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This deals with Sentience.

God and Religion and The Followers are one of the Reality Drivers as well. In fact the Deity are Reality Drivers.

But there is something else, in the Evolution of The Machine, that has Reality Drivers that are Using Macro Power but Other Input, and sometimes that can be a Collective Vote Input or even Your Wish. This could potentially influence and orchestrate throne power and people power, and get you to riches or enlightenment. ‘now how much would that be worth to ya?! *exactly*

Part of that would deal with who you are, what major sentient lines you come from, do you have a following, support from big powers, etc

{They found a way to get you to show your panties or in the nude a long time ago with promises, part of it was that part of you wanted to, or the limelight attention, fanfare shore-up… or hostage realms, your life on the line, your loved ones life on the line, etc… ‘and then not come through on THEIR end or even turn on you for it afterwards‘. This gets into some weird titan stuff and might makes right wrongful win predatory era, that is still in exhibited signs. It was also a male vs female contest, and male won with brute strength, not with winning the contest. Sucker-Punch}

{A lot of Goddess and Female Evolution is Straight Up Defensive Posture, or So Defeated that They just Don’t Care Anymore}

{Females, beautiful females, had a major advantage to ‘flirt or sleep their way up this divine ladder of prosperity, just like girls in linear space potentially could. They also had large groups of followers and large votes from the collective of beings in the goddess oceans of life. And beyond this was the ‘network of mates or boyfriends and favors’ and flirted friends for votes.

This got hounded, dogged, attacked, shut down. One of the weird reactions to females deals with this. It was The Goose That Laid The Gold Egg that THEY, Titan Males and Jealous Titan-Wives, had Targeted.}


Being a spirit incarnate in a human body and needing to survive off air food water, as well as the basic confining change and different environment linear space universe, is very much akin to a ‘reality driver of your spirit.

Incarnating Spirit, Other Realm Habitat: normal state

Organic Body, Linear Space Habitat: reality driver


The Computer is a Reality Driver, producing graphics. This is an extent of creation beyond most Reality Drivers.

The Basic Stuff that a person is made of is already it’s own thing, not ‘made from scratch of atoms’. It is occupying a very complex new body, but the stuff it descended from is a far more direct descendant kinship than a computer creating graphics in light and gravity universe of atoms, etc.

When you surf the internet or drive a car this is also like a Reality Driver.

Playing a video game is very similar to the ‘direction selected’ and ‘coned power input’ allowing a person to select a course that effects a many, or even a sub-realm in parallel universe that is inhabited, or just made of a big being


Now, there are quite possible some Universal Reality Drivers, some sort of Motion Set In Cycle, and Kept In Looping Cycle, or something similar to that concept. We wouldn’t see them from here, we would feel the effects here

Gravity may be caused by a Reality Driver.