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Helios SB

Helios OP

Things got stuck in being too serious and warlike, yet up against real entrenched problems that never went away and reincarnated until today, and Helios as the Golden King justice old

The Illuminati work with The Gods, and Helios and Supreme Brahma are VIP among The Gods, as is God. They keep the good information around, and help Us/We in The Great Awakening. The Final War/The No War Finale. The Illuminati are smaller but as well a titan group that works with bigger Titans and as well The Church.

Helios is also Thor.

This is a Holy Being that is not know to The Church.

The Sun God and The Son of God are Related.

The High King and Holy King are both The Eternal King.

This is SB Helios Line.

The Lord God is also part Helios, and is Big Mike Line with, probably part Deo and OP.

Helios and Big Mike are both allied and enemies, overall.

Helios and Supreme Brahma also evolved with White Ptah, who is part Supreme Brahma. This is a High White Line that my be bigger than God. This is also related to The Elves and The Birds. ‘SB White Ptah Helios will produce a miraculous being right here on earth, David Bowie is the top archetypal example. A high elf incarnate among humans, and it shows…

White Ptah is a major part of and one of the major forces of The Illuminati.


OB Form Region -> The Alpha. The Guardian.
Goddess Vacuum Region -> Mother Goddess
Form Brahma Region
Om Void -> God
Final Form SB Brahma -> Helios