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I hear they also had some folklore policy that ‘each of them owned a small part of the land’.

This place is Ripe for Cornucopia Utopia!

You may have people Repatriating instead of Immigration Problems. ‘jobs? we don’t need no stinkin’ jobs!’

“and one day Mexico had a problem with Americans jumping the Wall to come live illegally and free in Mexico… but at least it didn’t cost them anything”

… and The Best of Both Hworlds?

“producing enough abundance for your people to live freely and still have enough to export for economic gain or bartering for resources; don’t over-populate thus diminishing the abundance and sustainability, and you don’t need to be a nuclear power, your northern neighbor does that quite well and is relatively good natured still… and you are about to be on really good terms with them.”

“many people tried to flee America for ‘The Promised Land’ and some white-trash folk began to take to the podium and say “Mr President, tear down this Wall!”, but Mexico made a deal with America offering to retroactively pay for the original cost of building the Wall in exchange for keeping it in place, and America as well didn’t want to pay for the dismantling of it, nor the political embarrassment of losing it’s white people through emigration.”