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This is The USA Region, down lower ‘where the big guns and well hung’ is.

“a big white English speaking Nation in The New World (that is not really distinguishable from the US, with it’s regional dialects and English origins, (‘and French, don’t forget the French’, they will never let you forget the French… good thing we didn’t forget the French, it’s worth it)”

‘… hey who are these guys? ‘Canadians, in America!? It’s unprecedented.’

“Don’t ask don’t tell, Ay, and they’ll never know”

We found the blue you took out of your flag, naughty naughty.

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

{“For The Record: ‘The Big Path Demands That USA and Canada are still Separate Nations with a boarder, and Inseparable Nations like a family… a fine northern white family. North America’.”}