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Right now this should be among The Best Free Advertising, with the power to help make careers, the power to spur product sales, not too focused on what is best but just part of our experience, personal tastes, poor tastes, rich tastes.

And Girls, Girls Girls Girls Girls, It’s Teen Tea Tween Time, not just jaded older women, or jealous didn’t keep their beauty younger women.

“the finger is out of the bag, as it were”

It doesn’t need to really go anywhere, it’s just a flirtation for power; and a sigh of un-repression and honesty… and titillation.

Morality and demonizing people drive away a lot of potential business for females doing things differently.

There are simple solutions such as ‘The Money Click’ button and store cards that give 5 cents to 5 dollars or more depending on how much is commit, and the cards are from $1 to $100, with 20% to the store(or you can just get cut out of the deal with a vending machine, mr keystone) and 20% to the card company and 20% to internet platform company, 40% to the aspiring person(s), the actual producer of the money click video and/or pictures.

Monetary loyalty of the heart, mind and loins. Good money for the aspiring… whateva makes ya money or happy. You can of course do this with more than just panties we just want to make sure the concept is firmly wedged in your mind at the onset, as well as keeping it inexpensive but open-ended… and females really are that popular and exciting, sexually, and it enlivens and fulfills part of us, real value.

One hundred dollar bills in the shape of a heart isolated on white background The love of money

And if a girl wants you to show you her underwear drawer for money money clicks of ‘positive feedback’, or down her shirt or up her skirt… well there seems to be happiness on both sides of the bargain, and someday some girl will be the first to be bold enough to take you into the shower with her water proof video-cam, giggling as she looks you directly in the eyes, and stares you down as she shows you her naked body, slightly domineering and slightly not knowing what that is… ‘innocence in her budding sexuality’.

Maybe she will have you bid on it, encouraging a large contribution rate as a dare to go nude for you on camera if a certain high amount of money clicks are made.

Reinforcement: Fueling a thriving and throbbing industry, with all the pressures on males to ‘man up and show the girls you support their cause, and that most men approve of seeing women and girls in skimpy outfits or running around in their undies’.

Not too expensive to participate, you could get 20 clicks off a dollar (tax not included). With many millions of potential participants that can add up to a lot of money. They will monetarily support what they like, you in your undies, blushing and bold, it takes both kinds.

“one day the industry died down and then practically died out, but by then the girls were making ‘stripper movies’ and ‘lap dancing’, or ‘fingering herself movies’ and ‘making out, felt-up and fooling around with each other movies’, the ‘Virgin Lez Movies’.”

Nubile Network Nexus “we provide the internet platform with the vending machine and cards, and give 60% of the overall sales to the girls “

Loyal as dogs to our beautiful young ladies clients… and as a hard to get rid of, sorry about all the disguised attempts to make small talk.

(and thanks for the kiss, ya know, that one time, and thanks for not telling your dad…)

“we only hire classy handsome men and hot dangerously curved seductive young lesbians here at Nubile Network Nexus, it’s an old trade policy… the girls just wouldn’t be as into it otherwise.”