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“He had a broader range of truths to cover and was not all afraid to expound on beautiful young ladies and their undergarments, nor display pictures of them in their undergarments… ahead of his time, and not stuck up on being that ‘divine witness’ thing, said there was something even older, and it was closer to normal, just like we experience here.”

“At the time they tried to ignore him (Him?), many people didn’t believe there were such things, as ‘prophets, messiahs, avatars’, but decades later he was all they could talk about for a while… oh, but that was back when communism and capitalism were still around.

“He said that Deity started out smaller than Brahma, the Original Being, and had to Elevate things A Bit, and this shows up in Religion and Philosophy, but there really is a Specialist Evolution that was Divine Awe States and Must Be Protected Or Hidden, and that This Is More Important Than Brahma, The Original Being, Small Perfect Weaker, Alive, Spiritual, Ancient, Prophesied About, Mystical, Magical.”

“Apparently Me is older than He, and He(Helios SB J) and Him(OB God Z) are different Beings, Deity Cass, and Me ‘Me’ ‘ME’ is the Older Bigger Being(s), Brahma Offshoots Remerger with Brahma”

Indian god of Brahma, Art of statue

“and that ‘due to the truth of God not being the Original Being’ it is all the more important to help God and The Good People, The Nice People, The Weak, The Innocent.”

“it’s related to that May 3rd holiday, ‘Tweenceanera’.”

“Lolita Domine Day aka Tweenceanera or Early Bloomers Day. A day to celebrate the covertness of young breeders and the overturning of moralist regimes… or parents”

(“In some countries it is celebrated similar to the father daughter dance, but is the girls best friend’s father the dance is with (or family friend, schoolteacher, uncle roy, hot neighbor guy, the mayor, handsome stranger, bff’s older sibling… a girl did you say well ok, aunt veronica, the ballet teacher, etc), and ‘daddy’ is handcuffed to a chair, while ‘daughter’ dances sexually about him and then on his lap.”

{historical studies later showed that fathers began to prefer having daughters, lots of them, preferably spaced out over a twenty or thirty year period… they finally had something in common to do that they both enjoyed in great measure; “fierce control issues and deep unfulfilled yearning fully implied”.

and that there was an uptrend in men staying physically fit and face lotion handsome into later years, but also there was a noticeable decrease in penis size enhancement drugs…

and of course a trend in expanded circles of friendship of good looking fathers with beautiful daughters, or daughters looking for a new daddy.}

The day young Carolyn’s fingers finally did the walking and the talking, setting the record straight about something that can’t be talked about… as a Birthday Present to Me (no need for the petty details, wouldn’t want to get jealous or anything).