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This could damage your career, some fools will look down on you, and block your progress.

But sex sell, so it is also in the movies and ads.

“But most of all those people are fools, and it got Engineered Into Behavior, like Superstition, and it is really stupid, because We really love to see up your skirt, down your shirt, or in the nude”.

Let them other folk go sit in church, they don’t belong ‘being our moral guides’ anymore, as well as stopgate

“But as well in full honesty, there are some real bad people out there who would do some real bad things to girls, and it is better not to encourage anything by looking too sexy, and the human race is not evolved enough yet to be safe”

{We cannot walk around with Truth as Our Guide, without Truth As Our Guide, and though this is a catch 22 conundrum, the conservative no sexy posture wins the argument. But even if we cannot find a way to put a dent in the threat, a lot more understanding and de-classification of purgist moral overprotective defense posture classifications needs to happen, as well as a slight debunking of ‘celibate spiritual as ultimate reality’. That is Someone Else’s Ultimate Reality, not Mine nor The Macro Man Many}