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They/We would mistake stuff in Linear Space for stuff ‘Out There’ or were just in a New History Creation Mode.

All sorts of stuff got misunderstood, and all sorts of colorful history happened.

Surprise Surprise when some of that stuff Actually Exists, out beyond Linear Space in Another Realm, or Dimension or Parallel Universe. It isn’t scientifically detectable from here, but it is somewhat humanly expressible from something to do with who we, sentience in this universe, actually are, and how it already relates to other Dimensions.

Oh, and They, well… They would actually go Create some of the stuff that they made up on Earth, just to make it Real. It wasn’t always a good or wise thing.

The Twined Snake is SB and OP and the Many Headed Snake is OP GY.

OP is a major original Part of and Creator of SB, who becomes different than OP. OP Merges back with with Brahma and later comes to stabilize Brahma-Ptah, and this is SB. SB is more of a High Being and Holy Being, The Good Guy. SB helps Heal OP, for OP dips into Bad and Evil. Pashupati is another OP and SB endeavor. Avalokiteshvara is as well.

Goddess and Love and Sex were and are major things for The Macro Being, just like down here.