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The Original Idea behind Gravity Cutter was in using Kinetic Energy with Conductive Heavy Metal to Defeat Gravity in Specific Space, or Quanta, a bubble of self-contained environment.

What is used is a Super Heavy Very Conductive Substance: Compressed Gold or Compressed Highly Magnetic Conductive Metal. Compressing it is was seen as ‘further pushing it down into a sub-dimensional state’ and making it have an effect in gravity well by condensed mass, or reach beyond ‘original normality of matter in linear space universe’.

This, Gold, was seen in it’s own nature as already ‘sunk’ down into sub-dimension.

Dealing with Light and Kinetic Energy and Weight leads one to ‘Spinning This At High Velocity Amplified By Electric Or Magnetic’.

* * *

There is another Very Important Concept.

Accessing Gravity To Effect.

This is done by Digging Down into Gravity.

Weak is used.

Strong Form sits Independent of Weak Void Vacuum (though there may be some universal field connecting these things, they are two separate states, independent of each other, like things floating in water).

Therefore Gradients are used.

One makes a Linkage to, and then Puts Effect Through.

* * *

Linking Light to Gravity. Linking Matter to Gravity
Getting Below Gravity
Using Kinetic To Defeat Gravity

Making A Quanta Space Of ‘Cut Off From Normal Gravity’. Weakened Gravity.


As well it was thought to ‘put stuff with properties on the spinning ring’, first randomly applied to see the effects, and then intelligently designed with some form of symbiosis aimed for.

Dealing with Memnomics and The Rise and Fall or Civilization, it is possible for Us to ‘be working on advanced concepts and leaving our work as clues, in symbols, without too much information’, so ‘others don’t get ahead of Us’, and then being reborn in future civilization thinking we had achieved something in some past civilization that We had not, We were just working on the concepts… BUT along the way it was discovered that this ‘spurred inventiveness and quest drive’, this ‘thinking the elders had secret technology that they did not, off of secrets that they did have’.

Reconnecting with The Quest also reconnects us with Them, with our ‘Sentience in a Specific State’, and Alignment, and Awakening with Them already There, either Awake, Awakening, Asleep

We are thinking what They were Thinking, and They are in still part There, and Called to our thinking (we are ensconced within them to some degree, merged or existing in overlapping space), or That Part of Our Consciousness is already with Them.


The Old:



Semi Solid
Super Solid