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As Opposed To ‘Jobs Creation In The Farming Industry’

Jobs are a Good Back Up Plan, but Should Not Be Survival Itself.

Survival Itself is Air, Food, Water, Clothing, Toilet, Heating/Cooling, Bathing, Medicine

Get this down, along with split the land and the Free Place Self-Sustaining Food Civilization (goodbye rent) and that Job is going to go a lot farther.

Machines to Produce, and that means Robotic Factory Production Line Self-Staining Tech like Wind Power or Solar Power. (Who will pay for it? a blunder who decided that all the land would go up for sale, and stole our heritage, the very land we were born on and must live on, retroactively one of the stupidest methods and laws ever to have existed… and furthermore pushed ‘Jobs’ as the solution instead of ‘Best Methods’)

So now you got a free spot of land to built your own shelter on, and easy access to free energy technology for a little electricity… what next? “just think about how far your money could go now with a normal job, you would finally get ahead and with ease” Would you like that 2 hrs, 4 hrs, 6 hrs, 8 hrs?

Time To Go Buy Some Stuff.

The Sold Land will get bought up by the early birds, which means eventual laws to keep the land in a state of cycling.

Old Family Farms and Family Lands and such are Being Exempted by a Big Path Deal. Not ‘Universal Equality’, But ‘Unfair To Take Away’.

A Quality is better than E Quality

If you built tall water towers with wide rain-collection dishes at the top on tall hills you could theoretically be able to get some small amount of electricity from it at the very least, helping the farm it is built on, and irrigating crops, or water for a house use, and this is similar to what I was conceptualizing with ‘the hydra pipelines’, ways to use the available water and an adapted water wheel wind power hub without the wind-blades, and theorizing as well with pressure of built up water with gravity in a pipe at a steep or straight incline(but with like 1000-10,000+ feet of it from a river snaking off a mountain); maximize energy efficiency as well as long lasting quality and simplest and least expensive to make. Plan ahead for cleaning rain dish when inventing it.

‘power to the people, right on’