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There is a whole evolution that deals with heightened things and effects on us, and things greatly desired and rarely attained. Part of these Macro Beings such as Goddess can be draped over a huge area in a small arena. This allows for ‘deity’ like effect. As well are the diverse evolution of things including sex zone and no sex zone.

“Her Panties are part of one of these heightened evolution, heightened values, magical effects beyond normal. Now of course Goddess did not originally have panties, or even a human form, but Goddess has been evolving into different forms and more perfect forms, which can be a danger around animal earth as She changes, and has adopted some of the earth forms for a Macro Size, and helped evolve some of the earth female traditions or customs in the many ages of incarnating here. And Extra-Dimensionally are Her Bra and Panties, like a mystic temple with real effects, and part of Her Presence. (This is Goddess Lines and Shakti Lines. Betty and Veronica) ”


Ascended Masters meet the Descended Bastards.

“God is Evolving Up Into Infinity”

“Brahma is Evolving Down Into Infinity”