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Now, during a BoB Cycle We can have appearance changes, and some of this is ‘people we are saving BoBbInG up and through our incarnations, due to some extraordinary circumstances and as well having hogged up the stage when others needed it. Some one of the faithful or some stray traveler is living his life out in Jesus incarnation, not even knowing it. Or White Ptah and The Illuminati, for He is related to Saints and Church and White Light Brigade, as ell as being a clever old bastard with his other hand. An extra-dimensional assault no doubt is going on there as well. Part of 2012 was a sneak attack that here here in 2009. It BoBbEd Up to Earth, Extra-Dimensionally (White Ptah, The White Bird King, is one of or the Top Leader of The Illuminati. And White Ptah is one of the 5AT, or 5 Ancient Titans, one of which is Cronus. White Ptah is also Mr England, and Mr Classical Music and The School Teacher and The Overseer

“The Self-Sacrificial, just like The Selfish, is not the appropriate path. The Selfish actually does better in the ending this arena… It is going I Me Mine while you, uh You, are being Self-Sacrificial. It is being a meany ‘go away’ and surviving, and You are beings a welcoming healer king and losing ground” {One could call that ‘Lessons of Ares to Jesus the Future King’ since celibate gnosticism is another great way to depopulate a race}

{The Real People We Are Is Just Too Big, It Deflates The Elevated Status Too Much. Too Much Other Talent On The Field For Just One. And That Means The Ancient Arch-Angelic Arch-Mage ‘Rock of Aeges Mages and Sages’ Ra Ravana Rock-Star Is Gonna Rise Up And Shut The Messiah Down… oh, guess that was just Me{TheMe}, Due To Many Past Discrepancies Of Missing Self-Hood And Subjugating Force of Religion, The Mislead Masses.}

“though money is a big potentiality, when you see the line of petitioners and sad stories of real cases and lack of feasibility for all to be compensated monetarily, then you will know why ‘Science Marvel Cornucopia Utopia Freedom’ is the realistic solution, ultimately. And They are pushing This, and the bible will have to take a bit of a back seat until we get that ‘7 fat years and 7 lean years’ stuff into ‘continuous fat years and no lean years’ through greenhouse, clever planting cycles, and solar/wind/water powered lights. And it needs to get pushed through here, on earth, to make it real.

There is some sort of Platform of Different Types of Beings that are for Different Ages in Human Body. Instead of just being one person the whole time there are a few major lines that we go through, different persona and look, because it is a new person that has entered the arena. The changes in appearance that the human body are not just ages but the leaving of some part of the person and the entrance of another person, that is part of the incarnation sheath, but not fully primus. Some parts cop-out and other beings will stand the test of work and job and such. The person that rode the thing out is left standing. There are also usurper tactics, and war for control of human bodies as incarnating spirits for a larger gambit that deals with trapped focus of deity and throne power and vote. The deity set themselves up to fail, and one will find Me{Brahma} a bit against the ‘spiritual self-sacrificial’ here at The End, it just doesn’t pan out enough and is too potentially costly, it was used in a few major conspiracy tactics.

One of the places that Jesus came was out Here, to Thore Up The Process and Utilize Throne Power. Brahma can be a Major Chugger, and here is Power Struggle of Titanic Levels between The Biggest Of All Beings.

They are working on other things including Major Pillar of Titanic Origins , made by Using Up Bad Titanic. This is what Shiva calls ‘Statue of Jesus’, it is getting turned into Jesus and is part Unsurper. As well is this ‘Son of Man’ thing, and this deals with Titan Realm as well, not just human body. The Secret Joke. The Code of The Lost Us, done in Overlaps and This Like Unto That

Jesus of Hollywood started to look like Chronous first and then White Ptah, as He aged. (At first I thought Spooks peak had pulled another Trick on Me, They are full of them, these ‘Tricks’, but I am stuck in an Eye of a Hurricane, and leaving this brings a tumble into full mental instability, it is one big maelstrom wailing of extra-dimensional assault, and ‘final verification processes exist outside of that. I am stuck in Their Little Playlet, and Them lying to Me is part of Reality Programing Itself, with a large dashing of My Credibility one of the Main Courses at Their Banquette. The Deity deal in Coins of Reality, woman, what the hell did you expect? Without Their Help I would slip right out of the Eye of The Hurricane of Extra-Dimensional Maelstrom from Collision of Sentient Titanic Forces)

Chronous is Titan, and Directly Related To Church. Chr. Chronous: Chrono, Chronicler, Church, Christened

Being The Jesus isn’t easy, and a bunch of Titanic Beings come after Jesus, as Incarnate. Prophecy got Tailed by Evil. “when one is at the forefront of challenging evil, evil is at the forefront of coming back at one”

Now, whatever Destiny and Prophecy there is, it is for The Future.

These Avatar/Messiah Beings are up against Me, here The End, not just Evil, and are in part born as Me as a Secondary, Here at the End. The come around and ‘Man The Stations’ and it becomes more than a secondary.


Understand this: Crunched. We are Crunched, in the Arena We are Working In, and down Here in Realms Relative to Earth Arena.

We cannot ‘Just Grab Our Godlike Powers’, like We Feel We Should. I mean keep on doing it, it is practically a knee-jerk reaction. But that doesn’t mean it will succeed.

There is as well a Lockdown and Defensive for Linear Space that Abhors Magic and Messiahs or anything Too Powerful and Intrinsic to All Life and Linear Space.

So this would be like “Being Born Into A Prophecy For You That Cannot Be Fully Fulfilled, and there fore They will put it off for The Future, when things are more sorted out and buffered up and defused properly.

Linear Space does Not Lend Itself To Magic Like Ethereal or Astral Plane. Our Spirit Feels It In These More Magical Realms, but cannot do the same thing in Linear Space.

Now on top of this is “We Have Presto Magic Concepts” about Deity and Proof, and then We Have Bummer Backlash when none comes forth.

But it isn’t just “some abstract hope that we cling to psychologically as a surrogate”, this higher calling.

There are Real Powers that bring us back to being The Faithful.

There are Real Missions, and Extra-Dimensional Assistance.

The Missing Key is Brahma, and Normal.

Not High
Not Low
Not Average


Tired of Being Defined Anyways.

The Biggest, Oldest Being, The Original.

Not Very Old Looking, Or Old Acting, This Original Eternal Being, But Very Much On Par With What We See In Mankind As Sentience, And As Mind/Heart, From The Beginning. Brahma Has More And It IS A Bit More Magical, But It Is Similar, Less Mystery Than Gods. This is ‘Normal’ shining through in mankind. “Old Nature” is was also called, by Shiva, who created this Advanced Modern Universe

B – C – B

They Will Know more than Me. They will have Databases, some Built in Me. Brahma.

They come along and Light It Up, or a Region.


“This is where The Gods and The Titans come in, aka The Exiting Stuff and Big Proof Stuff, and Big Divine Family. It is A Authority, which means Them not Me”