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And this very much applies to ‘the science discovered history of the universe and earth and evolution’.

There are Realms that are around earth in other dimensions or parallel universe. These have been used extensively for ages, and indeed concurrently with the linear space evolution.

Linear space evolution was kept separate apparently, which is part of an old integrity, diversity and safety routine that They evolved.

When dealing with ‘ancient aliens’ it is well within the scope of metaphysics and science(extra-dimensional science, still being discovered by earth scientists… and I don’t expect you to take my word for it, but I am seeing in phase and hearing and speaking in phase, so don’t expect Me to stay in remedial class with you) that aliens have never visited this planet, and atlantis never really existed.

And this is along side this: aliens helped evolve humans through the spirit level of influencing organic matter over many ages, and atlantis was a powerful white arcane nation, and this is due to the fact that they exist in other Realms that are directly related to Linear Space and the ages of evolution with sentience incarnating here on earth.


“Shiva with OP Ptah AB Shiva Baby Ptah Combo were the first to come to Linear Space, back before life existed here. They were able to come very close, and part of that bubbled up into Linear Space, and this became the origins of basic plant life. OP and Absolute Brahman and Others came later, merged with the Life-Being already here, and started the more advanced life journey that is what lead to walking and talking beings”

– from Shiva. (The Deity Siva, not your cousin Shiva or guru Shiva… though they may be related.)


‘There are Coned Power Solutions and Macro Overlord Divine Family that will get stumbled up in too much fact checking, and it isn’t fact checking it’s reality programming. They are in another Dimension, and have Realms and Ancient Connection to The Beginning’