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Heaven on Earth is an Actual State, it has a Special Platform of Extra-Dimensional Origins that can Drape Over This One from a Dimension away, lending a Spiritual Buoyancy to Life on Earth. There are different ‘flavors’ or ‘persona types’ to spirituality and this one is God and Alpha, ‘a real Mission with Extra-Dimensional Groundwork and Hook-Ups for Functionality and caring for All Life On Earth, meaning it is Big Path, not just human path. (Sacred)

Eden is a State of Rescued for Here On Earth, Linear. Utopia takes care of the basic needs of living without all that other hard work nor slavery for others and bestows time for yourself without being selfish to society (in not doing your part to get food and water and make clothing or public roads projects, etc), a place of less work and more time to cope with yourself. (Secular-Sacred)