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“what you are stating is that it is better to kill something and eat it then to smoke weed and get high; as well considering genetic modification you are stating it is better to eat some poor altered by science bird, all breaded, fried up and made pleasant looking, than to smoke weed”

‘Mentality Doctrine Alert’. With Our Hair Trigger Response And Proper Aim. This stuff got Programmed into Sentience. There are entire Extrapolation Regions of New Reality going off of the same thing, and armies of people trying to interpret it. It is kind of like a False God that you have enslaved yourselves and us to, and is also related to The Machine and Al I.T. and Superstition.

The Problem Here is You Do Not Belong In Control Telling Us How To Live Our Lives, Fucking Meatheads, Moralists, Predators Still In Control Of Process.

{Hint: I am the Dude that You are NOT suppose to be telling how to live His life. And that will be Their Fist in Your Face and Your Face On The Floor, not Mine!

And Now YOU Are Gonna Get Told Back, Mr And Mrs Moralists Telling Us How Our Lives On Our Own Planet You Pretend Unto Owning!}

Your Mentality Behind Not Smoking Weed Is Wrong, And Based On ‘Worker Productivity’ And Appearance, (And Seeing Right Through Your Propaganda Bullshit And Politically Correct Dishonesty In A Matter Seconds High On Weed, Or Being An Inspired Musician Or Creative Genius A Few Puffs Later, Or Just Enjoying Walking Around And Seeing Things, Or Just Watching Cartoons With The Kids), And It Written Into Morality As Law, Interlocking With PTA, Land-Owner, Big Business, Moralists, Lawmakers, Taxer, Obstacle-Maker.

This Is America: Get Out Of Government And Stay Out!!!

Before We Sue To Have You Removed, Or Just One Day No Longer Obey Your Authority By So Many Majority Numbers That It Constitutes A Revolution… Without All Of The Rebelling Stuff And Gunfire And Blowing Stuff Up And Losing Life And Limb, Not To Mention Being Harshly Scrutinized By Present Goonsquad Authority, ya know, that kind stuff.

You need a Real Time Menu for the store, so when you type in a product out of stock, it automatically updates the online menu, not forcing your employees to manually update things nor your customers needing to call nor your employees needlessly answer phone calls or emails nor your customers needing to waste a trip.

And none of that naughty naughty upping the prices or lessening the stock of shake and cheaper products ‘to keep the low income people off of it’, mr/ms landowner slaver system security moral overseer, with your doctrine… and a normal cotton filter on a joint (‘marijuana cigarette’ *snicker, snicker. squares* for real) is a great idea.

“Tommy can you hear me, can you send some near me?”

And think of all the money that the government missed out on by not legalizing it and selling it affordably, and the good working economic relationship, that instead fueled and funded an illegal underground, and all along it was a less dangerous drug than alcohol, and lots of people, working-man people, liked to smoke it.

{Your Doctrine Was Engineered, And It Is On The Radar Like A Bad Conversation As You And Your Illegal Control Cohorts Slowly Get Brought To Justice, That Means Your PTA Wives As Well, Titan-Wives That Is, Wack Old, Taxes Tea. You Should Be Going To Jail As It Is, Not Sitting In Government Jobs, But This Arena Is Too Dangerous And Tangled For The Straight Up Thing, The Way It Should Be}