are part of The Actual Beings Who Co-Evolved Life, as opposed to the ‘random non-guided evolution’ that science adheres to looking for proof but failing to find some. It is also a randomly evolving universe with partially randomly evolving species, that are enhanced from deity from ages ago in just who they/we are…

Out beyond it all is Brahma, where Mystic Law no longer exists, and it is very similar to earth, without the problems or government or laws.

Being Brahma B Authority and stuck in all of this, I am not the newb you would assume from the above.

I am one of the continuous vip level thinkers and advisers to the actual Macro A Authority , who are new but stronger and more actually related to the majority of beings. I am usually stuck out here as a very smart but gummed up commoner, and therefore had the answers even God would have missed, with all of that Functionality and armies of followers and kin.

Utopia for Earth is Only Real Solution.

Many are just too broken or exhausted or mean to have a ‘heaven on earth’.

But keep up the good work and all, it is working slowly but surely. Don’t push that good guy stuff anymore, it is only half Me here at The End.

‘I was Robbed, and they all got Forgiven!?! Hey, what are You trying to push here!’