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Luckily There Are Ages Of Inroads Leading To The Enemy Or Adversary Having Their Nature Changed, Or Changing Their Nature… Or, With Backlashes, Being Removed With Extreme Prejudice.

And ‘Sex’ is sometimes a Rewards and should be, it was worth it for a whole lot got done on a larger scale, in an arena where people cannot change enough in time, or are asked to take risks or make sacrifices.

…. and She as well likes to have sex, after extreme situations or heightened events, and if is in a few drinks later and She normally wouldn’t sleep with you, this is deemed OK, but don’t stay, as it were. Drunk and horny… but not too drunk.

And of course drugging a female to have sex with her non-consensual or any times she is not in a full state of mind, is definitely wrong but still used (and this is in these other Dimensions as well, ones around Linear Space, where our Spirit is coming from…)

As the Situation gets policed and these ancient unchanged regions come into view from Investigation YOU GET BUSTED, and of course Fight Occurs, Calamity Occurs, lots of yelling and tears occurs afterwards.

“not everything effected is documented of ‘what is effected’ by the symbol Activated Coned Power, nor are all options listed or given”

Goddess, a weak Being, as well as God, got put in charge and grouped with Herbivores, in a big secret vote system that determines Survival.

If They do not get enough Support from Us or You, then They and Babeland and Cute Little Beings get assaulted, and hurt or killed…

By Predators