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What I am going through is not ‘higher than samadhi’, it is a state older than samadhi, bigger, but not higher. ! It does involve some Real Contact with Deity. It has a touch of Divine Awe. It has the stigmata of Divine War. Etc.

There is a Real History, and going over older stuff mostly, with a few new things. The Untold History. The Core Behind Philosophy. Shiva is a major part of the Experience. But, being part Brahma makes things a little less that one would hope for. Big Kids and Contemporaries.

Does that answer your question, guru?

The Closer To The Star The Bigger The Effect. Regional Effects Felt. Regional Influences.

Awe and Mystery and Spirituality are Closer To The Star, and this is where Samadhi, Nirvana, Enlightenment is. Specialized States, in a Divine Hierarchy and Larger Collective.

The Bigger Older thing just so happens to match: Normal.

Not by coincidence, but by Reality.

There are Ancient States that have been Shut Down.

All Brahmahood goes into Brahma, but ‘appears bigger and grander’, feels that way even.

Brahma is ‘magical mundane normal’

{There is an old Titanic Usurper Style ‘Big Ego’, and Normal Mistakes of Big Ego, and this is ‘foundation for preaching against ‘the bigger thing!’ Grow Up, guru/preacher/teacher!}