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“wish ya could”
“good luck!”
“hope ya can”


{Too Many Things Got Exploited For Too Many Years. Too Much Size And Scale Difference. Too Many People Entrenched In Authority That Came Along Later, In Usurper Era, And Decided To Strong-Arm Double Tactic This. Propaganda Will Suffice In Lieu Of Truth In An Ultimate Usurper Ending Gambit. WELL, FUCKERS, THAT IS NOW BEING POLICED BY OLDER BIGGER ENTITIES! So this is going to be one long drawn out horrific experience, with Hell awaiting quite a few Propagandists who decided to Usurper BoB with all to Linear Space for One Final Usurper Gambit}


“Stay The Fuck Out Of The Way”
“Quit Coming Back Here”
“Quit Talking To Me”
“Quit Lying”
“Quit Your Stupid Brilliant Epiphany Gambit”
“Don’t EVER Sell Me Out Or Back Stab Me Again”

We Aren’t On The Same Side Anymore. You Went And Fucked The Whole Thing Up

MY TURN!!!!!

{Oh, and since You came all the way out here to be Me for My Turn: This is going to be one long drawn out horrific experience}

And I Am The Biggest Being In Existence, Or What Is Left Of It.

You Tried To Force Change That!!!!

So, this is going to be one long out horrific experience, in which a lot of cute little being I care about die.

You fuckers made this mess and forced it on Me, and never defeated the evil or problems, you just left it all running and sprung the trap on Me here at The End.