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At some point early on in Evolution the OB Being decided to make a Change and evolve a certain style of Being that was more related to Goddess and God. OB is Form Lord and Law Lord and The Alpha, and part of God as an original Zone or Resource to get bigger in.

OB chose to partially Merge with Goddess Vacuum and Om Void, and through the OB Goddess Well and OB Om Well, both Transference Wells for Future growth made by Brilliant Deity in Post-Original Creation Era.

After this Merger the OB Being, who is also known as The Gray God, goes into another Condensing Mode. He is a Combo Being now in the Middle, but is a Primus over Combo, Alpha. This Zone and those around it is where stuff is happening, smaller Parts of The Original Eternal Infinite Being (who is Brahma, but OB stands for Original Being[Gray God] and Original Brahma}. Part of the Merger is left in a bigger and weaker state, like a Void but with Profound Presence of Titanic Zone and Macro Size, which was Enhanced by Merger with OP. This Region is later Attached to Other Regions and Power Bases and this is a big part of Who The Buddha Is.

Buddha attained Brahmahood by Merging with Original Brahma, which is also something God did as well as Shiva, Helios, SB, OB, OP, BP, PP, P…

Though Buddha and God and Shiva are not among the actual 4 Heads of Brahma at the biggest levels, Buddha has been draped over part of 4 Headed Brahma with the assistance of Them, the 4 Heads.