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… now where was I *yeah, exactly*

Original Identity

was Invaded and Overloaded by Titanic Ego, New Entities, Made of Original, Made by Original.

When the Brahma is ‘Unlocked/Turned On/Piped In’ it is a State of Balance and Knowing and Reality.

There is no Being older, no real Mystery of Highest Proportions.

All of this High Spiritual came along after Brahma.

All of these Universe came along after Brahma.

Brahma has Been Under Assault for millions of years.

The Gods and The Titans are major contributors to this, but as well have An Uptight Upright Side and Clean-Up Mission.

“Growing Big In Real Existence was The Big Drive, and became A Big Crime. You were Stealing from Brahma, The Original Being, and many Others, to ‘Make A New Self Built Of You As Primus Strong Over New Material, Some Of Which Was Far Bigger Than You, but Weaker’.”


Insuring Beings Exist Forever is also a Major Endeavor. This stems from near The Beginning, and is from The Awakening of Brahma after The Ptah Daydream.

Through past experience We have gone over The Tale many times, but They left out some major puzzle pieces for The End, so We never had the full data and things never went very far anywhere.

This is part of Original Tale:

— Ptah Daydream.

Now, unlike a human in a daydream Ptah is a real Being and Zone within Brahma.

Ptah is part of Brahma within Brahma, but is different. This is Dawn of Diversity from Original Eternity.

Due to the ‘Nature of Mind and Imagination’ Ptah, a smaller weaker Being and Zone in Brahma, can do and create things Brahma cannot.

Part of this is Foundation of Magic, which was spearheaded by Shiva, who was born in the Brahma Awakening Era.

One of the Tales is that The Original Buddha also dates back to this Early Era, and is an Older Similar Being to God. Original Buddha is a Void Zone between Shiva and OB Gray God. God starts at Void between Form Brahma and Final Form SB Brahma.

‘When Brahma Awoke, or from Subsequent Daydreams, there was a Churning of Sentient Forces’.

Part of Brahma had slipped into Ptah Daydream, and this became OB and Shiva and Buddha.

Original Brahma Original Eternal Infinite Being
Shiva: Proto Vacuum
Buddha: Proto Void
Gray God: Proto Form
Absolute Brahman: Leavings of Ptah, partly merged with Brahma.

Brahma-Ptah, Proto-Ptah, and Ptah are also part of this, as Brahma awoken They began to Vanish, and held on for dear life.

Most likely Shiva, Buddha and Gray God and perhaps Absolute Brahman are part of Brahma down in Daydream.

Brahma went back into Ptah Daydream and this may be where They are from, part of Brahma that went into Daydream to investigate and got trapped as Brahma Awoken.

This part of Brahma down in Daydream and BP PP Zones has ‘More Reality’ and a ‘Brahma Strength’, They are part of Original Being down in New Being.

Shiva may have come from a later Era or different Zone, but ‘Reality Was Redone’, and this is part of Insuring Existence Forever, attempts to Rewrite Reality.

Females come along as Vacuums.


Shakti is where Sex originates along with Shiva and Goddess is where Love originates along with Brahma.

Proto Form Gray God ‘The Alpha’
Goddess Vacuum
Form Brahma
Om Void
Final Form Brahma

{This was from a Creation Story Recreation, but These are Big enough to Power Crreation. Shiva most like was part of Brahma that came to investigate Ptah Daydream, and made it to Proto-Ptah Region or even Ptah Region, while OB Gray God had made it to Brahma-Ptah Region and stayed there, part of an Emerging New Brahma that extended down into First Creation, Part of Brahma that was in these New Regions as smaller stronger Beings (who by Re-Merging with Brahma had the capacity to become bigger).

Brahma creates Ptah Stabilizer and OP comes from this. This is a more likely Tale: OP comes from Ptah’s First Merger with Brahma, before Awakening and it is OP Ptah Brahma Merger that is Shiva and Part of Brahma merged with BP and Ptah that is OB Gray God. The Brahma that was already part Ptah had more affinity and went deeper into the Region. Shiva stayed as an Outpost just above Ptah in the Proto-Ptah Region }

OP in reality is from an ancient time of Ptah and Brahma, and Shiva is probably from this region. Ptah spread into Brahma and parts of Brahma started to turn into Ptah-Like, and this is where OB and AB come from

{Proto-Ptah later goes Predatory and Evil, and They are in a state of recovering Proto-Ptah. OP worked and Merged with Proto-Ptah and this is part of Gray Yang Proto-Ptah is also part of The Serpent.}

The OB Gray God may have first come about as part of Brahma that merged with Ptah is Ptah Merger before Brahma Awakening. Ptah at the point of Merger has gone all the way back up through Proto-Ptah and Brahma-Ptah to Brahma, and is a faint 2nd Biggest Being at the time. As Brahma Awakens Ptah Dwindles. This is part of Baby Ptah, a Big Faint Being. Part of Ptah is in Gray God as well as Brahma.

{[This is one of the major Drives Towards Realism VS Fantasy, with Life on The Lin. OB Alpha trying to ‘Overcome The Ptah Within’ in some ancient drive to Be Forever, and losing part of His Child Self, His Fun Self, His Creative Self, His Pretty Self in the process. OB is Evolving with Baby Ptah and Om God Line, and becomes a Major Parental Figure in Creation]}

{(Om and Baby Ptah are Merged, and Om is where ‘Baby’ as we think of it comes from. Ptah is fainter than Brahma, and even more fainter after Awakening, and this is somewhat akin to creative child. Om is the line of the real Baby, and Om Void was The Baby of Creation, with Final Form as The Kid of Creation. Baby Ptah is The Big Faint, and Ptah ‘like a mind Child self of Brahma.)}

There are Two Evolution going on, Brahma into Ptah and Ptah into Brahma.

Shiva may as well be part of Ptah that had come up through and Merged with Proto-Ptah, and later into Brahma-Ptah to Brahma. This ‘New Being’ went up into Brahma-Ptah to Brahma following Ptah. BP and PP are in something like a contemplative or trance or sleep state. They are literally left that way from Brahma’s First Going Into Ptah Daydream. Shiva is an Awake Being, while BP and PP are not fully Awake, but Bigger.

Absolute Brahman may actually be from Brahma-Ptah Region and is Ptah merged with Brahma-Ptah. But Shiva get the Jump on all of them with Growing In Size as a New Being. Shiva does not win though…

OB Gray God and AB are still possibly Brahma into Ptah, and Shiva is Ptah into Brahma.

Birth of The Titanic Realm.

One of the Major Endeavors to Insure Existence Forever was ‘To Become Stronger Than Original Brahma’.

This is The Titanic Realm’s Origins

The Titanic Realm
Original Brahma Original Eternal Infinite Being
Ptah Daydream Zone

OB and Proto Form Style were used for Titanic Realm

This was done to a Major Zone and is A Authority.