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If you look outside of things you don’t find energy. At most you find an aura.

If you look with specific wavelengths you will see energy, but, these are not very clear pictures for they are not showing all of it, the larger spectrum.

Now it may be true that from the small and hydrogen and helium are basic building blocks, and the universe in star formation created all the atoms, but there seems to be another force at play here, just like gravity hidden.

Like it is growing into something already there. Like it is finding it’s way back to something else.

Or perhaps there was another universe that was here and got ripped apart by the big bang and parts of it keep reforming. Mundane Matter

Spooks Speaks latest Theorem is that it is a Separate Medium that things are playing out in.

Combined Product, Mutated Universe.

Old Matter Made Strong -> Upper Modern Universal Template
Energy Mutation Within -> Lower Modern Universe Template

7th Dimension -> Mother Formless Ocean
6th Dimension -> Master Matter Block
-5th Ethereal ‘hyperspace’
-4th Material ‘aimed for Central Plane’
-3rd Astral ‘sub-atomic’
2nd Dimensions -> Energy and Wave
1st Dimension -> Energy and Gravity