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But that does not mean it isn’t a Very Important Thing and Worth Thinking About, Talking About, And Trying To Get Your Hands Down, Or Face Buried In, Or Whatever.

“Give unto Jesus what is Jesus’, and if you get board or it don’t work out lets get back to talking about teen girls and their underwear, and… did I hear the word ‘dildos’? That is a good way to fight teen pregnancy, but it shouldn’t get in the way of teens teasing, felt-up and making out.. and then going home to her vibrator”.

“she could do it for money, she’s so wiped out with things as they are, she’d send her moaning back to her honey and she’d come on like a regular $uper $tar… she could make a transformation as a pole dancing $tar, she could make it all worth while as a lap dancing $tar… oh oh oh oh oh oh oh, dirty dancing $tar”