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Multiple Forces applied to 2 Utilities of Highest Importance. Solves Multiple Problems. Water and Electricity. Smart Grid. Leads to Hydro-Powered Cities and better Air. A reverse-engineered river that generates electricity. Self-contained utilities. High Tech Turbine Tubes.

Solar power and wind generators are placed all along the pipeline. On downward slopes we put these turbines into play, using gravity, another constant source, to do our work. If this whole symbiotic system is plugged into a smart-grid it can redistribute enough power to the right pump stations to keep the flow going. Once we have that we have a fluidic system that powers hydroelectricity. This brings clean water and power. Tributary Stations can be placed at intervals all along these things.

Basically a Self-Powered Pipeline that generates hydroelectricity and provides water, but on a massive scale. Parts of it can be done on a smaller scale. The basic part is contained as The Hydra, the biggest application is Eco-Stabilizer. Use every force of nature towards one goal.

This would be a series of pipelines connected to desalinization and purification plants at the coasts. Tidal power is a steady source and wind and solar power is fairly steady there as well. Suction and Displacement helps as well in this model.

Pipes can be built with water turbines incorporated in them, topside would produce less drag. It hits the bottom instead of a water-wheel version. Smart-Grid and Computer-Grid-Pump Station and maximize distribution of power to needed stations along the pipeline. Once basic flow is going speed it up like an engine, this is where the extra force to power hydro-electric waterwheels comes in, turning it into a hydroelectric project.

“I coned water into hitting a wind-tower, stripped of it’s blades, and used the bottom side and speed and power of pressure from funneled effect. I put a wind-farm on a pipeline, and powered it with water instead of wind.”

Bottom Hit Water Turbines are taken off of wind-power wheel and waterwheel power and coned water jets hitting them, it is the high speed and jet point pressure punch vs high strength of the big water and the more drag of the mechanical waterwheel. This falls away from the wheel and is honed to speed and power, as opposed to into the wheel gum it up. Funnel the water into a cone and jet water to get maximum spin.

The funneled pipe can flow right back into the bigger pipe self-contained fluidic system, perhaps snaking up to the top as it goes down-slope and dropping back in. Use multiple amounts of these to maximize effects of power output.These outer funnel pipes are accompanied by water diversion plates built inside main pipe. Like fluid control in mechanics. The water is temporarily out of the main pipe, but is funneled back in. Suction should be kept, airtight unit. One could even use this type of tech for water towers, place at bottom and let gravity and pressure do the work.

Solar power and wind generators are placed all along the pipeline. On downward slopes we put these turbines into play, using gravity, another constant source, to do our work. If this whole symbiotic system is plugged into a smart-grid it can redistribute enough power to the right pump stations to keep the flow going. Once we have that we have a fluidic system that powers hydroelectricity. This brings clean water and power. Tributary Stations can be placed at intervals all along these things.

If we go from there we realize that our cities are filled with fluidic system plumbing, all of it could generate power with pipe-turbines.

We don’t hook these up to cities at first, but put them into the water tables we have been sucking dry, after going into another purification/desalination plant, to insure water is safe. A rising water table lifts all life boats as it were. If we can kick-start mother nature, she will will produce more plant-life. This helps filter carbon. Carbon Sinks. We already have existing ability to get water out of ground.

If we have enough of these around the world we can lower the rising sea level as well as bring water to places that need it to cure starvation. Everything must first be precision gauged and recorded. We needed to know exactitude so we don’t overdo things here. We can perhaps even assist currents in the ocean by displacement, by positioning the intakes, speeding it up through pumping. Filter algae at intake. This is also usable in river and lake areas. It is basically a reverse-engineered river. A river could be purified and produce power with this concept. The water flows right back into the existing river, downriver. And back into ocean eventually. It can also be used off existing dam. This will slowly purify the rivers and oceans.

Bringing water to enough places around earth to ensure plant life grows in abundance helps stabilize the ecosystem. Keep watering the earth and growing plant life back up into abundance. This should help a bit with oxygen in the future as well alleviation from temperatures now.

