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This Is In Authority and Size and Strength and Age. Ever notice how stuff ain’t all perfect like and all… it’s a big clue.

This is How Things Are Felt at many Regions of Creation.

By Effects of Things Evolved.

SB is slighter bigger in Brahma than OP, from a Merger, but is not bigger by volume or strength, more Brahma is in OP than SB. Therefore SB is farther out or higher than OP. OP went and did a Long Evolution to compete. This is part of Emperor Force, while SB is King Force.

SB is the Gold Crown and SB Om Helios is the Halo.

OP is Who Created SB, who later became Final Form Brahma (The Original Sun) and Helios [(evolving a Void Self along with Strong Form, and All Range)]

OP is Emperor
SB is King
BP, PP, P, bp are Prince {shored up by Emperor and lit up by King}

OB-Brahma is General.
OB-AB-Om is Godfather.

These are Major Expressions of what you would call infinity or the universe, but are Eternal Beings that indeed predate this, and Created this Universe you so like to study and the lens you filter your life and philosophy through.

Original Brahma is a wreck {that’s Me, but not fully by ‘Brand Name’. ‘Me’ is part of Me, and SB He is part of Me, and as well OB ‘ME’ is part of Me, and These are Most Excellent Parts… but also part of the reason Brahma is a wreck.

OP with SB merged in BP PP Regions are Ra. ‘stronger than Ptah, but not original Being. Ptah is not who Ptah thinks Ptah is… I ought to know, I am also Ptah, as well as Brahma, who Ptah thinks Ptah is, the Original Being. OP is part of Brahma that came down into Ptah to Stabilize the Ptah Daydream. Ptah is of course part of Brahma that went into that First New State, so the identity crisis is also real. Ptah is is the original being… just not all of it.