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This set thing into a defensive unfriendly posture, and a bit of a hatred and uncaring of women towards men.

But all along ‘In Them Undies’ was the better method for Females to Attain Power and Keep it. The actual thing needed to mesmerize and fill the power-spot. You got defeated living their paradigm, thinking it was a woman’s place, and it sure is safe…

“Science Shows and Video Games are more engaging than Bitchy Women in Boring Underwear calling everyone who looks at them with desire perverts, just because you aren’t interested”

They(Titanic Males) give you(Goddesses, Females) rope and you hang yourself with it. They control you with bad methods, and you can’t break free.

They gave you ‘Them Other Guys to Beat Him Up With’ . It was Play One Man Off Against Another. And revenge sex as a heightened passionate reward

You become a dead-end paradigm to deal with.

Men respond better to attractive women, and even more so to flirtatious attractive women, but men will expect too much, all true.

But the answer was still in using that power, and getting $omething for it.

Things need to be evolved more and that means males need to evolve more, so women have more freedom in this and ability to use their powers, as men learn to not be so obvious or overbearing to deal with, and perhaps change the socialization away from aversion to ‘money for girls = bad’ into ‘she has that to trade and you have that to trade’. As well not putting women down for dressing loosely or sexy. A few drinks and flirting and felt up for cash with a nice looking man you just met… now that should be on the table as a normality, like on par with the whole boyfriend and marriage routine. What do you do between dating? Make a little money. One man’s inappropriate is another man’s only reason he watched the show

“now, try putting them other three fingers up, and that middle finger down and wiggle it. {“you aren’t old enough to make that decision” is a society that has effectively removed your rights(youngest adult, not kid or child anymore) in the name of your own good, which is some archaic holdover closer to a conspiracy than your own good}. And the next time you are on some talk show instead of flipping them off, do the diddle finger and point to your boobs, and with all maturity and clarity look them sweetly straight in the eyes without challenge and nicely tell them that you are not too young to make that decision. Nature says so, and so do you. The less you act childish, belligerent or thuggish, the more you will defeat them in this argument”

“Because Love Don’t Last, and Breaking Up Hurts Too Much.”