Next step is to have diversionary tracts to set up powering cities. This will power cities and ensure there is no water over-saturation in a region this may cause a problem to. Hook it all back into rivers, and add filtration to rivers. This is a slow purification processes of the earths water system. Something this massive must be done with advanced knowledge of the impact of so large an intervention in the natural systems of earth. We not only have that knowledge and ability, we have already begun to throw the natural cycle off balance. We go for the assisting nature approach. We subvert the need for rain to irrigate our crops, sustain the natural life we have impacted, and insure drinkable water is supplied.

Purified salt can be used for food, and for saline redistribution in freshwater intrusion zones that have been impacted by melting glaciers, or human disturbance, if applicable. For input of former saltwater into freshwater water tables, multiple fail-safes should be used.

Solar power in regions like the middle-east is abundant. A self-powered pipeline to bring clean water and power to people would help bring peace. If we can tweak this system for maximum output and it serves as the answer to renewable energy, this eliminates an excuse for nuclear power in the most dangerous regions of the world. Large reservoirs can also be set up, and we can use trains or trucks to get water to places not reached. “Never get rid of the Deserts of Earth, just make oasis in a few, and reclamation lost habitation lands from desertification”.

If we develop this type of model we may actually walk away with an energy source that actively fights global warming and stabilizes ecosystem.

The initial cost in $ and resources would be high, but I think America wants a bold American style fight to global warming. Or the world. This country is in need of a huge project that is a technological marvel. This could kick-start the economy in the right sectors as well.The payoff is a cure for lack of water for all time, far more important than just renewable energy. We have already perfected every aspect of this project. Convert oil companies into water companies. Two Utilities are derived from this, incentive.I think every American can agree on a need to deal with lack of water. Irrigate America and save us all. Lets build pipelines.

Tidal Power Hydra:
Wave hits trumpet-flared pipeline at small distance off coast, rifles through Hydro-Electric Turbine, maximum frictionless/fluid motion, then recedes back underground, where gravity is used again for hydro-electric.

Tide power is used to defeat Mountain. (I first envisioned this like siphoning gas out of a car, but it was water out of the ocean, and the mountain was like the lip over where the fuel nozzle goes to fill the car, and later thought of using the gravity assist of the mountain, just using the easy mountain water down-slope, and not the ocean).

So when confronted with “they already tried to siphon the ocean, dolt! It doesn’t work like that on a bigger scale” this is what came about:airtight, elastic rubber lined to assist vacuum suction force, and big initial push for Vacuum force exploitation. Pump assisted siphon suction if that doesn’t work. Tide power local pump, and use local mountain to get an initial place to roller-coast off of into the rolling hills and flatlands. Also, use rivers and dams off of local sources. The big push is the big water and lower sea levels, as well as purify earth’s water system.’

As far as Suction goes: an elastic rubber coated pipe and a huge initial push, slow to hard, to further the reach of siphoning. This should assist the suction process. There is also using Pump Assisted on both sides of the siphon suction. Assist the process. From going from the ocean or sea there is already wave power at a steady rate, and often wind and/or solar.

‘That don’t work!’ is not going to be good enough, scientists and engineers.

‘You are the same type of people who probably thought something like hydraulics would never work, and always put stumbling blocks in the way with a blanket-statement shutdown.’


First time I ever saw someone siphon gas it put the zap on my head. It was like a small miracle or science marvel. That was back in the 70’s and we were hippies. In the 70’s I saw logging company water jet bark sprayer taking bark off a log, it put the zap on my head as well.

When I finally understood that hydro-electricity comes from running water this put the zap on my head, and I started becoming aware of all the running water around me not being utilized

In the 80’s in high school I saw a solar powered pump, and it also put the zap on my head, and I thought of how to cure starvation in Africa right then and there. “The Hydra was first born, as just a solar powered pump hooked to an Alaska pipeline that piped in water from the Ocean. This would come right into farmlands for growing food, and into wells for drinking water

When I was a kid I sprayed water on the bottom side of a plastic lawn wind-flower, and watched it spin faster as just the bottom edge of the water hit the wheel. It ‘hummed’ at quick as it were. It put the zap on my head.