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The Normal Universe is slightly magical in the feeling but we are not fully open to it {and indeed the universe is descended from sentience in advanced states of non-sentience, which means some faint ‘presence’ is still there buried deep deep deep within, and in a new state}.

We are in a small state effected by the larger forces of nature

They, the Deity and Creators of Universe and non-sentience Evolved ways to light up our human experience with enhanced effects that effect the psyche.

Extra-Dimensional, Intra-Dimensional, Divine Collective; and Anthropomorphism, and Superposition.

Along with this could be a tale passed down that has us searching and noticing and adding our own effects. The tale enhances the experience.

Now, it may seem like all hype because it is hyped up and built on things not truly there, in this dimension. But there is actually an evolution that was done by intent just for these other types of experiences for the psyche.

Original Reality {Original Being and Original Creation}

———Titanic Reality [The Titanic Realm]

——————-Central Creation (The Universe)


B: Original Reality {Original Being and Original Creation}

A —— Titanic Reality [The Titanic Realm]

C ————- Central Creation (The Universe)


B: Original Being and First Era
A: 2nd Era ‘The Titanic Era’
C: 3rd Era ‘The Modern Universe’


Before, After, Current

Brahma, The Titans, God


“Macro Map for Macro Man”

Macro Man is Titanic based and part weaker Creation and also part Original.

“infinity has a lot of mobility in it, and though form was smaller and stronger than infinity, the original being as well does not have as much mobility, so macro man wins the argument, as well as being the safer and more pleasant path”

Totem pole / Stanley Park

Rainmaker ‘Attraction Along A Void/Vacuum Oriented Media With Clumps Of Matter In It, And Assistance At Sub Level From Still Slightly Present Deity” {Rain Caller or Rain Bringer or Storm Caller}