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But I do know what I am talking about.

We are both working off of facts.

Yours are steeped in linear space, what the common person and your peers think.

Mine are not confined to just linear space or the common wisdom of earth people (not the best place to put that much trust into, if you really begin to dig deeper into people and notice the blank spots and angry rejectionist retorts instead of thought out responses).

Even science gets it wrong with presuming God and such doesn’t exist because of no proof.

God does exist, and there is no proof (until The Big Path overtakes things, and then you realize what God looks like, who God is, your uncle George is related and has the look and so does Santa Clause, but God is not what God has been made out to be).

God is a Real Being, and God needs our help. God did not at all put all of His stock into being this God that you have made Him out to be. And as well God has a Power Throne, and a Titanic Dad with The Big Path, and that too handsome Uncle, Supreme Brahma. And that Beautiful Woman, Goddess, and that beautiful Daughter, Eos. And all of those cute little beings, and the baby states we see in the world that are cute.

There is a lot of BS that gets fed through Here from Reality Templates. It is part of the flavor, but They police it down eventually with Original Facts instead of Rematrixed Beings and Realigned Facts. Sentience Usurper Supplied Normalized Responses.

But these are a Big Major Stable Reality, or more than one, and They get Me some of the good original stuff, The Real History. The Real Story.

Even They have lost touch in places, having created New Realities with New Origins Stories.

This is part of A Authority.